On their way back to Turbine City, Sela almost loses the photo of herself and her mother, but luckily Navi catches it and returns it to her. He also surprises her by calling it a good photograph. Once they reach the city, Navi joins Sela and Dan as part of the team, and James reveals that their opponents are the Old Timers. Sela recognizes this trio as Rosso, Gallo, and Bianco, her father’s subordinates who taught her to play basketball. The match starts with the Old Timers passing the ball a lot and in the process damaging some of the redevelopment equipment around the city. Dan eventually takes control of the situation though and, with some teamwork, Sela gets the ball. Their goal is at the top of Lunatec’s Earthdash branch office, and motivated by memories of her father, Sela makes the dunk, shattering the office windows in the process.

Immediately thereafter, a furious Yang calls up James and accuses him of terrorism because of all the redevelopment facilities and equipment destroyed during the game, but James just claims that it’s sports. After the match, the Old Timers compliment Sela, and they feel that she’ll someday come to understand her father’s feelings. Watching from nearby, James wonders what Yang hates to the point that he’d take a life. Later that night, Sela tells Navi that she thinks better of him after today’s game, and she asks him why he had said that the photograph from earlier was good. His answer is that it showed a face of happiness, and that causes Sela to remember back to the time when she had happily played basketball while her father took her picture.

Meanwhile, Coco remembers back to how Slash had introduced her and Dan to basketball and how he’d promised her to take her to the moon if she became a great player. After the accident, Slash was the one who brought her a computer as a present, and this allowed her to earn some money on the internet so that she could lighten the burden on her brother. Coco also remembers everything she had seen her brother do from that point until now, and how she along with James and Iceman weren’t able to become the legend. Slash joins her and reveals that it wasn’t an accident and how there’s a group that opposes what he’s doing. It delayed the plan for several years, but Coco points out that it also allowed her brother to Basquash. As it turns out, she’s currently on the moon with Slash after he had fulfilled his promise to her, and he refers to her computer and website as her form of Basquash.


For being almost half recap, that wasn’t too bad an episode. The first half was focused on Sela and her feelings towards her father, and while that in itself wasn’t really interesting (I’d say it’s turning out to be a pretty weak subplot), they also showed James and the Old Timers opposing Yang. I assume Yang represents the antagonists have control of Lunatec and are the ones Slash mentioned towards the end of the episode. As for the recap in the second half of the episode, it turned out to be a little better than expected thanks to Coco’s voiceover explaining sort of her point of view, but recap is still boring to watch. The episode is saved thanks to the new scenes with Slash, and it makes sense now why we see him and Coco together so much. Slash must feel at least partially responsible for what happened to her, and it was nice to see him take her to the moon, though in a way that’s a slap at Dan since taking Coco to the moon was part of his goal. Regardless, maybe this means that we’ll see her out of the wheelchair and standing again by the end of the series.

The preview this week was stuck inside the ending sequence, and although most the shots appear to be focused on Miyuki and her grandfather, the most interesting shot is probably the last one with Rouge opening her eyes.


  1. agree with the whole Sela’s father thing, bleh! and I’m honestly TIRED of seeing coco in that wheelchair “i know dats sounds fucked up”. and what up with……? with??? SEE!?! i cant even remember her name! ummm, the dark skinned girl with the dread’s and boobage, whats her deal anyway? @ Kit-Tsukasa IS THAT TRUE?? ohh man, too bad

    BROOKLYN otaku
  2. I think the chapter was especially close to once sentimental arc of the protagonists, and the other half was not one to forget where it is going the direction the series.
    Perhaps these last 2 chapters were slow, but necessary to accommodate the future admission to the moon.

    Pd: Rouge for 19, maybe even be an obstacle miyuki love from here.

    Eriol elric
  3. @Alive, thought that the moment that fucker said he doesn’t care about her memories. She will most likely have forgotten everything about her time with Dan and will probably be some kind of mindless robot that does everything that faggot tells her to do, buuut Dan will save her by kissing her XD
    Or something along those lines.

    I have mixed feelings about Coco and slash already being on the moon.

  4. @alive,hms, and anonymous. not my idol red 😮 haha, but you mightve hit the nail on the head with what your saying. eclipes manager is a cheeky little prat. poor rogue, she might need some attention after these episode(s)

  5. Coco bugs me. If she was going to complain about him trying so hard to make her happy, she shouldn’t have blamed him for the accident in the first place. Or at least TELL him what her problem is instead of acting like a cranky bitch.

  6. Wouldn’t it be easier for Navi to go without the suit, or is the general public not aware that he is a giant?

    He’d probably be able to run faster, unless it actually helps him to sustain life.


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