The Homunculi are holding Marcoh in a facility somewhere, and when Envy brings him some food, he questions what they want with him. He suspects that they’re using the country and its people to make a giant transmutation circle and that the ultimate goal is to make a Philosopher’s Stone. Envy doesn’t deny it, and he threatens the village that Marcoh was helping in order to get Marcoh’s cooperation. Wrath meanwhile is walking into his residence and talks to Pride about the fun he’s having with how their opponents are stirring them up. Pride thinks that Wrath has been with humans too long, but he decides not to report to their Father about what Wrath said. As for Gluttony, Wrath isn’t worried because he knows around where Gluttony is. At that moment, Gluttony is trying to attack Mustang, and he’s able to suck up Mustang’s flame attack. This leaves Mustang no choice but to run, but he’s still not completely recovered from his previous injuries, so he and the Elric brothers transmute a dummy and then escape to the waiting car. Ed and Al, however, decide to stay behind with Ling, so Hawkeye gives Ed a gun. Ed takes it only after remembering how he told Winry that her hands weren’t for killing people.

Back in the forest, Ed, Al, and Ling are trying to figure out how to handle Gluttony when Envy suddenly shows up. After Envy tells Gluttony that he can’t eat Mustang or the Elric brothers but that Ling is fine, Ed decides to use this to his advantage by transmuting a wall so that he and Al can take on Gluttony while Ling faces Envy alone. Ling proves to be stronger than Envy anticipated, but Envy transforms into Lan Fan and slows Ling down enough to let Gluttony try to swallow him up. When Ed tries to jump in and save Ling, both of them plus Envy get consumed by Gluttony. That leaves just Al and Gluttony, and Al feels like he’s lost his brother. Back in Central, Mustang decides to go see Lt. General Raven and floats the idea that King Bradley might be a Homunculus. Raven laughs it off at first, but he then brings Mustang into a meeting of senior officers and repeats the allegation. Much to Mustang’s dismay, King Bradley himself is there as well, causing Mustang to realize that Hughes was trying to warn him that the military itself was dangerous. Ed meanwhile wakes up to find himself alone in a dark place full of blood and debris.


Well it was good to see that Marcoh is back, but his scene was pretty short, and he didn’t really play a role in this episode. What he said about the huge transmutation circle and the Philosopher’s Stone was interesting though in terms of what the series is building up towards. On the other hand, I’m very intrigued by the appearance (if you could call it that) of Pride since this isn’t the same Pride as the original series, and I wonder why it’s taken him/her this long to appear.

As for the battle with Gluttony, the first half of it with Mustang was much shorter than I had hoped (had a lot more humor too), but the latter half once Envy showed up was pretty nice. I love how Envy turned into Lan Fan to get at Ling – who could attack such a face? I also liked the scene where Hawkeye gave Ed a gun because of how it paralleled/compared to the Winry scene two episodes ago. The episode then ended on a decent pair of cliffhangers, and I’m actually more curious now to see what happens to Mustang than what happens to Ed since I assume Ed will find a way out.

Oh and I forgot to mention this last week, but the third ending song was announced to be Tsunaida Te by the female duo Lil’B. They did a Bleach ED previously, but it wasn’t very memorable.


  1. it’s too bad that Marcoh didn’t really get much screen time in this episode, but his time will come. 😀

    Paku and Kugimiya also did a great job in this episode with their voices (as always)~

  2. Eh, I thought the scene where Ed, Ling, and Envy got swallowed was a little bland for my tastes. But I suppose I’ll be accused of nitpicking.

    The scene with Roy at HQ was a bit different, too, but it still worked out pretty well. I don’t like Raven’s voice, though.

    Envy’s VA is sounding more Dilandau than ever, which is good, since both characters are absolutely brutal.

    I’m looking forward to the next episode.

  3. Haha Omni, sure you may know that Ed will find a way out, but the moment he does you’ll be faced with an even greater cliffhanger.

    Pity it won’t keep this exciting pace though. Probably only 2-3 more episodes until it gets back into the politics, which are interesting in their own right.

  4. i thought that this episode was pretty good. i liked the epic music that played when mustang was confronted by wrath, that was one of my favorite scenes in the manga and i am glad the anime made it even cooler. are they going to do the entire “inside Gluttonys stomach” thing in one episode? the preview seems to indicate that, but they would have to cram alot of stuff into one episode, and there already speeding through this really fast.

  5. @Cornwiggle

    They wont because Show Spoiler ▼

  6. i think its better than omni didnt read the manga first, becuz then she/he can write about her first time experience with the episode and not judge it as poorly just because he/she already saw it.

  7. I think they are keeping this pace…I think that maybe just maybe…they might keep this space and that FMA Brotherhood will be about 60 episodes or even more. I really hope so…I mean wasn’t inuyasha about 168 episodes or something maybe they have fmab be about 6o+ episodes.

  8. idk, later in the series, a lot is gonna happen. it’s probably not gonna be just 60 episodes, ’cause that would mean everything’s gonna be crammed in. of course i didn’t think the series would get this far in only the second season.

  9. @angous: and once again I would like to point out how it is actually a good thing that Omni hasn’t read the manga as he can review the anime on its own without being biased or comparing it constantly. 😉

    omg @ EnvyRanFan’s face! Too cute!

  10. @andrea
    I like Inuyasha and all, but how does that have anything to do with FMA? Depending on when the manga ends (probably in the next 6-8 months), I think it will end up being about 50-52 episodes.

    curious one
  11. @Damian

    That really sucks. Show Spoiler ▼

  12. You seem to have skipped an episode, it was a 15 min episode that was released with the first DVD of FMA:B. The episode is called the Blind Alchemist or something like that, it’s really good. You should all see it.

  13. God, I remember when Pride was finally revealed. It blew me away, but what blew me away even before was that someone had figured it all out waaaaay before it happened. The entire speculation post was attached to the credits page of the scanlation, too. Crazy.

  14. I was really disappointed in the Wrath-Pride conversation; it’s one of my favourite moments in the manga, and one of the most intriguing about both characters, and probably the one that foreshadows Pride’s identity most strongly, and they handled it completely wrong.
    On the other hand, the Gluttony-Mustang battle was incredibly funny, Ling was aweosme (and that smexy voice…*_*), Ran fan wa slooking pretty cute there, Riza kicked ass, as always, and Roy was more handsome and competent than usual. I missed the scene when he enters all confident in HQ and then feels all down supporting his head to the wall and wondering how he’s gonna do it allXD. But Raven’s conversation was actually better an explanation as to why he trusts him to be his first ally (and not just the random “just encountered him, why the hell not” that happened in the manga

    Ed was looking pretty fine in this episode too. Disturbed fangirl that I am, I found him even hotter when he was slowly waking up laying in a pool of blood in Gluttony’s stomachXD
    The RoyEd moments when he “helps” him inside the car and then Roy keeps looking at Ed’s back as he races off to find Gluttony were awesome, as was the “Liiiiing!!!!!” LingEd moment when Ed falls on him to prevent his absorbation

  15. Soka-“The RoyEd moments when he “helps” him inside the car and then Roy keeps looking at Ed’s back as he races off to find Gluttony were awesome”

    Lol, when I watched that scene, I was like: oh no, not another fetish for Ed’s shoulders/back! xD

  16. @Soka
    What was your particular issue with the wrath/sloth exchange? aside from being outside (as opposed to a random corridor) and the exclusion of prides outline the scene followed the manga pretty closely right down to spider trapping the moth. I personally thought it played out pretty well.

    Also, is it me or does gluttony look really small in this episode? compare ed and al fighting him (while ling is owning envy) with the previous episode when he attacks scar and is blown up by ling. he looks half the size in this ep.

  17. aw, poor Roy was useless, he really hates that.

    gah, I love how Ed keeps count on how many times Envy’s called him ‘chibi’.

    Al’s cry when Ed, Ling and Envy got eaten made my heart break like a dry nuddle!

    omg, the ending with Ed made me quail!

    Now, I’m completely used to the new design of characters, and I think Brotherhood look much, much better, higher quality (than the first anime). But, it could be just a change of style and not quality. However, I just like peoples faces more now, especially Ed’s eyes, they are prettier and shiner.


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