That is one happy girl. I figured Hayate would give her cookies too by the end of the episode. It’s almost as if I write this stuff…


New opening and ending themes, White Day follow-up to the Valentine’s Day episode, and lots of Hina/Ayumu screentime — this week was full of all sorts of awesomeness. First off, the new opening theme. Much like the first season, they’ve opted to go back to KOTOKO for another song.


“daily-daily Dream” by KOTOKO


At first, it seemed a bit out of place because I was so accustomed to ELISA’s WONDER WIND for the past while. But then I realized how weird that song was at first. I mean ELISA? I just think ef – a tale of memories/melodies when I hear her music now. Her songs seem to have that whole majestic/surreal like feel to them.

Anyway, KOTOKO rules so I was quickly back “at home” with the new opening theme. The sequence isn’t too shabby either. There are swimsuits, Sakuya in a bunny girl suit, and lots of… twirling. One of my favorite parts is when Ginka’s youth fades while fighting Hayate, but the most surprising part was when Nagi sees her mother while looking up at Hayate. Not that Hayate’s interested in Nagi at all, but this has got to be worse than when a girl sees a guy as a brotherly-like figure. It’s like so far past the “friends zone” that it’s into the “mom zone”. GG?

As for the episode itself, let’s see what we have this week…


Hina giving Miki cookies on White Day. Hina’s so tomboyish at times, she may as well star in her own yuri anime. Aoi Hana anyone?


Later, Hina recalls being taken advantage of in her sleep.


I actually went back to check episode 15. Ayumu’s phone didn’t look broken after Hayate picked it up and gave it back to her!


Freaken Maria! Way to appear out of nowhere and ruin the chance encounter between Hayate and Ayumu. White Day cookies, ninja’d.


When Hayate was considering buying the cookie basket for Ayumu and the scene focused back on Hina, I could just sense the “iya da” 「いやだ。」 going on in Hina’s mind. But of course, Hayate manages to redeem himself by always putting others before himself. He is quite the tool but at least it wins him cute girls right?


Yes he’s poor and spent all his money on you. Be more appreciative!


We were all thinking it — “You can use my body however you want Hina!”


Hina being dishonest with her feelings as usual. This has to be one of the key makings of a tsundere.


I felt that the cafe stuff was probably the more uninteresting part of the episode since it only showcased Hayate’s ability to attract misfortune, but at least there were more “glam” shots.


Gotta love it when girls do that hair flick. Now if we can only have the same shot with the apron ONLY.


Maria’s knife skills allows her to make a roast beef in less than ten seconds… apparently.


And finally we get to the long awaited follow-up to Ayumu’s Valentine’s Day confession…


Somehow it still didn’t feel like they made that much progress relationship-wise. Oh well, it’s still leaps and bounds ahead of other shows.


Hina on the other hand is completely mellow-mellow over Hayate after getting her cookies.


Last but not least, the new ending theme is performed by Kugimiya Rie (Nagi) and Shiraishi Ryoko (Hayate) and is accompanied by a really cute and well choreographed sequence. I love all the little animations they have throughout, especially the part with Nagi singing by the window.


“Karakoi ~Dakara Shoujo wa Koi wo Suru~” 「カラコイ~だから少女は恋をする~」 by Kugimiya Rie (釘宮 理恵) & Shiraishi Ryoko (白石 涼子)



  1. raw manga is out this week (and also last week).

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Edited as a spoiler. -divine

  2. Will miss the old ED. But I like the new OP better than Wonder Wind.

    With these season now set at 26 episodes, an ending at the Ferris Wheel scene seems more likely and appropriate rather then opening another arc or introducing filler to end this season.

  3. So I finally jumped in and watch this season because of 1 frickin episode from season 1. All I gotta say is I like this season better than the first. What I noticed… This is one big Hina season. XD

    Well not bad but.. awee…. Hard to choose. Although I find the animations of this season to be really well done. All the more I’m excited for Shana season 3! I only wish they would make the animation quality somewhat equal or better than this.

  4. Awesome! The new opening and ending both rock IMO! 😀
    KOTOKO openings ftw and this duet of Rie and Ryoko as the ending is awesome too!
    Oh please god… please let there be 52 episodes again for the 2nd season instead of just 26! D:
    Hayate no Gotoku ftw!

    More Hayate pl0x
  5. Love the new OP and ED!!!
    Kotoko is the best and I’m glad to see that she’s back to singing for Hayate no Gotoku. This OP is much better than Wonder Wind IMO (although that was a decent song).

    Meow Meow
  6. @ stan

    I somewhat agree on the ferris wheel arc ending. But on the other hand, if that happened, don’t you think starting S3 with the Segawa’s arc and then into A-tan’s arc would be quite heavy for the mood?

  7. @ zorbz

    Thats the way it looks for me. I wouldnt mind having S3 (hopefully there will a S3) begin at Segawa’s arc. Similar to how S2 began, a somehow “sidestory arc” then into the Hina Arc. For S3 it would be Segawa Arc then A-tan arc. Wouldnt seem so bad at all.

  8. This series will be more than 26 episodes for sure. Some scenes of the op occur a bit later in the manga to fit in a 26 episodes. I hope for more than 52, this series is awesome!

    We were all thinking it — “You can use my body however you want Hina!”
    I almost fell of the chair laughing. 😀

  9. @ bvinicius

    Hate to say it but, IT IS ALREADY SLATED for 26 episodes. Better check ANN if you dont want to believe. And also if you havent realized it yet, they are already doing 2-3 chapters of the manga per episode. Do also note that they still have 8 episodes to work those OP scenes into real episodes.

  10. I definitely like the ED a lot more than previously, if only because of the choreography. Likewise, I dislike the new OP, not because of the song (if it was by that alone, H-I-N-A wins outright) but again because of the choreography. And keep in mind, I watched the OP first.

  11. Hey, Divine i think your reviews are awesome they make me laugh more than the series sometimes.

    I really like the snappy lines that are nonchalantly used for comedy, like “It’s like so far past the “friends zone” that it’s into the “mom zone”. GG?” and “Freaken Maria! Way to appear out of nowhere and ruin the chance encounter between Hayate and Ayumu. White Day cookies, ninja’d.”

    BUT MY PERSONAL FAVORITE: “maria’s knife skills allows her to make a roast beef in less than ten seconds… apparently.”

    keep up to awesome work,



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