Haruhi wants Yuki to use magic against Mikuru for the next scene, but when Yuki just waves her wand around, Haruhi decides to have Kyon add in some special effects afterward. She then tries to have Kyon shoot a scene with Mikuru and pigeons at a nearby shrine, but they get driven off by the priest. Brainstorming what to do next, Haruhi takes what she perceives to be Itsuki’s suggestion to add more characters, and her ultimate goal is for Mikuru’s character to have a tough time before the happy ending. As for the rest of the fight scene, she decides to not use the guns anymore and instead wants Mikuru to shoot a beam out of her eye since that’s the meaning behind the colored contact. When Haruhi starts beating Mikuru over the head for not doing so, Kyon finally steps in to stop her and yells at her for expecting a normal human to shoot a beam. A disappointed Haruhi claims that it was a joke, and Itsuki defuses the situation by suggesting that the effect be added in via CG later.

However, when they go to shoot the actual scene, Kyon notices Mikuru’s eye flash right as she tries to do a Mikuru Beam. Before he knows what’s going on, Yuki is standing in front of him with her hand in front of him if she just caught something. When Mikuru blinks again, Yuki appears to catch something again, and in the confusion, Mikuru looks toward Itsuki and somehow cuts his reflector board in half. Yuki then sprints towards Mikuru and tackles her, and by the time Kyon and Haruhi get over there, Yuki is done and Mikuru’s contact is now missing. Unable to find it, Haruhi adapts and decides that Mikuru’s eye color should only change after her transformation and that she normally goes around as a bunny girl.

While Haruhi is thus off forcing Mikuru to change clothes again, Kyon gets Yuki to reveal that she took Mikuru’s contact and that Mikuru had actually fired a laser from her eye earlier. Yuki’s hand is even burned from protecting Kyon, though she’s able to heal it instantly. Regardless, she and Itsuki are able to conclude that this was Haruhi’s doing because Haruhi wanted a Mikuru Beam to exist. The group continues shooting until it gets dark, and they continue the next day after calling in Taniguchi, Kunikida, and Tsuruya. Mikuru, however, doesn’t show up, so Haruhi goes to get her. While Haruhi is gone, Itsuki reveals to Kyon that he and Yuki have made sure that Mikuru can’t fire lasers anymore. When Mikuru finally does arrive with Haruhi, she explains to Kyon that it was through a nanomachine injection. Haruhi then leads the group to the large pond by Itsuki’s house to continue shooting the movie.


I thought this would be another pretty straight-forward episode of shooting the movie, but it got interesting with the whole Mikuru Beam thing. It was a nice change of pace, even if it was pretty obvious that this was all Haruhi’s doing, and seeing Yuki in action is never boring. Hopefully this won’t be the only odd thing to happen to the production of the movie either. I also liked that Tsuruya made an appearance since she’s such a cute and fun character, and it was nice as well seeing Kyon stand up to Haruhi for once. He should do that more often if for no other reason than because it’s more amusing to see Haruhi pissed off instead of always bossing people around (if you can’t tell, I get annoyed by her character sometimes). In any case, there’ll probably be two more episodes of Sighs, and then the rest of the 28 episodes that make up this chronological run will probably be from the original series, so we might already be near the end of the “new” material.


  1. I imagine for anime only fans, the long awaited context on why Yuki pounced Mikuru in that scene and the talking cat will be smile worthy.

    That said, it’s a shame that the ending is already ruined by how much attention to detail the anime adaption of Mikuru 00 had.

  2. “In any case, there’ll probably be two more episodes of Sighs, and then the rest of the 28 episodes that make up this chronological run will probably be from the original series, so we might already be near the end of the “new” material.”

    Poop-noogits. 🙁

  3. And now we know why Yuki randomly manhandled Mikuru during that cut in their movie they made pretty interesting. Can wait for more Tsuruya, maybe something odd will happen again next week.

  4. *sigh*… ):3, y’know about the whole disappearance thing….

    if they wanted to… they really could make just that arc into an entire stand alone series… hell they have stand alone manga for it… i mean honestly, almost everyone loves nagato, dedicating a whole series to her and kyon… might turn out to be a great show…

    and thinking about it… the disappearance arc was the

    Show Spoiler ▼

  5. Technically, this is still “The MELANCHOLY of Haruhi Suzumiya”, and not the Disappearance.

    As a few of you suggested, the Disappearance arc may be a 3rd season that is coming up; hence the fact that the Endless Eight arc took up the majority of the 2nd season.

    If that is the case, then I really hope that the 3rd season (ie. The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya) will take place by the end of this year… preferably starting on December 18th (which is a Friday slot).

  6. @Ant
    Me too. Is there any hope the 3rd season will be shot by the 1st season director?
    Maybe its just me, but there 1st one was more dinamic and detailed. The “camera” made 10 shots from different directions during 1 short dialog. Damn… I just love the first season, and I dont know what to say about this one. X|
    ps Haruhi is a bitch, but she is Our Bitch! We won’t forgive KioAni for failing 3rd season!

  7. @Ant “This should have gone two episodes, three at most.”

    The problem with this is Sigh is not one of the short stories, this is the same as saying the first arc Melancholy should have been 2-3 episodes.

    Its been a while since I read the books but hasnt the anime only done the short stories besides Melancholy and now Sighs?

  8. @Longhaul: Yeah, the only full book length stories are Melancholy (1), Sighs (2), Disappearance (4), Intrigues (7) and Dissociation (9). The other 4 books are short stories, only about 6 of which have yet to be adapted.

  9. I think the next episode will be the end of the Sighs arc, and the 28th episode will be added after all of the “old” chronological episodes. Ergo, after the anime-only season one episode, “Someday in the Rain” they might either put another original episode, or “Melancholy of Asahina Mikuru” (I’m not sure if that’s correct chronologically, so please correct me if I’m wrong).

  10. That’s because roughly after Bamboo Leaf to after Disappearance the stories are pretty much all Yuki abuse.

    After that there’s finally some Mikuru exposition.

    And no one cares about Koizumi.

  11. @S_1: LOL. Yeah, he’s practically an extra. Even LOL-Fang-san has as much screentime as he does, if you don’t count Endless Eight.

    Yuki rulez!!

    Can’t wait for 3rd season!

  12. interesting episode plotwise but kyoani has completely lost their touch. the original episodes had vibrance and energy and something called PACING – this ep came off as awkward and poorly directed.

    in their gross miscalculation to prioritize profits and milk their cash cow, they have destroyed their company’s reputation as the elite anime studio. haruhi’s charm is gone, hirano aya is now used and dirty, k-on was a mess…

    full metal panic to the rescue???

  13. @Savo
    I’m actually one of the rare ones that like him. Particularly his bullshit generator and his teasing of Kyon regarding the girls.
    It’s just there he has no coverage in the stories. I wonder if he even has any story the writer could use -_-

    Kyo-Ani girl designs are just like that :/

    That reminds me. They left out an awesome line at the start of the Sighs. XD

  14. @Phocus
    But don’t you remember… the executives at KyoAni were mostly AGAINST stretching Endless Eight to 8 episodes! This means it wasn’t originally their intention to even save Disappearance for a third season in the first place! The chances of them doing this is something I’ve become too jaded to even guess.

  15. I love Haruhi as a character… I can see why you’d get annoyed but personally she’s such an eccentric character that’s pretty much impossible not to love. Also I was quite surprise at Tsuruya’s return… I remember her vaguely…

  16. Finally, Tsuruya’s back (more or less), and we seen some Yuki-style action.
    This was one of my favourite archs, but after this…
    Well, I still like Yuki, and that’s the only important thing. I still see her as the main heroine for this series
    Show Spoiler ▼

    BS.: Even if you’re disappointed in this series, read the book (The story is still exceptionally good… and there’s more Yuki XD)

  17. Haha I love this anime! Sure Endless eight bored me to hell, and admittedly this anime isn’t as good as it was but I still love it. I love the characters. Yuki is so amazing! Mikuru is adorable but funny (when getting bossed by Haruhi and how timid she is) Kyon is just God! (Literally) and the other three may only be extras but they’re awesome! and of course, I don’t care if no-one else likes Itsuki! I do! He awesome and half of us wouldn’t even know whats going on if he didn’t explain it!… umkay so he’s just a character to advance the plot but I still like him 😛 Does he actually even have a story in the novels? :O Haruhi Suzumiya is still one of the top animes for me. I don’t care what anyone else says but I still respect their opinions!

  18. Somehow, Haruhi seems more charming this season than in the others. I guess I just like the way her expressions are animated this time. The style somehow reminds me of K-ON though.

  19. @Koizumi-Fan
    You must be a “Kyon is God” theory person. I think Kyon is God too, but because of his wish to be a secondary character (I think “sidekick” was the word; watch ep 1 of season 1 or read the first novel if you don’t remember) he gave some of his power to a girl he finds interesting (not sure if it is love/like). Show Spoiler ▼

    I feel sorry for Mikuru and really hate Haruhi’s illegal actions, but I can tolerate it, knowing that the future Mikuru forgives Haruhi.
    Go Yuki! She is pure awesome! 😀
    I think there is another moment in the novels when Kyon stands up to Haruhi; I don’t remember clearly :S

  20. @Jaalin: Kyoani was never an elite studio, just wildly popular and flashy. Now that the flash is literally wearing off everyone gets to see them for what they really are, just another animation company that happens to love pushing moe more than the next guy. A lot more.

    Had to happen eventually.

  21. “…I want to shoot beams from my eye, I want to shoot beams from my eye, I want to shoot beams from my eye, I want to shoot beams from my eye, I want to shoot beams from my eye, I want to shoot beams from my eye…”

    Damn, it didn’t work! Guess I’m not a God then…


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