Despite hearing the explosion, Canaan doesn’t let it bother her and instead follows Siam’s advice. The way she stares freaks Alphard out, and Canaan comes out on top in the ensuing firefight. With her arm injured, Alphard decides to try to make her escape via a helicopter that arrives for her, but Canaan sticks with her. When Alphard tries to point out that Canaan should care more about Maria, Canaan affirms her belief that Maria isn’t dead. Indeed, Yunyun had gone back and saved Maria from the train wreckage, but even without knowing that, Canaan believes because Maria is her friend. Regardless, Alphard attempts to escape by helicopter, but Canaan stops her by killing the helicopter’s gunner who then inadvertently kills the helicopter pilot. The two thus go tumbling back onto the train, and Canaan smacks Alphard around until she realizes something. Alphard gets free, but she slips on the side of the train and nearly falls off. Canaan manages to catch her by the arm, and she reveals that she realized that Alphard’s heart died when Siam died. Canaan feels that she herself is different because of the people she’s met, and as someone who is alive, she doesn’t want Alphard to die any more. This causes Alphard to acknowledge to herself that she’s bound to the past, and to free herself from what she considers to be a curse, she shoots her own arm until it breaks off. This causes Alphard to fall into the river below, and Canaan is left holding a bloody arm.

In the aftermath, Maria has a dream about being separated from Canaan, and she wakes up in a Shanghai hospital. Minoru brought her here after finding her and Yunyun on the side of the road, and Yunyun has long since recovered and is working again. He hasn’t been able to contact Canaan though, and he points to how her ultimate goal was to protect Maria. He knows that the girls’ circumstances were too different, but he feels that their hearts can still be close together, and Canaan, who’s keeping her distance from the hospital, indeed feels the same way. While Maria recovers, Minoru wanders around the city and decides to drop the story about the village in favor of the story of Hakko and Santana. He also visits Santana’s old shop and is glad that he’s alive. Later, on the way to the airport with Maria, he hears Maria say sugoi (lit. amazing) like she always used to, and she admits that she had felt that she shouldn’t say it if she wanted to be with Canaan. She knows now that, given how hard every person tries, there’s nothing amazing that’s unreachable, and that’s why she believes what he said about their hearts being close. As her plane flies over the city, Maria vows not to forget what she saw and felt, and upon her return to Japan, she opens up an art exhibit showcasing the photos that she took. At the center of this exhibit are side-by-side photos of Canaan and Alphard, and between them is a single caption that reads “CANAAN.”

Sometime later, in a different city, Canaan gets a call from Natsume about a job targeting a one-armed woman.


I didn’t like this finale episode very much in the beginning, but certain parts of the finale made me appreciate it a bit more. My initial reaction was based partly on how quickly the Alphard and Canaan battle turned around. I understand that Alphard became afraid of Canaan in sort of the same vein that Siam was afraid of super-soldiers, but it’s harder to believe that the tide of the battle would turn that drastically that fast considering how things were going last episode. I was also disappointed at first that Maria and Canaan didn’t end up together (they soooo should have kissed in the dream sequence), but after digesting what Maria and Minoru said, I was content with how Maria was able to do something on her own while still hold Canaan close to her heart, corny as it may sound. The nice insert song of course helped too.

A bigger problem was Alphard and closure regarding what happens to her. I liked seeing that Cumming survived and became a monk, but I really wanted to know how Alphard felt in the aftermath and what she’s up to at the very end. As I’ve said before, she’s a very complex character who’s awesome in many respects, and it felt like they left us hanging by having her survive and not telling us more. Perhaps it’s set-up for a potential sequel or OVA or something.

Final Thoughts:

Coming into this series, I was psyched about how it had a great voice cast, a proven animation production team in P.A.Works, and a TYPE-MOON influenced story. Looking back now, I think the series succeeded on the first two – especially the animation which was everything I had hoped for and then some – but faltered a little on the story part. It was still a solid story and had some good characters, but I think the final payoff wasn’t quite worth how heavy they were at times on certain themes (like friendship). The fact that Alphard is still alive too makes this feel like it’s not a complete story but rather just a chapter of one, particularly since the original 428 game could be considered as the previous chapter. Would I still recommend it? Yes, probably, but mainly on the strengths of the action scenes.


  1. I was taken aback with the arm scene. I appreciated her “death” bringing some sort of realization and closure, even though I liked Alphard most and didn’t really want her to die. Then I realized she was alive, and wished she had died. o_O I’m happy Cummings is alive!

  2. I agreed with you that they should kiss during in the Maria’s dream. They were close together!

    And the arm shooting scene was really scary. i was shocked but then I also realized that Type-Moon seems to love taking arm off of their characters like the Ryougi Shiki.

    Somehow I feel that they purposely leave the plot hanging so that there’ll be another seasons or they will explain further in the 3 movies. I just hope that Maria and Canaan end up meeting again or something because if they value each other so much, there’s no need reason why they NEED to stop communicating at least?

    - c H i E n -
  3. If there is a sequel, it might be like the 428 game: different characters with cameos from the previous arc. Reminds me of the Michiko to Hatchin ending at the end with the theme of friendship. Kinda of ironic Canaan took a hairstyle similar to Alphard at the end.

  4. The final episode was a letdown in many ways.

    If you came in for awesome gunaction? Yeah, okay, this is where you’d not be disappointed, there ep13 delivered.
    If yu wanted some story? NOthing delivered.
    If you wanted background info? Never.
    Alphard? Who cares.
    Yuri? Not really there.

    zzz. I’m pretending it only has 12.

  5. HUGE dissapointment. :/ The series would’ve landed a 10/10 in my book if it weren’t for the final episode.

    Ah well. Here’s to hoping we get a movie or anything that would make up for this episode. xD

  6. The episode was good but there were many things that left me unsatisfied:

    Natsume and Cummings still alive? nooo
    Alphard with one arm left ! nooo big NO I luv to see her kick some more butt
    The whole village issue wasn’t resolved the human experiments are still under cover,maybe for more evil canaans ?

    The only thing that made my day was Yunyun we need more breast stuffing items for part time jobs!!!!
    I’m glad there was no kissing and they stick to an action series; too many yuri out there.
    Overall the ride was great; here’s hoping the movie or OVA bring more We need more.

    island esper
  7. The series was kinda slow and average wandering from point to point and the only really interesting thread for me was the continuation of the Canaan and Alphard story that Kinoku Nasu originally wrote.

    This episode was a surprise as it was a well written and directed ending. In such a morbid series the “Life is different, but it goes on.” theme is a really good one. I love the meaning behind Canaan’s “Bang” statement and as it’s a positive statement it beats some other well known uses of the word.

    Also – p-p-p-ponytail! :O

    Lulz – totally opposite opinion to Desho? up thar

  8. Maria not ending up with Cannan KILLED the ending for me, im being biased but i really would have liked to see have seen that ending, im giving it an 8, i thought the characters were far superior then the actual plot, Alphard is a pretty complex character and definitely not your generic villian / anti hero (whatever the hell she was)

    Precise Moment
  9. totally agree..
    p.s- i was like who the F@ck is this Monk at the end?? but on a second quick skim through i realized! HAHAHAHHA i was like ” OOOOHHHHH its dat nigga”. i thought he blew his brains out. lots of potential for a movie ova is someone so chooses to pick up

    bottom line: suspender Alphard is Hot. BUT, Revy of “black lagoon” IS HOTTER!!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  10. I’m actually seeing a lot of repetitiveness with most anime series. They all end so abruptly or rushed or a tide of battle just instantly goes to one side. Even so, things can happen even if it looked like they were losing. All luck to be honest. Anyways, I liked this ending, had a tear in there a few times as well. Totally recommended to my friends!

  11. I loved the serie and I really loved the end. All the scene of Alphard x Canaan was fucking amazing. I dont have words to describe it. The scene of Alphard shooting herself…

    Alphard… How a person can be this amazing? One of my favorite carachters ever.

    In the end I think that Canaan grown up. She made the right decision to be “far” from Maria, her world is too dangerous for Maria, and if you love someone, you dont want that he is in dangerous..

    After credits.. CANAAN SUPA SEXY! Fuck! That Alphard ponytail make her hot!
    And I really that think will have a second season or a OVA…

  12. @island Esper:

    Actually, there I’d say there wasn’t enough until recently.

    I never was into yaoi and with all the years of promotion that
    it got (even at anime cons) it’s good to see that anime is finally
    giving the other side of the coin some much needed attention.

    So… I’m glad we have series like CANAAN and K-ON with that kind
    of potential.

    Back on track here:

    I wouldn’t say that I was “IMPRESSED” by the ending. However, looking back on
    how the previously animated Type-Moon work; Fate/Stay Night and Shingetsutan
    Tsukihime ended, I’d say it was no more bittersweet than how those series ended.

    In all three we have this supporting character from whose eyes we see the world
    of this hero (actually heroine in all three). Maria -> Canaan, Shiro -> Saber,
    and Shiki -> Arucied.

    Even more interesting They all end with the departure of these two
    characters because the two always “live in different worlds” in some shape, form,
    or another.

    Maria x Canaan: Show Spoiler ▼

    Shiro x Saber ~ Fat/Stay Night: Show Spoiler ▼

    Shiki (not to be confused with the Shiki from Kara no Kyoukai which is also a
    Type-Moon/Nasu written work) x Aruceid ~ Shingetsutan Tsukihime (this is
    probably the one that pissed me off the most!!!): Show Spoiler ▼

    So, Canaan ending the way it did isn’t too surprising. Not the best ending but
    not bad either and certainly something that I expect or SHOULD expect from a
    Type-Moon/Nasu based anime; it’s nothing new for me.

    Kara no Kyoukai is the only Nasu written work that’s the exception to this trend
    of Type-Moon anime.

  13. Cummings becoming a monk ODDLY makes sense. He doesn’t really have any other purpose in life now, so repentance and seclusion (as a Shanghai monk…cool) is probably what he would do.

    Isn’t there going to be some movies? That’s why I wasn’t so bleearrgh with the ending because I know more is going to come. I’m sure there are going to be 3 (omg that’s a lot) movie. Even if it’s pretty much a giant recap of the series (let’s hope it’s not crap).

    I still like the ending. It doesn’t leave too many loose ends. Alphard is already an enigma to begin with, so to leave with her as one doesn’t feel strained.

    And Canaan’s ponytail made me 😀

  14. Cummings survived and becama a monk? Good for him, may he find peace.
    Alphard lost a hand but survived? A great way to hook up incoming movie.
    Assassin and ordinary fotoreporter girl romance would never work out…
    Kinda sad for Minori-kun as he sat at the fountain where he met a silent catgirl once…

  15. Just to be clear, the movies have been confirmed to be the TV series content divided into 3 movies.
    I pray that there will be a season 2 or OVA as very little was resolved, leaving what could have been the best action series of recent times yet another name on the list.
    Nice to see the Taxi driver make a cameo though. ^_^

  16. The ending was very well done, as many people have pointed out, but I found the climax beforehand to be lackluster. Just not enough action. Every time it looked like a fight would break out (eg Canaan overtakes Alphard in the beginning, Canaan follows Alphard up the helicopter ladder, Alphard flips up from under Canaan on the train roof), they just went to talking again. And the characters and story simply didn’t have enough substance to justify the length of dialogue and monologue in these scenes.

    The ending to episode 12 made me left me really excited for the finale by finally bringing back some good action, but this episode just didn’t deliver. And let’s not forget about how the significance of the bomb was completely negated by just how easily Yunyun saved Maria.

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