Having taken the offer to join Agency No. 3, Misaki has returned to Tokyo and has been assigned the fake identity of Ichinose Yayoi. Her co-workers now include Shizume Genma, Hazuki Mina, and Sawasaki Youko, and she learns about their Hei sighting in Russia. Hei, Suou, July, and Mao meanwhile have arrived in Japan, and Hei reveals that his current client wants him to train Suou up as an agent. First up is some target practice, and Hei wants her to shoot a crane in the nearby water. It reminds Suou of how she had let that deer get away while hunting with her father, but this time she’s able to fire. She doesn’t hit the crane though and after it flies away, she claims that her aim was off. Hei, however, knows that she’s not telling the truth and tells her to lie better. When Suou then turns her rifle towards him, he’s easily able to disarm and defeat her, and he tells her to just follow his instructions. Mao points out that she’s still just a kid, so Hei gives her some money for food and goes off on his own for a while.

Suou, July, and Mao end up in a relatively deserted shopping center, and they pass by a small gang, the leader of which catches Suou’s eye for a moment. She then takes July and Mao to a love hotel so that they’ll have a place to stay, and she tries to ask Mao about Hei and the client. Mao asks her back why she hasn’t run away yet, so Suou asserts that she plans to eventually, but she needs money first. With no other choice, Suou returns to Hei later and gets some close quarters combat training with him. He also has her do some dancing to strengthen the balance of her abdominal muscles, but Suou starts to feel sick because of the bad ramen she had eaten. The gang from before then shows up, so Hei decides to give Suou some hands-on training against them without using her Contractor power. Suou ends up breaking one of the guys’ arms, but the police then arrive, so Hei throws Mao in to distract them. This gives Suou enough time to escape, and she’s further helped by July directing her, but she’s followed by the leader of the gang who has taken a liking to her. He tries to apologize for earlier and introduces himself as Norio, but Suou just wants him to get out of the way and uses her Contractor power to scare him.

Unfortunately, Suou is still feeling rather ill, and she and July are found and taken in by the transvestite that they had met when they first arrived in the area. He gives her some medicine, and by chance, it turns out that his son is Norio, but Norio runs away upon seeing Suou again. It is at this point that Suou realizes why Norio had caught her eye originally: he resembles Nika. When she and July run into Mao again, she explains that Norio was like Nika when Nika confessed to Tanya. What Suou doesn’t understand though is why, when Nika confessed to Tanya, she felt something in her heart, but in this case, she felt nothing. Mao can only tell her that she’ll understand when she becomes a woman. Back at the hotel, Hei slaps her for using her Contractor power, and she later declares that she hates him even though, as a Contractor, she’s supposed to have lost her emotions. She has no choice but to stay with him though because she wants to see Shion again. That same night, after having learned some of what happened in Vladivostok and after having been referred to a Madame Oreille, Misaki heads to the abandoned observatory, and she’s surprised to find the gate unlocked. There, she meets Madame Oreille, and Madame Oreille already knows who Misaki is.


There wasn’t too much action this episode, but there was plenty of story and character development along with a ton of humor. In fact, the humor was what I loved the most about this episode, with much of it coming from Mao who seems extra cute and funny now that he’s a squirrel. It did occur to me though that he should have just taken over the body of the cat that was chasing him, and in fact that would have made it feel more appropriate to keep calling him Mao. The episode also ended up being a bit raunchier than expected, and I was amused by the scene between Hazuki Mina and Misaki because of the comments about Misaki’s sexual coldness and chastity. I’ll half-jokingly say that maybe it’s a sign that they’re actually planning on something between her and Hei.

Story-wise, it was interesting to see Hei training up Suou, though I was a bit surprised to see her be able to handle those goons with such relative ease so quickly. Even more intriguing is the appearance of Madame Oreille in front of Misaki, which seems to signal the end of her just sitting on the sidelines with Mr. Smith. I’m very curious to see if this leads to Misaki meeting Hei again and what role Madame Oreille (and those creepy twins) will play. They also seem to be developing the Norio/Nika angle for some emotional effect, and I’d venture to guess it’s why Suou is crying in the preview for next episode.


  1. Oh, man…I’m just expecting the horde of people commenting on the whole Misaki virginity thing as if it was the most interesting thing that happened in the episode.

    They’re really going heavy with the fan service in this second season.

  2. Suou’s painful stomach cramps that distract even a contractor +
    The medicine for it including “solid wings that prevent leakage” +
    Her response to the woman comment with “I’m already a woman” +
    = I’m not sure if that was just a stomach ache….

  3. @CaramelFiend
    OHHHHHHHHH! I didn’t get that, even though I did notice the leakage thing and thought that was strange (I thought of a condom, so it didn’t make sense to me) lol… thanks for linking all those dots and pointing it out for me.

  4. I have a feeling that Suou is not actually a contractor but just playing the part of what she thinks a contractor is suppose to act like. I think there are slight hints that she is not a contractor throughout the episode. The scene when she deliberately missed the crane because she couldnt deal with the killing and hei told her to lie better as a contractor. The scene when she only partially folded the crane in the bar. Also, when she declared she hated Hei even though contractors are not suppose to have feelings. I think that shard really did absorb Hei’s powers and magnify them. It just seems odd that her power is connected to that meteor shard penant and they never even acknowledged that there was activation of a new star. I think Suous is assuming that if she plays the part of a contractor she will be stronger plus shes crying in the next episode.

  5. @ Tia
    I thought it was pretty clear anyway that she wasn’t a “true” contractor, but rather that she was granted the powers through the use of that fragment that absorbed Hei’s power, hence why her weapon is “called” forth from it.
    Kind of makes it interesting as while she has the contractor traits, she also has her human emotions.
    Also kinda funny they forced the smiles ala Yin from season one.
    Still missing her charm though. Can’t say I care for July as a character.

  6. Suou did have her first period and someone posted a good theory on Star Crossed about how Hei’s power transferred to Suou. Since Hei had Bai’s power to change molecules but it manifested in some instant kill power. With Bai it was whatever she did at the lake, with Hei it was electricity and with Suou it’s that big ass rifle. Now Hei isn’t really a contracter and with his power transfered to Suou she might not be one either…

  7. Defeated by ramen. I knew Suou was gonna suck, but defeated by ramen of all things. Hei has his hands full. But he was basically an evil god w/o his powers so he should be find until he gets back to the gate. The only problem is keeping Suou out of shit long enough to do so (impossible). I know Hei’s enjoying this – the two of them together are walking disaster areas.

  8. Well noticed Caramel, figured myself as well that she had cramps. ^_^ You didn’t mention the “You’ve earned the right to board the Ark” comment though, which also implies she’s a woman now.

    I’m not really that surprised if she turns out to be a ‘failed’ contractor, seeing as how BK201 gave her, a human, the powers of a contractor, and we all know what the result was when the previous BK201 gave a human (Hei) powers: A failed contractor.

    Michael Chandra
  9. @ Megaman0

    Hei/Pai’s power is the absolute control of electrons, which is the underlying base of matter manipulation. Pai’s favorite usage of the attack was creating electricity, and so when Hei gained her powers he emulated Pai since that was what he remembered most about her power. Hei wasn’t a true contractor because Pai used the matter manipulation to transfer herself “inside Hei”. Seeing as by doing that she enters a death-like state, her remuneration (sleeping) is paid off. So he gained her powers without the price. Now those powers have been transferred to the Meteor Core, which has connected with Suou and have granted her the ability to summon/create an anti-tank rifle. So she isn’t a true contractor as well, and Tia ,up a couple of posts above me, explains why quite well. I would further say that Suou is doing what Hei was doing before, pretending to be contractor-like.

  10. Favorite episode so far. I’m glad Suou became a contractor. She had too much emotions before, making her like the typical anti-hero sidekick that always gets in the way. Now it’s perfect!

    Having her first period was cute too !

  11. I can’t help but point this out- if Suou is contractor, then she should be able to hide her emotions much better than what she has done thus far. It could be that Hei’s contract was transfered to Suou, as she expresses the same emotional range as Hei. Anybody else think it’s possible.

    Note: Totally agree with Exia, and the rest of the people that said this.

    And does anybody else get the ominous feeling that Suou might actually come to like Hei (shudders).

    Also, I miss the Hei that could cook. Seriously man? WTF?

    And Mao/Pecha still manages to be annoying/cute. Worst combo of all time… I can’t decide whether I like him anymore, or not…

  12. I like this ep a lot more than the others since there are no awkward HxS scenes. (Ok, that belly exercise was kinda…ehh, but I’ll forgive them for that.) But yeah… That last line of her being with the man she “hates” gave me some “what?” signals. Anyways, I’m not surprised if she does turn out to be half-contractor. She still has her feelings but expresses them, the “contractor” way.

    And that guy’s father is a cross-dresser… Ahahahahahahahaha!! (Feel kinda bad for him.)

  13. I find the scene between Hazuki Mina and Misaki strange because Hazuki knows her better than herself and so far in this series Misaki is always in the dark about what is happening even though in my book she is very smart individual, her new team is very suspicious, the same team tried to kill Hei in the previous episodes something she knows nothing about why do they want him dead so bad even the CIA is looking for him to make thing worse ,Madame Oreille is about to reveal some shocking information and in the process she will pay the price with her life if i,m right she might be dead before she reveals anything therefore returning Misaki back square one also darker than black is doing a good job in making Hei look bad and ruthless but this episode also showed that he is still the same person regardless of what happened hopefully as the series progresses Hei will realize that he and Suou need each other more than they know. Of course she hates him right now and claims she would abandon him as soon as she has enough money but she hasn,t seen the other side of Hei that we saw in season 1

  14. is anyone else super confused at this point? i thot they would do a better job at explaining basic things by the 4th episode but ive yet to see any explanation for a lot of things. for instance why is hei working for the CIA after the first season i thot he was on the run…..? Why is he still acting like a unemotional contractor when he realized he wasnt a contractor in the first season finale??? u wuld think hed act a little different from the hei that was lifeless in the beginning of season 1 but hes basically the same despite the appearance…. also what is the relation between season 1 and 2???? i have no idea wat anything in this season has to do with the past storyline besides the meteor shard. someone tell me that im an idiot and answer these questions for me plz!!

    p.s. anyone else realize that if mao was that little squirrel thing then in the first episode when it jumped on suous breast it was him? rofl =P

  15. Hei as handler/trainer and badass assassin? Check. Suou as loli assassin in training? Check. It’s like the anime version of Leon: The Professional, but with magical powers and talking squirrels. XD I did like the fact that we see a little bit of Hei’s happy-go-lucky alter ego Li/Lee in this ep, but man is he a dick teacher. Suou “becoming a woman” seemed pretty obvious given all the clues and I agree that she seems to be going through the motions of a contractor (acting as if she has no emotions – certainly about to be proven wrong – and having to pay a renumeration) but isn’t a real one herself.

    Hazuki is pretty aggressive, ain’t she? Goes in straight for the kill, ha. And Misaki being obsessed with BK-201 and supposedly saving herself for him, hmm, I wonder about that. I like July, he does so much even without saying a word or having any expression (and the smile bit made me smile; did remind me that moar of Yin would be nice though).

  16. Norio dude annoying, don’t want him, sides that good chapter, Misaki oh oh, and yea hope she meets Hei soon, Suou is learning fast, so cool, and back to Hei if ur not gonna have power, at least loose the purple jacket.

  17. @sean Several years (3 perhaps but I’d have to rewatch) have past. Hei is working for the CIA as part of his orders from a currently a unknown organization (one of the Syndicate fragments?) to track down Shion and the meteor core. Mao/Pecha is also working for the same organization as Hei and was told to rendezvous with Hei to give him new orders which seem to concern Suou.

    As for Hei, there’s always been a cold sided aspect of his personality. He joined the syndicate as a mercenary/bodyguard for his sister Pai after she became a contractor. By the time of the Heaven’s Gate incident, he’s proficient with those knives and wires he always uses. He’s the only human shown in the series capable of taking out contractors one on one. In various flashbacks in season 1 he’s shown fighting more than one at a time, not to mention he’s suppose to guard Pai when she’s undergoing her renumeration which is sleep, so losing access to his contractor abilities only makes things less convenient. Based on the flashbacks from season 1, it would seem his fighting style and tactics haven’t changed significantly since gaining Pai’s abilities, after all Pai didn’t seem to use any weapons or cables. Most of the time it looks like Hei only uses his contractor abilities as a finishing or disabling move.

    As far as contractors not having emotions, that’s somewhat false and more of an urban legend within the story. Based on the behavior of new contractors vs. seasoned ones it seems that they way they feel emotions changes, so there’s major disconnect at first. You can say it’s acting, but many of the emotions displayed by various contractors ranging from jealousy and love didn’t didn’t help or seem related to an “mission goals”. Amber for one falls in love with Hei as a contractor and spends her life figuratively and literally to protect Hei throughout season 1. She creates the Evening Primrose because of him. However, it does seem that many contractors don’t seem to be capable of compassion and sorrow that confound Hei’s partners, but some do. Personally, I think they’ve convinced themselves they cannot be irrational and thus justified in their actions as a form of denial since it’s implied that the abilities are tied to emotions/feelings. The moratoriums serve as a link in the progression.

    Back to the storyline. It seems like there was a falling out or betrayal between Hei and Yin in which Hei vows to kill her. This apparently has lead him to become a scruffy looking alcohol swilling wreck. Where as in season 1 he was in denial and was searching for his sister, now he’s bitter and broken and possibly plotting revenge.

    Darker than Black: Shikkoku no Hana is a manga that takes place 1 yr after season 1 in the anime. Hei and Yin are still together and Kirihara is still with Section 4 dealing with contractors. It’s still being serialized. So sometime after the manga Kirihara leaves Section 4 and Hei and Yin get split up.

  18. @ Ajanhelendam

    Actually, I have read up on the opinions of the translators for several subbing groups and the general consensus is that Hei was not referring to Yin as the woman he wants to get revenge on, but “that woman” who may be responsible for Yin’s death.

    Other than that, your summary is spot on.

  19. @Exia

    Your explaination is pretty good, but I don’t think Suou is simply “pretending”. I’d say, seeing as she’s not a full contractor, that she has “partly” lost her emotions, as she seemingly has a hard time understanding all the feelings that she understood before, such as beginning to wonder why she wanted to make a picture of that whale. That’s pretty much the same as Hei, who also partially possesses emotions, but rarely is able to show them.

    That’s my theory, anyway.

  20. @Bk-110

    From my understanding Hei was never a partial contractor. He was a human who had contractor powers from his sister, thus she had the contractor nature and he gained her power from the merge. So all along he had every human emotion and he just acted the part. Remember in the end of ep 25 when they said “You’re a human pretending to be a contractor” I think this exactly what Suou is doing, pretending to be a contractor even though she is human. I think Hei used to overeat also like it was his renumeration, in order to make himself believe he was/ even when he was with his sister.

  21. I haven’t quite made my mind up about the second series just yet. The first one was amazing, so this has a lot to live up to. But part of the appeal of the show is the way they do the storytelling. We’re not told all the answers from the start and its a case of putting peices together over time. A little mystery works like a charm…

    Having said that though, this episode had me in stitches. I have watched it three times already, and there are some great comedy moments, especialy poor Mao…pfft! But it’s good to have Misaki back on the case, and her sharp wit – not trusting those dodgy people. Hei does look more rugged, but does anyone else want to take a razorblade and shave off that stuble? LOL. So not cute – (but that may be the point)

  22. I think from what i got out of season one is contractors DO have their emotions, its just they normally don’t let them get in the way of their thoughts. Suou can genuinely hate Hei, but its just the smart decision to stick around. Even in season one, November 11 showed what I felt to be pretty genuine humanity now and again, Amber a lot of emotionally-driven actions and so on. So Suou, I think, is probably a full-blown contractor. Its just that the “Contractors have no emotions whatsoever” thing is generally bullcrap.

    That all said, I think the saddest part of the episode with all that in mind was the first part where she was watching the whale and thinking about how it was pointless to take a photo. I think that moment there pretty solidly showed the poor girl was pretty lost there and it was kind of disheartening to watch her go from such a peppy girl to a rather cold personalty overall.

    And on eye shine, not all contractors loose it. Most do, but I think Amber had it pretty distinctly and so did Pai I think.

    And stuff.

  23. Has everyone forgotten how much pain you go through around Suou’s age?

    As couple of other people have already very well speculated, things really are most likely as they have explained couple of posts back.
    Suou is also definitely overwhelmed by everything that’s going around her now. Her father is dead, her friend is dead. It’s emptiness that comes to you when you lose people around you, you can become emotionless that way. Suou is still young so she can go against this, and is going to have lot’s of feelings going to her. 😛

  24. Good ep, loved the humor even it did seem a little out of place.

    Liked all the tidbits about Suou “becoming a woman” especially with the fact that she had to be assisted by a trans gender male. July is growing on my too but I still miss Yin. Mao shouldn’t possessed the body of that cat chasing him but I’m getting used to him being a flying squirrel, especially because of the fact that Hei can now use him as a projectile weapon. ^_^

    Question though, how can Hei possibly be pretending to be a contractor and still have a star? Not to mention that said star fades away when he loses his ability?

    Also, if his sister was BK-201 to start out with and Hei gained her star when she transformed him into a contractor, wouldn’t Suou be the the new BK-201 if Hei’s ability was transfered to her? The star wouldn’t have faded out if that was case.

  25. @Tia

    I guess it’s debatable. I have to agree on Hei, seeing as he was an assassin, had that attitude and earned his name as “The Black Reaper” even before getting his sister’s powers. But for the eating, I think that were just his eating habits, although I could easily be wrong.
    As for Suou, her emotional changes seem a bit too abrupt to me. Just looking at the beginning of episode 3, her emotional state changes (along with her change to the “contractor eyes”) from one second to the other when Mao tells her to escape. When looking at what kind of cheerful and rebellious nature she had before, I think that the change was a bit too sudden for it to be just pretending.

    Oh well, guess it’s about interpretation.

  26. “Suou’s painful stomach cramps that distract even a contractor +
    The medicine for it including “solid wings that prevent leakage” +
    Her response to the woman comment with “I’m already a woman” +
    = I’m not sure if that was just a stomach ache….”

    That thought occurred to me, too. But I didn’t notice her confirming that that was the correct “medicine”. I kind of got the feeling the tranny was misunderstanding the situation. Could be lots of things; could be as simple as it not being easy to become a contractor.

  27. @Tuuli

    Good point… I’d say, I think it’s partly that. Looking at the times we saw her change into her “contractor state” from being normal, I’d say that still does a part of it. But I guess it might be a mix of both.
    And then that “certain something”, that girls start to get at that age.

    Oh well, from the preview it looks like we might get a revelation of things next week.

  28. Actually…what is Suou’s renumeration if she WAS a contractor??
    I’m devastated that Hei is running off alcohol- I loved his bottomless appetite T_T
    Period cramps are the worst- damn you males and…
    damn you Hei for domestic violence. Give me the old Hei that cared back T_T

  29. @QueenTiria

    Hei’s still the same. He proceeded to torture that one red-haired girl in Season 1 for information. He’s doing the same thing now. In order achieve his end, he’s not putting up with her bullshit.

    I like that about Hei. Young, old, male, female, friend, enemy – as long as you’re in his way, it doesn’t matter to him.

  30. jesus anyone else notice how ridiculously rough hei is being with suou? its no wonder she hates him even tho she’s a contractor; his actions are senseless. Of course along with that i completely agree with his actions and how over the top they are just because it’s very effective.

    but i thought we went over the fact in the first season that even though hei is a contractor he still has feelings. Why is he acting so emotionless now? it seems to me like they’re trying to point out that the alcohol is the problem. he’s acting like the stereotypical drunk father beating his children. roflmao.

  31. ok, there are just a few things i want to point out about this new series that have me going “What the heck is going on?”

    First up is Hei/Lee whatever he calls himself. His taller, muscular and well ….. moody? Cold? Ppl think he was like this i s eason 1 but thats not true. He beated up that redhead in season 1 because he was angry and she seemed to know about his sister but then he was upset when she died….. He let the first blond woman from eps 1 and 2 go because he liked her and even defended her when someone referred to her as a ‘doll’ and stepped in to take a bullet for her, he was angry about what a father did to his daughter, about changing her into a firestarter and stopped him from killing her, he saved alot of ppl in season 1. He was nice and kind even though he was also a bad assed fighter and killer but he chose not to kill all the time……… Can anyone else see the difference here?

    Now, he’s not eating, he used to enjoy food, instead he drinks and now he hurts little girls,ok so she’s in training, so ok, so he saved her life after he mistook her for her brother and realised she was a girl – (ok, point, if you’re thirteen, you dont get to have breats yet so how the hell did Hei know she was a girl just by feeling her chest???! it shouldnt have made a dfference. Stupid writers/designers should have made her into a teenager in high school, like she’s 16-18 or something)- but other than that, he wasnt even close to being his old self! The Hei we knew in season 1 would never beat up a girl, he never hit a woman (except for the other redhead but he was furious then over his sister!) now he just ……. mean. I hope he gets back to his old self as the second season progresses 😛

    Ok, so im going to be annoying and say, yep, i want Hei and Suou to develop feelings for each other……. ok so he’s older than her but he does seem to find her a little bit attractive or maybe that’s just me? Anyway, i hate the whole brother/sister thing, cant they be like friends or something, after the whole hate thing of course, lol anything other than siblings? *shudders* hey it could even be one way, that she develops a crush on him (well he’s training her to fight, they’re spending time together, they’ve seen each other naked because she had to undress him tho how she managed that and dragged him out of the water and into the lodge is a mystery to me and she’s a pretty girl and he’s well still fit tbh even if he is a bit scruffy looking now and i just love his new hair do,lol its longer right? and they do seem to have a connection, even if they both detest it right now, which he proves by saying ‘u used your contractor abilities. I can sense when you use them so dont even bother trying to hide’) or something n he blindly seems to be oblivious to her growing feelings n its only when she’s in trouble and he has to rescue her that he realises he likes her too or something. lol I also think she should have turned out to be a cook, like himself and when he returns he sees her preparing alot of food and stuff which she eats like a pig and it brings back memories or something for him. lol

    Maybe she’ll do that in a future episode after she learns she has feelings for him and that he once liked food? who knows? lol That would be awesome! 😛

    Ok, What i dont understand is that Hei is suppose to be on the run from the many organisations that want him dead so why is the black reaper working for one? And where the crap is Yin? He keeps having flashbacks of her but it doesnt explain much, only they were seperated and she said goodbye, i got the sense that she’s dead but how in the world did that happen and no wonder he’s an alcholic now!

    I wanted to scream at the tv and say ‘hey you there, go and smack him and tell him to snap out of it’ grrrrrr!

    well i feel better now that i’ve got that off my chest lol still i like the series so far, its just all different now and i want him to return to himself. lol

  32. @ MagicalWicca

    It seems like your the type who ships pairings so hard it hurts inside.

    Anyway who cares if Hei was angry at the redhed? The point is he needed something out of her, and he tortured her. The same thing now, he needs Suou to get the other kid, so he’s beating her into shape.

    And how is the doll girl relevant. She wasn’t a clear-cut enemy, so of course Hei didn’t kill her. The firestarter was the same. She wasn’t enemy so Hei didn’t kill her.

    And what’s 13? About 8th grade? From what I remember most girls around that time already hit puberty.

    Hei would never hit a girl? Bullshit. Hei never had any stupid, outdated, chivalrous beliefs like that. It just so happened most all the contractors he fought were male. Looking at the manga, he even threatened to kill that child contractor.

    Hei may be a little colder, but Hei was never a saint. I’m sorry, but I’m glad you don’t help write the manga. Otherwise we’d get a shitty harem with a annoyingly-biased main character. (HSDK/R+V/etc.)

  33. @ Top2NE1
    err first of all i must be thick and dense because i didnt understand the first sentence u wrote! lol, sorry but im guessing that it wasnt a compliment.

    Secondly, i was pointing out that he wasn’t as cold bloodied back then in season 1 as he is now, that he hurt Havoc because he was emotional, not the EVIL, alcoholic, cold freak he is now! he’s beating Suou into shape becoz she has his powers now, sort of and because he had new orders to train her, not out of desire to find her brother any longer. Im not sure he would be as ruthless with her training if he had met her earlier. He doesnt take any bullshit, you’re right but my point was that he has changed now. And im not talking about the manga, i’ve never read it, i only watch the japanese and dubbed versions online and the character that they have portrayed doesnt seem to like hurting girls. I mean after he got emotional with Havoc because of his sister, Pai, he told Havoc that ‘he wouldnt allow her to give up’ ‘he wont allow her to kill again because she wasnt a contractor any longer’, he tried to save her, get away from Hell’s Gate, that sounds chivalrous to me. And the time when he helped his team mate, gwan, to escape with his lady love because he couldnt kill them, or the time when he had orders to kill Yin because she ran away but he tracked her down and couldnt do it, calling her his partner and whatnot. I mean seriously, dude, have you actually watched the episodes? There are so many little things with Hei not liking ppl hurting girls/women its insane in season 1!!!! I would suggest you watch it again!!!! And now in season 2, he’s just……. different.

    Thirdly, i would never write manga lol im a science fiction/fantasy/paranormal romance author. Truthfully, i wouldnt even know where to begin writing anime.

    Fourthly, i didnt pair Hei off with Suou or with Misike, the producers have practically done it for us!! Perhaps he wouldnt see Suou in a different light, perhaps they will go on hating each other’s guts n he detests her or something because he has to be responsible for her now, but, c’mon! Hei is so alone, its kinda depressing. Dont you want someone to be there for him and he accepts it? He is still a bad ass, but he is weaker now, dont u get it? he’s a tortured soul or something and he needs something to shake him out of it!!!

  34. I have to admit I’m not liking how Hei acts now, but he is still cool. Things are getting better with this episode but I’m missing the first season. I still have many questions unanswered like what really happened to Yin and what was the meaning of Hei’s star disappearing (Bai died? – I haven’t seen Hei using his electricity ability after he was trapped and that weird thing happened). I may have missed some stuff while watching though. I think I’ll watch the these four episodes again.

  35. My bad I didn’t mean to be that mean. I just thought the exact opposite of everything you wrote.

    Once again, Pai, Havoc, or whoever – it’s because they were either friends or people not involved. Most every clear-cut enemy or tertiary “bad guy” was male. If they were female, Hei would’ve done the same to carry out his mission. And examining Lee/Li, doesn’t count as he was polite to absolutely everyone, male/female young/old.

    And in the manga, Hei clearly threatened a child contractor. “If you ____, I’ll kill you.” This was back when Hei was “normal”. His hair was short, no beard, Yin was still around, etc.

    I mean look at every single faceless/nameless expendable, bad guy gunman in the show. Hei doesn’t stop to check them. If they were female they’d be just as easily tossed aside.

  36. @ Top2NE1

    OK, we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one lol but can i just point out that Hei is begining to be himself again in episode 5 of season 2 and its thanks to being in Suou’s company, because of how young she is and what not!!! Hahaha, the dude even accepted her soup, even though it wasnt very good, ate it and even asked for seconds, just so she wouldnt feel bad! haha, if thats not him being chivalrous i dont know what is! And he felt bad that she said she hated him now, and his guilt showed when he didnt hit her for blowing a hole in a wall because of a bug!!! I said he wouldnt usually hit girls for no reason and this proves it.

    Thats what i was saying that she’s the reason why he’ll be back to himself eventually lol Darn its like the show is making my points for me lol

    I TOLD YOU SO!!!!! hahahahahahahahahaa! 😛

  37. Ugh, once again, she’s becoming a friend. Gender is completely irrelevant. If Suou were a boy with the exact same actions, he’d still soften up. Suou, was eventually going to warm him up a little; I didn’t disagree with that, because everybody saw that one from a mile away.

    Told me so? Look at that one wife-contractor. He roughed her up, and if Hei had his powers she and the two guards would’ve been killed. This about Hei and women, not Hei and Suou. You told me nothing.

  38. Here is one thing all of you must know about Hei. Hei is RUTHLESS! From season 1 and up until now, he has proven himself to be every bit the ruthless assassin he is. He does not care about honor, chilvary or morals. Like a true, blue assassin, all he cares about is achieving his goals, and getting the job done.

    Why did he beat up Havoc? Because he is trying to get her to loosen her tongue and tell him where is Bai, his objective! Why did he act nice to that doll girl in episode 1 and 2? It’s part of the act, he is also trying to get her to loosen her tongue and tell him about the package! Hei does not live by any moral code, he is every bit an assassin! He follows the typical Contractor morality: Cause and Effect. You want something, thus you do something that helps you get what you want. The only difference between him and other Contractor is that he is affected by emotions. Contractors, in general, will never let emotions fluster them and skew their decisions.


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