When group arrives at the place know as Factory, Maria and Yunyun stay with the car while everyone else goes inside. Canaan’s synesthesia abilities have returned, and using them, she’s able to find a room full of zombie-like Unblooms. Hakko gets so mortified at the sight of them that she runs recklessly off on her own, and Santana attempts to chase after her. Santana still remembers how Alphard had let him have Hakko some time ago, but back then, Liang Qi had made it clear that because of Hakko’s voice, he’d never be able to hear her words of love. Hakko meanwhile runs into a room with a monitor, and Liang Qi uses it to communicate with her. Liang Qi tries to turn her against Canaan by claiming that this place was created in order to make another Canaan since it was the Ua Virus that had made her synesthesia more powerful. Hakko refuses to fall for this though and tries to use her voice against Liang Qi, but Liang Qi knows that Hakko’s voice effects people’s brains and has had her on mute through the monitor.

In response, Liang Qi shows Hakko live video of Santana in danger, so Hakko decides to physically go to the chapel room where Liang Qi is. She’s determined to protect Santana, and when she arrives, she immediately starts using her voice against the person she thinks is Liang Qi. She doesn’t realize until it’s too late that Liang Qi is long gone and that the person in the chair is actually a bound and gagged Santana. From the nearby monitor, Liang Qi taunts Hakko about being responsible for Santana’s death, and after destroying the monitor, Hakko cries until Santana weakly calls out to her. He knows that he’s dying, and what he really wants to hear Hakko say to him is that she loves him. At his request, she says it until he dies, and afterward, Hakko cries so loud that the entire facility is affected. What she doesn’t realize is that Liang Qi has been using her as a tool to get at Canaan. Liang Qi’s plan involves starting an active noise control machine that cancels out all sound. With this, the only person affected by Hakko’s voice will be Canaan because of her ability to convert certain sense into other senses.

By this point, Canaan and Minoru have been saved by the sudden arrival of Natsume who blew a hole through the wall, letting in sunlight to stop the Unblooms and allowing Canaan and Minoru to escape. Once the active noise control machine is started, Canaan is unable to do anything but clutch her head in pain as Hakko comes towards her, repeating her words of love and dragging Santana’s body. Luckily, Canaan has Minoru with her, and Minoru remembers how Santana had wanted him to wake Hakko from what he called the dream. Minoru thus walks towards Hakko, even after she shoots him in the arm, and he hugs her. Meanwhile, Maria and Yunyun have decided to come into the facility to look for Canaan, and they wander into an ice-covered underground area where flowers are growing. While picking a flower, Maria realizes that there’s a person with red eyes frozen under the ice, but before the two can do anything about it, Natsume shows up and points her gun at them.


Wow, I was very impressed by this episode of CANAAN. It goes without saying that the animation quality was top-notch, but they also did a great job building a creepy mood in a Resident Evil sort of way, and it made it so that you weren’t quite sure what was going to pop out or what to expect. I liked as well how they set up Santana’s apparent death around the idea that he always wanted to hear Hakko say that she loved him, and this of course goes back to the theme of love that they’ve been building up (albeit mainly on the bad guy’s side so far). It was a touching scene regardless, though it did make the idea of Minoru being with Hakko afterward seem a little weird, making me question in turn if Hakko is going to die too before this is all over.

The big revelation this episode, however, was that they were trying to create another Canaan, and I assume that’s the frozen body that Maria and Yunyun found. That also might be what Alphard is here to destroy, but her role in this episode was rather small, and it’s unclear what she was up to. It appears though that Natsume is going to be the one taking control of that body for the time being. Her pointing a gun at Maria and Yunyun at the end as part of the cliffhanger doesn’t have me concerned, but I do wonder about what she intends to do and where her true allegiances lie. Speaking of which, I do have to note that Liang Qi was quite amusing this week in her craziness (leading up to her being in this outfit), and I wonder how much longer she’s going to be kept alive the show. There’s only three episodes left, and she’s looking pretty pissed off in the preview…


  1. Liang Qi…..she is mad. Yes, just mad. And plus her sadism, really dangerous. Her outfit just suit her as sadism queen, Cummings will surely lol hahahaha. XD

    Canaan sees red aura on Minoru, what is red signify? courage? or calmness? Dunno, but he seems turn Hakko’s green aura of fear, sadness and despair into same color of his, or orange somehing like that.

    Last scene is really puzzled me, the flower seems plant on the ice, or it was born from the ice? The flower is likely the source of UA virus (another Resident Evil reference…play RE 5 and you will know Umbrella’s T-virus and Uroboros virus source is some flower…) With a woman with red eyes beneath the ice, i think she might be the one is the UA virus carrier.

  2. The whole bit where Hakko goes to the Chapel to protect Santana was predictable, even with the “I love you” death words, but still, it was an enjoyable episode.

    It’s kinda crazy that Liang Qi’s voice actress is Maria from Hayate no Gotoku, brilliant voice acting and of course, a great character.

  3. ah I forgot about the origin of the UA virus. It can be …it’s possible. But what I’m sure is there is a link between this, Canaan and MAria.

    And I find Liang Qi character very original and cool, what I dislike is just her despicable behaviour lol. But yeah, a great character ! More than Cumming in my opinion

  4. Liang Qi is becoming better and nuttier each episode. Even her outfit shows her LOVE.

    I find it hard to feel sorry for Hakkoo. The only thing she seems to be good for is hurting people on her side. Not entirely her fault though since everyone else for some reason thought it was a great idea to let her into the Factory.

  5. @ Anonymous

    It’s predictable because it’s so cliched – the back of the chair shot, with just the shoulder in view, you knew that was anyone BUT Liang Qi which means the most obvious candidate was Santana. I think even cartoons from the 80’s had stuff like that, for example Inspector Gadget, every time they find Dr. Claw, they’d turned the chair around and no one was in it or it was a trap.

    With the “I love you” final words, it’s no secret that he loved Hakko and always wanted her to speak with him and there’s no other words that’d he’d want to hear than “I love you”. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with it all as I enjoyed the episode, but it’s just a tad obvious/cliched – at least to me.

  6. Oh man, that scene with Santana and Hakko was just…D: anime doesn’t cause me to tear up much but that scene just D:

    And that last scene before Canaan blacked out. Loved the angle. And did he turn a light brown?

    Uuurrgghhh next week come already D:

  7. to thought liang qi was amusing…..? she irritated me to the point of me saying, “GOD PLEASE DIE!!!” out loud. seriousy i havent wanted a character in anime to die so badly since school days. i really really hope she dies next episode, because i cant take much more of her crazy PMSing stalker bullshit

  8. red = love, I think at least…
    the light brown seen on Alphard and earlier on Siam is either regret/atonement wish or hope itself.
    Liang Qui was amusing as always, but in her place I’d pray she won’t meet Hakko… even with silencing device, she probably could kill Liang Qui barehanded now, and she has pistol now.
    I hope for HakkoxMinoru happy ending.
    Cummings probably will follow or precede Liang qui into death.
    I am most curious about motives and priorities of 2 persons right now, namely Natsume and Alphard.
    It seems Alphard seeks to erase past, and Natsume revive the project that led to creation of Canaan… but i can be entirely wrong here.


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