The CT Scan came back with nothing out of the ordinary, so no collapsed lung like three years ago, no tumor, etc. The doctor thinks now that I might just have a strained or pulled chest muscle (I don’t remember his exact wording), but it was necessary to do all the tests because of my medical history. Hopefully everything will return to normal soon…


  1. I know what it feels like to have a pulled chest muscle. It certainly can feel like something’s wrong with your lungs, and considering your past history, it was right to see the doctor quickly. Glad you’re doing fine.

  2. Hey, i have the same problems. Too much sitting at the computer + stress, and you get pains all over your body.

    Can be healed by spending more time in the open air, morning excersises, swimming.

  3. Busy Studying for General Chemistry Midterm XD

    It may be late but still glad that your chest symptoms were not too serious =D

    Try to keep life simple and see ya around : )

  4. Well great news omni. In my case I should consider myself lucky. Although i’m only 21 years old, I have a cataract and will have to get surgery to have it removed. Being an anime fan and a blogger, it’s pretty much getting on my nerves coz I can’t see things with detail. The surgery is something that I need to do but can live without, which is one of the reasons I have respect for what your doing because after all these years and problems, your still here. Keep it up dude.

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