Episode 23


Arthur arrives right as Arawn’s allies are taking down the walls around Palladium. They are then faced with a magical barrier at the main door, but Arthur is able to use the Dyrnwyn get rid of it. Inside the structure, they come across a giant obelisk, but when they approach it, the lava around it suddenly starts rising, trapping them. They are saved when they’re all teleported away, but they end up being taken to different locations and are separated. Morgan and Octavia find themselves in a hallway that leads to an arena where Creon, the mayor of Londinium, is waiting to trap them in a fight. In a different area, Llyr and Rathty discover the Cauldron of Resurrection and decide to destroy it. Arthur, Riannon, Arawn, and Ogam meanwhile come across a resurrected Drwc, and he activates the obelisk and its Gravitas effect. Because of this, Arawn and Ogam decide to move on ahead while Arthur and Riannon take care of Drwc. Unfortunately, Drwc is able to use Riannon’s true name to make her feel any pain Arthur inflicts on him, and Riannon faints after the first slash. While she’s unconscious though, she gets a vision of Primula who reminds her of the power within herself and tells her not to give up. She wakes back up in Arthur’s arms, and the two face Drwc again.

Episode 24


As Rathty and Llyr continue to struggle through the hostile force in order to reach the Cauldron, Morgan and Octavia have their hands full fighting in the arena. Arthur and Riannon meanwhile are finally able to defeat Drwc after Riannon redirects his own attack back into him, however he calls for more power and transforms into a horrific creature. At this same time, Ogam changes into his dragon form to take out the top of the obelisk. While he’s doing this, both Arawn and Arthur’s swords start resonating, and as a result, Arthur is able to take out the monster and Ogam is able to take out the top of the obelisk. With the gravitas effect gone, Rathty and Llyr are able to destroy the Cauldron, and that in turn helps Morgan and Octavia defeat Creon. The group is eventually reunited in a white garden, and at the center of it, they find a dead body on a throne. Nearby is a man in all white who tells them that the body belongs to the Emperor, and he laughs about it.


I didn’t intend it this way since I’m in the process of catching up, but it felt like these two episodes were intended to be watched together. Episode 23 was mostly setting up for episode 24, with each of Arawn’s entourage getting their own objectives and difficulties to overcome. It definitely seemed like the kind of thing that would come from a role playing game, not that I’m complaining since I enjoyed the episodes. In fact, episode 24 ended up being very fun to watch thanks to all the great action sequences, especially Arthur and Riannon versus Drwc. The flashback scene with Pwyll and Primula did seem a bit out of place, but I guess it’s a hint of how they’re going to overcome the next big obstacle, with Riannon being the key since she’s connected to Primula.


  1. Yay first! All the good animes are coming to an end =(, I just got a hold of Episode 26 (Final) but I have a Psychology test tomorrow so I can’t watch it yet >_<. I’m looking forward to the ending!


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