I’m not going to have time to watch or blog anything for a few days due to some critical projects that I have to get done (gonna have to pull some all-nighters too). Hopefully I’ll be able to find time next week to catch up with whatever shows I miss, but at worst I’ll just skip an episode and continue with the next one.


  1. What… a break ? You might as well close the site !!!! (jk)

    Is the start of the holiday season so Happy Thanksgiving ( RC and everyone else)

    You guys all deserve a break. It’s hard work I’m glad to be part of this community; so enjoy whatever you end doing. But remember we are going soft on you because you have to come back 🙂

    Island Esper
  2. I think the point of this message is that Omni won’t be able to do anything for Thanksgiving because he’s so swamped. Speaking of which, I wouldn’t mind a break for a few days to get rejuvenated too. >_>

    Also, Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in on the fourth Thursday of November in the U.S., but on the second Monday of October in Canada. My Thanksgiving is long past.

  3. It’s okay Omni, we all love you still :3 and everyone in the Random Curiosity team. Skipping an episode of an anime is no big deal, don’t listen to those saying otherwise. Other than that, I seriously hope you have a somewhat good Thanksgiving somehow :/

    Divine, you seriously need a break. It’s very understandable with all the blogging you’ve been doing yo :X And soon before idk, you collapse from exhaustion lol.

  4. pierce:
    Omni’s not in Japan actually, nor am I.

    I’ll make it till the end of this season and then take a short break or something. =)

    Spec, Animeniac:
    I’ve been blogging Kampfer all this time… -_-;

  5. have a good thanks giving… (i dont even know what ppl do on thanks giving, cause im from asia, and now live in UK, and ppl in UK dont seems to give a damn bout thanks giving). either way, u set a good example for me, i will try and work hard on my report and essays as well… gd luck on the work, a few episodes missing dont really matter in comparison to getting a good grade and a good job when u leave uni.

  6. Good luck on your assignments Omni! Glad to see you have your priorities straight. All nighters really suck, but I guess you have to if you really need to. Hopefully I don’t have to pull an all nighter for my essay due on Monday. >_<


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