Lucy manages to get free from Duke Everlue’s grasp with some help from Happy, and she’s figured out the book’s secret. In the ensuing battle, Duke Everlue admits that he coerced Kemu Zaleon to write the book about him and imprisoned the author until he finished it three years later. Lucy, however, has realized that Kemu Zaleon cast a spell on the book, and to keep it away from Duke Everlue, she summons Cancer, her crab spirit. To counter this, Duke Everlue summons his maid, but that maid inadvertently brings Natsu with her. With Natsu’s help, Lucy is able to defeat Duke Everlue and wrecks his mansion in the process. They then return to Kaby Melon to give him the book, and Lucy has figured out that Kaby wanted the book gone so that he could protect his father’s pride. It turns out that after Kemu Zaleon, whose real name was Zekua Melon, had returned from writing the book, he hadn’t told his son how Duke Everlue had forced him to write it, and Kaby had been mad at him for neglecting his family for so long. His father died soon afterward, and Kaby’s hatred eventually turned to regret, leading to him wanting to destroy this book.

Before he can burn it though, the spell on it activates, and the letters in Daybreak rearrange themselves to form a new book, Dear Kaby. The book is actually a letter from father to son, and Kaby decides to hold on to it after all. Because of this – and much to Lucy’s dismay – Natsu decides that they can’t take the reward, and he’s also realized that the house that they’re meeting in isn’t Kaby’s real house. Kaby and his wife actually aren’t rich and had just borrowed the big house. Natsu, Lucy, and Happy then start the trip back home, and along they way, they run into Gray. Gray is in a hurry to get back to the guild because the strong and fearsome Erza will be returning too. However, the group gets sidetracked when Happy suddenly gets kidnapped, and to save him, they have to beat up the kidnappers. Afterward, one of the kidnappers says something about a lullaby, and shortly thereafter, all of the kidnappers get buried underground by a spell cast by a shadowy someone. Meanwhile, back in Magnolia, Erza arrives carrying a huge horn.


This was a surprisingly good episode, and it wasn’t even the action that made it so. In fact, the action was sort of a let-down because it was over relatively quickly, and I get the feeling that there’s going to continue to be a lot of stock footage of Natsu and Lucy’s abilities as the series moves forward. But what I enjoyed about the episode was the culmination of this arc’s story, and the scene where the real book was revealed was actually a little touching and not what I had expected. Hopefully it’s a good sign for the kind of stories to come, and the appearance of Erza was also promising since she appears to be one of the main characters according to the OP. I did find it a little odd though the episode didn’t end with the Kaby stuff and instead had the whole mini-plot of Happy getting kidnapped. That part felt a bit tacked on, but I guess its purpose could have been to introduce the next arc/villain.


  1. I’m not a fan of Fairy Tail but I have to agree that this mini arc kept me going when I gave it a try. A great story and some interesting situations. My only complaint is how the father went to such an extreme and did what he did to himself. I know what he had been through but it did seem a bit much since it had ended anyway.

  2. Love how the description of Erza is sooo exaggerated. But got to love on how they are going to portray the relationship between Erza, Gray, and Natsu. They really are the best buddies despite how scared Natsu and Gray are of Erza.

  3. “I did find it a little odd though the episode didn’t end with the Kaby stuff and instead had the whole mini-plot of Happy getting kidnapped.”

    That’s because it was filler. However, it was an interesting way to introduce the next villain….ebi.

  4. Yeah, physically Erza maybe the strongest but we all know who the ‘real’ strongest is. They really did go out of their way exaggerating her. You know they were just joking but it was still funny as hell. Bah, they were more scared of her eating them out of house & home than anything 😛

  5. Best episode yet.
    The revelation about the book was a nice suprise and quite touching.
    Unfortnately the action has been quite poor so far.
    The attack animation is just so cheesy and the fluidity is also rather inconsistant.
    Hopefully as things progress and the show picks up popularity, they may get a bigger budget and thus better animation.
    Fingers crossed.

  6. Seeing as two studios are involved in production I hope in future episodes studio Satelight handle the battle animations more because they clearly have a better experience in fight animation than A-1 pictures.

  7. Is this a serious series? I watch it for comedy. I’m still laughing at happy in the rod. I know the battles aren’t that greatly animated; but the after math destruction is funny. The character interactions are fun. bring on the mayhem.

    Island esper
  8. This episode seemed more like… an average episode of Pokemon except this wasn’t the least bit funny, no Pokemon and not entertaining. The pacing was too fast and the animation is being recycled too often. The last fight was kind of a joke to introduce another mystery person. I never read the manga but does it matter? It would lower my expectations.

  9. I remember being surprised at, and liking, the twist with Kaby. And I actually like how fights in this manga/anime don’t drag out (a fight normally lasts around 1 chapter?).
    For those who read the manga, did anyone notice the foreshadowing? xD
    ie. Show Spoiler ▼

  10. i thougt this episode was meh.
    i like the story and all the comedy but i really can’t stand horrible action scenes. i mean this is fucking statelight and a-1. can’t they improve the animation quality?

    oh yea. erza’s finally here!

  11. That Happy kidnapping was horrible filler. The manga did it better by managing to introduce Erza and introing the new arc in a more believable way. I think they could have done it like the manga in about the same time, but this way the characters were easier to draw, is my guess…

  12. @ Arabesque

    I don’t think so. She’s definitely really really strong but Natsu is starting to get closer and closer. Even she had commented on that. But even if Natsu does become as strong as she is, I’m sure he’s still going to be afraid of her due to her personality as well as the “older” of the three.

  13. i hate to use the corny term, but this show “jumped the shark” on this very episode. what sh!t animation quality and humor execution. but that’s just my humble opinion

    BROOKLYN otaku

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