「入れてください……」 (Irete Kudasai…)
“Please Put It In…”

Haruka and Yuuto head to a mini comiket to sell some “clean” Nocturne High School Lacrosse doujinshi. I could just sense the piercing glares from otaku as they wonder why a “normal” guy like Yuuto would bring a school idol to their holy ground.

In reality though, it wasn’t that bad (or at least they didn’t depict it as such). While I’m sure there are very nice anime fans out there who aren’t raging otakuholics, I still feel that this series is sugarcoating the matter a fair bit. Looking back, this is semi-related to my major gripe with this show. In their attempt to portray a relationship realistically with more sincerity and genuine emotions, they’ve sort of hit a middle ground where things aren’t terribly dramatic nor overly funny. In short, they’re sort of sitting on a fence between a J-drama and an ecchi high school anime. Both are entertaining for very different reasons, but when you’re caught in the middle, it’s not so much.

That said, I don’t think the heavy romance aspects of the series is what irked me so much in the first season. If anything, it’s probably the overly innocent, “omg would you just kiss already”, aspect in Haruka and Yuuto’s relationship. And by innocent, I mean it’s basically at the level of elementary school kids second guessing themselves about holding hands. While some people didn’t like the ecchi, fan-service-filled first episode, I think the show would be pretty damn boring if you removed all that. Can you imagine what this series would be like if Mika, Hazuki, and Nanami weren’t driving that form of comedy by pushing our two love birds towards their first sexual experience? We may as well watch paint dry.

Just for the record, I’m not going back on what I said about the first season. The premise is interesting and the direction they’re taking with things is drastically different from your usual stuff. However, I had twelve episodes of that and it honestly felt like it was enough. If you’ve ever had friends in relationships where they enjoy the most trivial, boring things together, you’ll probably have an idea of what I’m getting at. I mean, kudos to them for enjoying all the little things in life together. That’s awfully sweet. Just please don’t make me watch it thinking it’s entertaining. orz

Despite my fairly negative take on the series this week, I’m masochistically going to continue watching it. There are some upsides to the show, thanks to my saving grace Mika, plus Shiina seems to be getting back into the mix as I mentioned before. They’ve also brought back Haruka’s parents — Gentou and Akiho — for some extra comedic “umph”, albeit their scripted gag is pretty cookie cutter now. Sadly, one of the funnier things I found in this episode was the preview, where they talked about the term “tsundere” and had the tsundere queen Kugimiya Rie (Alice-chan) doing her Shana (Shakugan no Shana) and Taiga (Toradora!) voices. They even outlined their characters to indicate that it’s them.

In any case, I’m really banking on Shiina (Satou Rina of Biribiri-fame) to spice things up now, just like she did in the Lacrosse anime. Gooo Shiina!


* Note: Yomiuri TV‘s broadcast (which Crunchyroll’s simulcast is based on) went with the heavy censoring again. I’ll update the screens when I get my hands on Tokyo MX’s version. I’ve already delayed this post 12 hours waiting for it. -_-;
* Screens defogged. Now with a bit less steam.




  1. I loved that they used kugi-chan for the examples of tsundere, and the hint that she’ll have more of a role in the upcoming episodes. I think I’d watch just about anything just for my hime-sama… except gintama… but that’s another story…

  2. Damn you Yuuto!

    Ugh, I’ve just joined the denizens of guys that want him dead, again 😛

    That problem just seem to be getting worser & worser…the relationship mess, or lack there of. Its getting very lame to say the least. Its definitely to the point where you can guess what can happen 5 or 6 episodes down the line until some unseen force throws a wrench in the works – which is dumb as hell since those two create their own big sick wrench every time they lock eyes. Can some body please break this crap up.

  3. I can’t help but think they really dropped the ball on the animation for this episode. With the already rather dry content matter, the relationship building, the majority of this episode was just HD talking heads, with perhaps the most movement devoted to the final scene of Shiina getting molested…As amusing as that is, I really hope it’s not a sign of things to come (quality-wise).

  4. Nanatsuya:
    Just to add to what you were saying, I thought Haruka’s face looked pretty messed up in a lot of scenes too. Most notably, the ones where she was working on the doujinshi with Yuuto. Her face is too small/narrow and her eyes are way too big. Ick.

  5. @jennysmith

    After the stupdity in the first season, I think they have no idea what drama should be. I kept having to tell myself that these were teenagers, & I still don’t believe it. Yuuto going into a tailspin about a silly gift that everyone & their mothers who are watching this shit know that Haruka would actual love yet…

    Yeah, they need to stay away from that crap. I nearly dropped this mess & skipped the last episode because of it – I finally watched it a month after it aired 😛

    Any signs of seriousness between these 2 can’t do anything but reflect that of 10 yo’s – & that’s even pushing it.

  6. Haruka’s father mentioned something about coming to South America if they continued to resist. Is he trying to take another continent for his own? If that’s the case, then it is he who is the fool, since he can not go about trying to take other people’s land.

    Matt Gross
  7. Divine, you forgot the silhouette of Nagi (with her distinct pigtails and manner of speech) amongst the hinted characters voiced by Kugimiya in her demonstration of what tsundere is.

    I think the fact that the highlight of this episode is Shiina getting violated by Yuuto’s horny sister and teacher speaks for itself. Not that I’m complaining. 🙂

    (The sooner Shiina moves on from Yuuto and comes out, realising her potential as juicy yuri-fodder, the better. lol )

    Kinny Riddle
  8. Oh is that who it was? I thought the outline looked like Tousaka Rin from Fate/stay night, who is voiced by Ueda Kana (Nanami here). But now that you mention it, yeah that does sound like Kugimiya Rie’s Nagi voice.

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