Hawkeye’s bullets don’t stop Gluttony, but right as he’s about to eat her, Fuery and Hayate come to her rescue. Hawkeye and Fuery try shooting Gluttony full of holes again, and when this fails to have any lasting effect, Mustang himself steps in and blows the Homunculus out of the window. Hawkeye is less than happy to see Mustang there, but more importantly, they decide to chase after Barry’s fleeing body. They are joined by Havoc and Al, the latter of whom had heard that something was up through Ling, and along the way, they discuss the existence of the Homunculus. Barry’s body eventually leads them to the Third Laboratory, and although Mustang claims that getting this far is enough, Barry decides to rush inside. Mustang uses this as an excuse to go in with his team, however they are soon forced to split up in pairs at a juncture. Mustang and Havoc continue on into an abandoned part of the building, and there they are met by Lust. Havoc recognizes her as the woman he’s been dating, but he promises Mustang that he didn’t reveal anything to her.

When Lust expresses regret over how she wasn’t able to finish off Hughes herself, Mustang immediately shoots her, but she refuses to go down and regenerates every time. Lust then reveals that she’s got a Philosopher’s Stone inside of herself, and she prevents Mustang from lighting her up with his flame alchemy by breaking a water pipe above him. Even after Mustang successfully uses the hydrogen from the water and a lighter to blow up the room, Lust regenerates herself and impales Havoc. Mustang responds by shooting her and then plunging his hand into her chest to pull out the Philosopher’s Stone. He wants to use it to save Havoc, but before he can, Lust regenerates half her body in his hand around the stone. She uses the element of surprise to impale him as well, and she leaves him and Havoc to bleed to death.

Hawkeye and Al meanwhile find Barry standing over his bloody body, but they’re interrupted by the arrival of Lust. After Lust easily shreds Barry, her implying that Mustang is dead drives Hawkeye into a rage, and Hawkeye unloads all of her ammo into her. When she sees that it had little effect on Lust, she falls to her knees in defeat. Al refuses to let Hawkeye die though and tries to get her to run away as he protects her from Lust, but Hawkeye wants him to escape instead. Al, however, remembers all of the people who died and vows to protect her. Fortunately for them, Mustang suddenly appears after having closed off his wounds by burning them, and he starts incinerating Lust with the help of a lighter. He does it over and over again, and he doesn’t even flinch when Lust tries to make a final failed thrust towards him. As she turns to dust, Lust feels that it’s not bad to be taken out by a man whose eyes show no hesitation, but she suggests that they’ll soon be filled with agony.

In the aftermath, Mustang collapses, and Al and Hawkeye realize that he needs medical attention. Unbeknownst to them, King Bradley had been watching everything from the shadows, and with Lust gone, he decides to walk away without announcing his presence. Sometime later, Al returns to a waiting Winry, and although the two can laugh about the situation, they’re alarmed when Al’s damaged arm suddenly falls off. Back at the room where the battle took place, Barry is still conscious, but only as a hunk of metal with the blood seal on it. His barely-still-alive body, however, picks him up and scratches out the seal, and that leads to the end of both of them. Meanwhile, in Resembool, Ed has arrived back from Xerxes with Armstrong, and he decides to pay a visit to the graveyard. Much to his surprise, he discovers his father Hohenheim already there.


Well that was arguably the most exciting, action-packed episode of FMA we’ve had so far. I was disappointed at first that the battle with Gluttony was so short, but Mustang sure knew how to make an entrance to save Hawkeye. And then the battle against Lust was incredible. I loved how Mustang took the aggressive route and ripped the Philosopher’s Stone out of her, but Lust kept bouncing back after all the punishment dealt to her, and she ended up being all sorts of creepy. Seeing Hawkeye’s raw emotion against her was great as well, but what was most impressive was the final showdown where Mustang finally destroys/vaporizes her. All in all, it was a very impressive performance by Mustang, and BONES did a great job animating it. Why do I get the feeling though that this isn’t the last we’ll see of Lust…

I wonder as well what King Bradley/Wrath would have done if he actually had to intrude on the fight. In fact, I’m not quite sure why he didn’t save Lust since he’s probably more than able to defeat an injured Mustang. I doubt their Father would appreciate Mustang being allowed to stay alive with his knowledge of the Homunculus. And speaking of Father, it’s good to see that the story isn’t taking any breaks given how it ended with a nice cliffhanger with the reappearance of Hohenheim. All of this has gotten me a lot more excited about the series in general, and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s going to happen from here. It’s just a shame that Barry won’t be around any longer.


  1. Yeah, agree with you Omni. Episode was totally superb. Probably my favorite episode of Brotherhood. Animation, soundtracks, drama, direction and va’s performance was totally excellent. I glad that I don’t read FMA manga.

  2. Superb episode.

    Of course they cut out Ling Vs Gluttony and Ran Fan Vs Envy, but oh well, you can’t have all of that perfectly in one episode 😛

    They done MustangVsLust justice :3

    10/10 for this.

    Unknown Voice
  3. I’m sorry to say that, but lust is definitly dead.

    It’s not like maria ross lol. She’s really dead. And Father will be not good with Wrath because Wrath left his sister behind.

    This episode was cool.

    Stop watching brotherhood. Go reading manga!!!!

  4. Probably my favorite episode thus far. There were a couple of flaws, though.

    Gluttony and Riza have terrible voices this season. Riza’s new voice just doesn’t do as good as job as the first show’s (too girly) and Gluttony sounds like an old man (though, I guess he is!).

    Well, I also would have preferred to see Ranfan fight Envy, but I guess that can wait.

    Really exciting episode, though. I liked it just as much as any of the best episodes of the first show.

    I can’t wait to see Ed confront his father.

  5. I remember…during the fight between ranfan and envy, Pride appears for the first time in the manga!

    In brotherhood no…ARGH Brotherhood why ??? WHY???

    I want my fight between Xing VS Homunculus!!!

  6. wow…one boatload of spoilers above me somewhere…

    …before I forget: 1.5 chapters last week, ~2.5 this week…grrreeaaat…

    …oh, minus some fighting (which brings me back to those danged spoilers above me…)

  7. @angous

    I couldn’t care less if they don’t show the fight. I’m not a fan of the Xing characters, anyway. I’d just like seeing Envy turn into a dog and still get his eye hit by one of those ninja daggers animated.

  8. Lust is absolutely dead. Unless they go the filler route and bring her back for some stupid reason. Barry is also permanently dead. But the saddest part here was definitely Havoc.

  9. A pity, vs. a good animation like this the manga is meaningless.


    was it really necessary to have Edward in this episode too? I’m getting the feeling BONES can’t not have Ed in an episode. which will prove hard to do in the future, but alas I’m sure they’ll find a way. they’re geniuses like that.

    i’m pretty sure BONES will never get FMA. but that’s ok because most of the fandom don’t get it either 🙂

    scar wants your cat
  10. daang… I SO cannot wait for the raw and the subs! This is one of my favorite parts in the manga and by the looks of the screencaps, this is one of the most epic episodes in Brotherhood since Greed vs. Wrath!
    And the preview looks promising as well!

    Ahhh, LUST… Awesome ’til the end! XD

  11. Damn, no Ling and Ran Fan? It’s a pity (I really like the Xing characters), albeit I must admit that fight is not essential to the story.

    It’s clear that Bones wants to finish this in 50-52 episodes, so at an average of 2 manga chapters / episode they have to compress & cut stuff.

  12. @angous,
    They ARE going to show the fight between the Xing people and the homunculus. Why?
    1.They show it in the opening.
    2.It’s an important part in the manga.
    3.It’s obvious.

    No the question is, why haven’t they showed it yet?
    Well, the answer it’s obvious too!!! They can’t put the fight scene with Lust vs. Roy at the same time they do with Xing guys, why? Because it isn’t favorable to BONES or the anime series. They need to show more of those great fighting scenes in different episodes, so that they’re able to “order” things up. That way they get more episodes and more fighting scenes in different episodes.
    So don’t start being all pessimistic, everyone!
    I’m sure they ARE showing that fight is just that it’s not the time, yet! 😛

  13. Dammnn, these screenshots make me want to see the episode badly! Though I understand why they must have cut Lanfan’s fight (damn time constraints!), that fight had some important foreshadowing:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Other than that… I really want to see this episode :'<

  14. okay…I gt it wrong…there isn’t going to be a Ranfan fight against envy… >:/
    I’m angry now!!!
    Hey do u guys know how long Brotherhood is going to be?
    Is it really going to be 50-52 episodes long? I mean they can’t do that!

  15. Riza had so much better aim in the manga. it was like headshot, headshot, headshot, headshot, M-M-M-MONSTER KILL!

    the scene with Mustang punishing Lust was…simply beautiful.

    where is Pride? ;( but oh well, introducing two most awesome characters of this series in the same episode would be a waste…

  16. It’s understandable why they cut off Xing characters’ fight, but I am disappointed indeed.

    I only managed to skim through the episode, but, was it me or did I hear some new background music in this episode?

    Anyhoo, the episode looked fuckin awesome, the best one so far. Action packed, great animation and a great cliffhanger. Speaking of the cliffhanger, I loved how they integrated the ED song to it (just they did it in the first series with that one song).

  17. @penguintruth

    I actually like Riza and Gluttony’s new voices. Riza’s VA is the same as Rukia’s from Bleach, and her voice is anything but girly. It has a tomboy sound to it. And Gluttony’s is more creepier.

  18. Well I’m not really a “fan” (such a weird & stupid word, BTW) of FMA. I think this story is quite bad, mainly compared to many others. But U know, not everything is One Piece in this world.

    : D Smile : D

    It’s interesting they don’t want to make a good adaptation of the manga. They can, but they don’t do it. Oh, money money.

  19. @andrea
    1. The fight itself would loose purpose.
    2. A plothole would appear – Ed devises his cunning plan thanks to what happens in the Ranfan/Ling Vs gluttony/Envy fight they have cut out ;]

    Unknown Voice
  20. Hmm, didn’t see this episode yet, but there’s a lot of complaints about no Ran Fan vs. Envy fight.
    My opinion is that people should stop expecting every little thing from the manga to be animated. Try watching Brotherhood as a separate series, and I guarantee it’s a lot more enjoyable.

    Besides, Brotherhood is an adaptation. It’s based off of the manga. Based. A “good” adaptation doesn’t mean that they animate every single panel.

    Anyways, this episode looks awesome. I wonder if Arakawa watched it and liked it. XD;

  21. @Trashcan
    Well this time this omitment is IMPORTANT. They HAVE to include some sort of version of that fight, because huge plot develops from that, due to Ed planning out something.

    Unknown Voice
  22. @Unknown Voice
    Was it the part with Show Spoiler ▼

    Didn’t read the manga in a while, but it looks as if the only important part about Ran Fan vs. Envy was that Show Spoiler ▼

    , which they can bring up in a future episode.
    It wouldn’t have really fit with this episode’s content.

  23. i think I know what they’re going to show the missing section in a few episodes:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    …even with that cutout (and what other speeding), it’s beautifully done.

  24. Like a few have said, the Xing fights will obviously NOT be excluded.
    They will make for some good action while also leading up to some important plot details.
    More likley than not, this is just another case of BONES taking a liberty with the timeline of certain events.
    I don’t really have a problem with this, since this ep would have been ruined if it went back and forth to different fights, probably leading to a multiple ep affair.
    They are going through the manga chapters rather quickly though. Surely they don’t plan to make this 51 eps before even knowing the actual ending themselves?

  25. Watched the RAWS finally…..

    Man that punishment was so wicked! Also I liked how they finished this ep. The nice intro of the song playing on the last seconds of the ep before it goes to the credits. Very nice!

  26. Now that’s what I call epic. Beats anything I’ve seen in the first series so far.

    Two homunculi (Greed and Lust) down, five to go. (Greed, Envy, Wrath/Bradley, Sloth and the unseen Pride).

    Though I’m puzzled as to the criteria for killing a homunculus in this series, it seems that as long as one has sufficient firepower and ammo as Mustang does, they’ll eventually be finished off.

    In the first series, though the method of creating and killing a homunculus was completely made up by Bones, at least it was easy to understand. Maybe I’m missing something.

    Omni, you have to remember that Bradley/Wrath is also the Fuhrer, the entire State mechanism is at his disposal, he can easily frame Mustang and co. for propped-up crimes just like he did to Maria Ross, and that’d be the end for Mustang’s quest. That said, in such a series, Mustang isn’t the sort to be beaten so easily, and Bradley will probably regret not killing Mustang right there when he had the chance.

    Kinny Riddle
  27. Yeah, I agree with those who advise caution regarding Xing vs. Gluttony/Envy. This episode would have been WAY too loaded with all those fights, and it would have taken away from the (completely awesome) Mustang vs. Lust battle.

    @Kinny Riddle, regarding homunculi deaths …

    Show Spoiler ▼

  28. It’s the last we see of lust. 🙁 At least as far as the manga is concerned right now. Who knows, she may come back.

    This episode followed the manga pretty closely. 🙂 I was waiting for it to be animated! Now I can’t wait for when Ling meets Wrath.

  29. The reason why father is leaving alive mustang Show Spoiler ▼

  30. I feel a little down knowing that I won’t get to see Barry around anymore.

    But then I remember the Lust/Mustang fight and I’m revitalized. Definitely the best episode hands down of Brotherhood so far.

    Mustang wins a BAMF of the Year award because he completely DOMINATED.

    But after such an intense episode, I hope it will slow down again instead of trying to rocket through everything.

  31. Don’t comment often but I just HAD to after this episode!
    I’m in love =3 hehe*
    If I wasn’t already such a fan of Mustang, I would definitely be one now! I look forward to his screen time more than anyone else’s now XP

  32. the reason why wrath didnt save lust was, because by the time he got there it was too late thats why his sword was only half out of his sheath and the reason he didnt kill them afterwards is because (without giving too many spoilers) alphonse and mustang are sacrifices for father so it would be a waste to just kill them for revenge

  33. @Kinny Riddle

    This isnt a spoiler so dont worry. Remember how the Stone’s are created using living people and their souls become the Stone itself (like on the first series as well)? Well, when a Homunculus dies it uses a soul to bring it back to life, and once the Stone runs out souls… the Homunculi die.

  34. Uh folks, talking about the future outcome of characters is considered as spoiling, be it Lust, Havoc etc. But you just couldn’t resist and had to say that Lust is dead for good, eh?

  35. …I’m so gar for Mustang now. He was a total chump in the first Hagane anime.

    Amazing episode. I’ll admit I harbored some fears that this rendition of the series wouldn’t live up to the superb directing of the original, but I’m quite over them, to say the least. Maybe the REAL story is strong enough to compensate.

    Anyway, I’m glad I haven’t cracked open the manga yet, and I think I’ll keep it that way for a while.

  36. One thing I will say: I have yet to see any of the emotionally-disturbing vignettes that were scattered about the first anime. For example, Nina’s fate was heartbreaking, to be sure, but BONES didn’t give her quite as much time to endear herself to the audience… so watching her die didn’t have quite the same impact. What also comes to mind is that sideplot about the village that had been stricken by a ‘skin disease’ (the one where Lust was hiding out) — creepy. That stayed with me for a while.

    But don’t get me wrong, the battle scene was intense. I’m pleased.

  37. this has got to be the best episode so far!! Roy is literally the BOMB! He was so cool and the action in this episode was soooooo good (I watched it 5 times!!)
    It’s funny how Lust is absolutely nothing like the way she was in the first FMA (there, she seemed to have once been human) except for looks. But she was definitely drawn better on this last fight (I do agree with Randomperson on this pic. she’s hawt!

    anyway, I can’t wait till next week! I love the pacing of this FMA!! yay!

  38. Man, you people are never satisfied. No anime has ever been 100% faithful to the source material. I understand omitting this fight would be big, but come on…it’s too important to ignore, and this was a packed episode! If the RanFan fight was in this episode you’d probably all be complaining about how they “rushed” things. Just chill for a minute, and look forward to it in a couple episodes for Christ’s sakes…the order may be shaken up, but honestly, it has done very little to undermine the story at large.

  39. I’m blown away at how fast the series is moving. they covered an aweful lot of stuff (almost 2 chapters). all i have to say is just wait it will get better and even more awsomly action packed.

  40. Great episode, I’m really looking forward to the next episode though with Hohenheim. I hope he is more of a central character in the manga version since his character looks pretty interesting.

  41. It kinda irks me that Lust is dead. Actually it irks me a lot when a main character dies early, it doesn’t seem right most of the time. But it’s really annoying that Barry is dead. I really liked the guy. But yayness for Mustang’s epicness in this ep…

  42. Of course they cut out Ling Vs Gluttony and Ran Fan Vs Envy, but oh well, you can’t have all of that perfectly in one episode

    Isn’t this fight later? When Ed is back and all?

  43. One thing I’m really noticing with Brotherhood is that the episodic pacing is really off. Perhaps it’s because they are trying to cram the entire manga series into a predetermined number of anime episodes, but where they end the episodes or leave off from an arc is really jarring. Also, I don’t always agree with what they are cutting out to condense the storyline.

  44. The Lust vs Mustang fight in the anime was actually more exciting than the manga version. Prop for that. That being said they are cutting way too much shit from the manga to fit into an anime episode. I mean they should just go an extra season if thats what it takes instead of cutting out good manga material imo.

  45. @David: Show Spoiler ▼

    I wish they wouldn’t keep Ling as just a comic relief. He can fight too darnit!
    I feel like Ling is Gimli of FMA: BH lol
    It was annoying how they kept Gimli as nothing but a comic relief in LotR movies. XD


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