Hayate goes for the cheap “Oops, I tripped into your boobs” routine on Maria. Well executed debt-ridden butler!


I had to deviate from starting my posts with the usual Hina screenshot this week in light of some “Hayate’s face in Maria’s chest” action. Hina wasn’t actually in this week’s episode, but luckily that didn’t stop her from getting some screentime via Konami’s shameless Hayate no Gotoku! Trading Card Game (TCG) plug during the first half.

So after some episode “preamble”, Hayate decides to go to BIC(RI) CAMERA and buy a new cellphone. (For those who haven’t been to Japan, BIC CAMERA is like an orgasmic paradise for techno-freaks. Think eight plus stories of electronics with each floor dedicated to one thing.)


I love how anime avoids trademark infringements with their blatant attempts. No, this isn’t BIC CAMERA. Ignore the orange/red coats please.


In an attempt to become a healthier and more social citizen, our hikikomori queen Nagi chooses to accompany him, thus setting the stage for our Yu-Gi… oh shit I mean, Hayate no Gotoku! TCG battle. Remember when you were a kid and how you’d get into fights with other kids at the playground? Well kids these days don’t resort to that. Instead, they whip out their TCG decks and duke it out card battle style.


“What did you just call me!? Let’s go bitch!”


Don’t leave home without your TCG deck or else you won’t be able to settle disputes in a “civil” manner.


The first (and most likely the last) TCG I ever played was Magic: The Gathering. Thinking back, it really doesn’t compare to being able to summon Hinagiku in a bikini and dressing her up as you please. Imagine the possibilities!


Hakuou Gakuin Student Council summoning complete! *gushing nosebleed*


Hayate looks like he’s having way too much fun riding the broom in that card…


Give Hayate some masquerade glasses and he can pull off a Tuxedo Mask with that cloak!


Cosplay card! The next step is making this a video game where the seiyuus spout embarrassed lines when you change their clothes.


I had to include this for all the loli, I mean Nagi, fans out there. 🙂


And for everyone else, some mmm mmm good Maria. “DRAW, CHARACTER CARD!!!”


The sight of someone drunk on their own power after beating up some scrubs… and proud of it!


So that pretty much sums up the first half of the episode, which I can’t see having served any purpose other than promoting Konami’s trading card game. Shameless self promotion indeed. Next up, Sakuya wants a good laugh for her birthday, so Hayate and Nagi decide to use Maria (of all people) as the “boke” (stupid/funny person) in their Manzai routine. Of course, you can’t do true Japanese comedy without some “good-hearted” physical abuse. Enter the harisen.


Odds that Maria will kill Hayate if he uses that harisen on her? Guaranteed.


Maria hums the theme of Gunbuster, Top wo Narae! ~Fly High~, and becomes the invincible robot itself. Arms crossed and everything!


But of course, Maria doesn’t even know what the hell she’s humming except that it was from one of Nagi’s anime. Tsukkomu (comedic retort) opportunity lost.


With piercing stares, Hayate, Sakuya, and Nagi think, “Do something stupid. Do something stupid. Do something stupid so we can hit you.”


Sakuya gets a good laugh out of Nagi “killing” Hayate for face planting into Maria’s chest. Manzai routine success!


It’s arguable what would’ve been worse — the above from Nagi or what Maria would’ve done if Hayate actually hit her with the fan.


Wataru takes one across the eyes for hesitating to hit Isumi. I enjoy cheap laughs like this.


Well that second half seemed rather pointless as well, but I did enjoy the reference to Gunbuster. For those unfamiliar with it, check out the MAD video below. “SUPER… INAZUMA… KICK!!!”


“Top wo Narae! ~Fly High~” by Hidaka Noriko (日高 のり子) and Sakuma Rei (佐久間 レイ)


  1. The card game is a parody of YuGiOh and the DURO KARA KAADO is a parody of DRAW MONSTER CARD, the HA☆NA☆SE meme.

    In any case, seto kaichou shoukan and soubi mahou cosplay made me rofl.

    Ore no taaan
  2. When Nagi used that cosplay card, I thought she was gonna cosplay Hayate, but she cosplayed herself…wtf!?

    This ep was very funny. It reminded me that this second season has been lacking anime/game references.

  3. So I guess we can expect the

    Show Spoiler ▼

  4. Damn, I didn’t recognize the song! After all this time, Gunbuster is one of the few prolific mecha shows I haven’t watched. Still, gotta love the King of Mono Eyes and The Pose.

  5. The TCG card of Hayate on a broom looks like it was drawn by Yamato Yamamoto(illustrator of Kure-nai). <3 Nagi’s and Hina’s cards look familiar too but I can’t remember who’s style it is. X’D

  6. They could have skipped ou shortened the first half, I am looking forward for the birthday, where some very good things will happen.
    Some of the best things of sakuya that only a few notice is that she is always with different clothes, and many are really nice. I never seen a anime/manga character do this before.


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