With Di-air now part of their team, Ascoeur and Q-feuille are given a mission to investigate the old GOTT building. Once inside of the place, Q-feuille is scared, and things only get worse for her when both Di-air and Ascoeur run off, leaving her by herself. The unfamiliar place, darkness, and weird noises really get to her, and she runs across what appears to be a shape-shifting monster. She’s able to escape from it and eventually finds Ascoeur, however there’s still no sign of Di-air. The two then make their way to a laboratory-like area, and they come across what appear to be the ghosts of Alv and Dvergr. The ghosts disappear though, and Di-air suddenly reappears, unconcerned and without a scratch on her. The girls don’t get much time to rest however because they are attacked by a mechanical-looking monster that Di-air identifies as a Genetech Beast. It can change forms, and Ascoeur and Q-feuille have trouble against it until Di-air kisses them both and powers them both up. They’re then able to defeat it and find out afterward that its real form is that of a small creature, and Di-air was playing with it all along. Di-air even decides to adopt it and brings it back with her to GTO.


This was about half what I was expecting – that is, Q-feuille running around scared in another episode of silliness – and half a fairly entertaining episode. I thought that first part was pretty pointless overall since it wasn’t even scary, but things got better in the second part starting with the brief appearance of some old faces, their respective voice actresses, and the 17-years-old reference. The battle after that wasn’t too bad either, though I was amused at how Ascoeur was borderline haxx when she got powered up. Q-feuille, on the other hand, still seemed kind of weak, and I guess it means that Ascoeur will probably do most of the heavy fighting in the series. I also liked how they got Wakamoto Norio to voice the new mascot character, reminding me of Onsokumaru, which in turn got my hopes up for some good jokes. For next episode though, the preview appears to hint at something happening in the plot concerning Chief Hiver and Sommer, and it seems promising.


  1. WTH?!?! Eclair, Lumier, and Quantum died?! Well, we can’t be sure yet because we don’t see the places up closely. The only plates we saw up closely belongs to Alv. Wow, I just don’t know. It’s surprising though.

  2. They were only saying alv and dverger were listed as dead, so either the GOTT building went out of use before that catastrophe shown in the beginning, or they had to go underground.

    Without eclipse around, the ability to reincarnate the ES members either flew out the window, or science finally picked up enough to allow it to be done by machines or something… or it also could be why there’s a fairly large dormitory filled with what seem to be ES apprentices.

    but… maybe this stuff will be explained in the coming episodes… or not… we’ll see!

  3. hrrm… actually… after looking at the plates in the caps above… the numbers don’t add up on eclipse, lumiere, and eclair’s plates.

    those 3 have the same “the death”/”to heaven” information… but they’re before alv and dverger’s dates

    even if those plates were made after the rebuilding of the GOTT, alv and dverger’s dates should still be before lumiere and eclair’s dates…

    i’m so confused… i’m just going to pretend i didn’t see the dates on the name plates.

  4. Neo_NMO: In long shots the dates on all the plaques are the same – including Alv’s which was different in closeup, so they were just copying and pasting it and the dates there don’t necessarily mean anything. The problem with Alv’s “THE death” date is that is it while she was still alive and kicking in the first series Show Spoiler ▼

    Kiseki: Eclair and Lumiere are the only pair ever shown to change their appearances – the others just don’t age.

  5. Ascoeur powered up is impressive, but after Dia kissed Q-feuille, I noticed that Q-feuille started giving Ascoeur directions on fighting the genetic beast, giving Ascoeur the advantage in the fight she needed, when before, even when powered up, Ascoeur was evenly matched with the genetic beast. Q-feuille’s ability no longer had a delay (5 seconds or so when she used it before), and she was able to use it repeatedly, setting up the finishing blow with her chocolate bombs. I wonder how the old ES members are going to show up…

  6. @Shiroi Hane:

    I seem to recall Eclair and Lumiere referencing A-ou and Un-oh having different appearances once when the two pairs were on opposing sides of some conflict or another, but I don’t remember those episodes well, so I can’t confirm it.

    You’re also forgetting two others. Mercredi and Eclipse. Eclipse largely looks the same in the flashbacks where she appears, but there is some variation that is more than just a different haircut.

    Mercredi on the other hand, absolutely changed appearances a number of times.

  7. @Melchior
    In the episode on the destroyed colony the flashbacks to SC.0163 showed A-ou and Un-ou looking the same as they do now. Eclipse always looked fundamentally the same, even when she had pink hair so I’m not convinced she ever did the body-swap herself, if that is even possible.
    Mercredi looked different to Pfeilspitze purely because she was wearing a wig and glasses – if you watch the final OP closely you see her taking it off. In fact, I still have a screenshot:
    Obviously if Hiver is her then she looks rather different now, same with Sommer if he really is Armbrust.

  8. Hmm, that’s what I was thinking. Sommer seems very much like Armbrust. Black hair and personality as well. Only the height was switched so he’s short now and not tall was Mercredi is now the tall one.

  9. OMG that thought never occured me :o! Come to think of it Hiver’s hair style is very similar to Mercredi in the past and Sommer’s personality seems very Armbrust type! *sigh* wonder if they ever intend to bring in the old characters… aside from the Tweddle siblings, -_-, I have not even seem A-ou and Un-oh properly…

  10. Hiver has the same seiyuu as Mercredi/Pfeilspitze and the same eye colour – and then there was the “huge promotion” eyecatch.
    Sommer has the same eye and hair colour as Armbrust but not the same Seiyuu – however Armbrust’s seiyuu hasn’t done anything since Kiddy Grade so was presumably not available.

  11. “he preview appears to hint at something happening in the plot concerning Chief Hiver and Sommer, and it seems promising.” Nope, the ep #6 is as bad as #2 was. Preview for #7 is promising, but I am loosing all hope…


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