Episode 06


When Ascoeur, Q-feuille, and Di-air make a cafe delivery to Chief Hiver’s office one day, they find her acting strange. What’s more, Sommer is much closer to her than usual. Suspicious, the girls spy on the pair using Ascoeur’s teleport ability, and they find Hiver and Sommer having intense relations. When the two realize that the girls are there, they claim that they’re practicing some magic for the Christmas party, so the girls back off even though Q-feuille isn’t entirely satisfied with that answer. Sometime later, in an unrelated incident, Alisa takes the girls to a male seiyuu cafe. While there, Di-air kisses her pet Tama and transforms him into a bishounen. When the guys who work there get jealous, they try to poison him, but that causes him to go berserk and destroy the place before reverting back to his normal form.

Episode 07


Trixie and Troisienne bring along Ascoeur, Q-feuille, and Di-air on a mission to uncover some warships being illegally manufactured for the G Society that’s been attacking GTO. They successfully assault the station where the warships are being made with Trixie and Troisienne’s own ship, and afterward, the girls board the station and split up into two groups to look for evidence against the G Society. Trixie, Q-feuille, and Di-air eventually run into a pair of the G Society’s own special ability users, Torch and Shade, though Shade soon departs to take care of Ascoeur and Troisienne. Torch’s attacks keep Trixie’s group on the defensive while Shade tries to keep Ascoeur and Troisienne from escaping the station before it explodes. Thanks to Ascoeur and Q-feuille’s abilities though, all the girls are able to make it out alive, and Torch and Shade get away with only one of the warships.


So I was originally thinking that I’d skip blogging episode 06 because I was short on time and have a huge backlog. But then I actually watched the episode and found it too funny not to mention. All the jokes, references, and perverted double entendres were hilarious, and they made great use of the male voice cast in that seiyuu cafe segment. I don’t know if either segment will have any effect on the main story (the Sommer/Hiver one might eventually), but it was an incredibly fun episode to watch.

I do want some plot in this series though, and fortunately episode 07 delivers in that regard. It actually moved the main story forward a bit with the introduction of some new villains and their mysterious organization, and plus there was plenty of action, so the production quality really got to shine. It also showed that Trixie and Troisienne have much more impressive abilities than Ascoeur and Q-feuille, so the latter two still have a long ways to go, and I was once again reminded of how Q-feuille’s ability is a bit lacking. The preview seems to indicate that next episode will reveal more about the G Society, so maybe we’re finally at the point where the story is really taking off.


  1. Yeah, glad that there’s finally more progress for the main plot. In my opinion episode 6 was quite a random episode even though it was quite funny haha. I was listening really hard to figure out who were the seiyuus for the guys in the seiyuu cafe. It’s not bad when I manage to recognise some of them. I’m slowly watching kiddy grade again to refresh my memory along the way while watching this series, so its x2 the entertainment for me! Looking forward to how the villain organisation is going to be like. Finding cool villains in anime is what interests me the most.

  2. Q-Feille’s ability has it’s uses…Lumiere wasn’t exactly useful in a fight unless there were electronics involved. If she gets boosted by Dia she should be able to predict the future fast enough to anticipate all enemy movements. Plus Lumiere had her wine bottles, Q-Feille has her choco bonbons, at least she has some kind of back-up weapon.

  3. Lumiere had her S class ability “Particle” (the name should already suggest what it can do) that should prove enough useful. then again, Q-Feille’s 2nd ability 2 predict d future could be another S class ability…. When i really thought her ability was completely useless, she gets a new one TT…

  4. during the Hiver and Sommer scenes I got the impression that they may be the inspector and his partner from kiddy grade. expecially since sommer’s ability has something to do with subspace or similar.

  5. @Outlulz

    true enough…but 4 someone who has lived 4 almost 3 centuries, shes not exactly useless when it comes to fighting, even without electronics. Q-Feille maybe be good at CQC , but Lumiere has her wits, not to mention, her wine bottles xD

  6. @Smoke they almost certainly are – Hiver has the same seiyuu as Mercredi/Pfeilspitze and Sommer has the same ability as Armbrust (black box – although on a smaller scale these days). He does not have the same seiyuu, but Aoba Gou has dropped off the map since the original series. They also have the same eye colour as their first series counterparts and Sommer always has his hair hanging over where Armbrust’s mole was.

  7. Episode 6a was kinda weird, but shows the (love?)connection between Hiver and Sommer, and Sommer planned the whole thing with Hiver and the girls showing up. Episode 6b seemed like a filler bit, but I think it’s supposed to show that Tama is starting to learn how to act/imitate a human, so that might be useful for future missions.

    Episode 7 showcased the abilities of Trixie (teleporting, energy blasts, and something that looked like Q-feuille’s ability, but seemed like it sees through illusions) and Troisenne, who seemed to be good at computers like Tweedledee, but seems to have either super strength or gravity ability, since she knocked that last gate out with one hand!


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