「魔女覚醒 bukott angyal」 (Majo Kakusei)
“The Witch Awakens”

Slipping razor blades into Misuzu’s tea must be Yuka’s way of saying, “Die you stupid slut.” For all we know, it was probably poisoned too just for good measure. Does someone have to die here before we sound the yandere alarm? Yuka’s stripping and throwing herself at Kakeru as well, with Shiori telling him to just sleep with her and get it over with. Anyone else see something wrong with this picture?

Sure, it must be great having a girl telling you to sleep with another girl, but it’s Yuka in her messed up state we’re talking about here. I question if Kakeru would make it out of the bedroom in one piece if she’s into the kinky stuff. She should really be locked up in a mental institution if the others still think she’s merely troubled. I could easily go on about Yuka’s insanity, but the whole mystery behind the Red Night is finally cleared up thanks to Shiori and much more relevant things are happening. Takahisa’s confirmed to be dead and Kukuri’s nothing but a figment of our Yuka’s imagination, created with her powers for Kakeru’s sake. What about the real Kukuri you ask? Oh she happens to be dead already.

The latter they revealed on a whim, which made it as jarring as it was mind boggling. Surprisingly, it was pretty minor in the overall scope of things since Shiori turned our whole perspective of the story completely upside-down. Much like they hinted at last time, she confirms that the Black Knights are the “heroes” from the Index Librorum Prohibitorum. To throw things in for a whirl, Shiori goes to say that Kakeru and the others are actually the antagonists of the series. Contained in each of them (minus Kakeru) are fragments of an almighty “Voidstone”, which the immortal “Witch of Babylon” Liselotte (a.k.a. Lisette) wants to obtain in order open the gates of Hell and destroy the world with “Hell Fall”, after losing her lover/former Eye of Aeon owner/former king of Dransvania Velad during a civil war long ago.

Kyomu no Maseki 「虚無の魔石」, Babiron no Majo 「虚無の魔石」, Naruku Otoshi 「奈落堕とし」. The slew of new proper nouns doesn’t end there, as the Voidstone was shattered into seven fragments and scattered across parallel worlds with the use of a forbidden technique, “Rainbow Contract” 「契約の虹」. It was Black Knights’ way of stopping Liselotte’s Hell Fall 64 years ago and sealing her away in another world at the cost of their human visages. Now in this timeless Red Night parallel world, they watch over Liselotte to ensure she can’t escape even though she has no memories of her true self while imprisoned in that crystal. Their sacrifices don’t hold up however, as each of the fragments got pulled into the Red Night from their respective worlds and all ended up back in the one we know now, giving Liselotte an opportunity to reclaim them all.


As it turns out, this world happens to be Yuka’s, which sort of explains why she’s able to create an illusion of the original Kukuri. I’m still a bit unclear as to whether or not this means Kakeru’s sister is the original Kukuri who got pulled into Ayamegaoka though. Assuming that Kakeru’s from this world, that poses some continuity problems if she wasn’t here to begin with. It does explain why this Kukuri had no memories of her past at least, albeit not her magical return in the preview. Nevertheless, they’ve really opened the death flag floodgates after Saiko was killed a couple episodes back. After Kukuri’s existence became a mere afterthought, Yukiko’s thirst for revenge on Superbia has her skewered and dropping like a log too. Immortality doesn’t seem to work so well when her fragment is pulled out and tossed at Liselotte’s crystal, freeing the witch from her prison and restoring her memories. While Superbia gets credit for the kill, why am I not surprised that Yuka was the one who ended up freeing Liselotte? Gotta leave it up to the girl with the messed up head to take the shit that’s already hit the fan and smear it all over the place.

In retrospect, I like how they’ve developed the story around an air of mystery thus far and made sense of everything now. They’ve done a good job playing various plot points up, making the eventual fallout in these last few episodes meaningful. However, I can’t help but feel that the story itself is messed up. Not quite “Yuka messed up”, but I find the notion of our protagonists being the bad guys unknowingly pretty dumb. Unless they plan to pass off the Black Knights’ snotty attitude as some side effect of losing their human selves, I don’t see why someone didn’t approach Kakeru and the others like Shiori has now. They obviously don’t want to see their world destroyed, so if someone just explained things to them from the very beginning, we wouldn’t be in the fruitless mess we are in now. Asking them to kill themselves is probably a bit much, but staying away from Liselotte while everyone looks for a permanent solution wouldn’t be too hard to do. Instead, we have the Black Knights going after our lost and confused protagonists as the foundation of the plot. It’s like blaming someone with a bomb strapped to their back for blowing things up when you armed the timer and kept poking at it. Gee, I wonder who made things worse. Way to go Black Knights~!

I can’t help but be a bit cynical here, but I’ll reserve judgment until I see how things wrap up. I did get a good laugh out of Shiori’s decision to believe in Kakeru and leave the fate of the world in his hands when his Eye of Aeon is the catalyst to Velad’s resurrection. While the eye could potentially seal Liselotte away for good, the humour was compounded by the fact that she believes he’s weak and Velad could easily possess him. Anyway, we only have two episodes left and our protagonists are dropping like flies, so I don’t really see a happy ending beyond the horizon without pulling out some lame deus ex machina. If that’s the only alternative, I’d rather take the bad ending. Judging from the preview, Misuzu’s going to sex it up with Kakeru next time, so I’m starting to think either her or Yuka won’t survive till the end of the series.


* Rainbow Contract and Rainbow High? I see what they did there…
* Amazing how long this post ended up. I was just quickly jotting down some thoughts, but now it’s verging on tl;dr levels. I’ll give those who read it and discuss things a cookie! >_>



  1. Me wants that cookie! 😀

    So the good guy’s turned out to be actually the bad guy’s, pretty funny if you ask me ^^
    Even though it isn’t exactly a suprise when you consider how messed up yuka is, how can you be one of the good guy’s when you are as messed up as her?

  2. omg please, get rid of yuka, she is so bad and out of place in context, i hope misuzu is the one he ends up with
    and i dont get why liselotte changes clothing when the seal is removed lol

  3. Holyshit Yukiko… she should have just waited damit. After all the shit she’s been through she doesn’t deserve to die such a cruel death. Ugh Superbia relaxed too much after getting the kill.

    From the looks of things I wouldn’t be surprised if Yuka was actually under the Witch’s control. She says some suspicious things.

  4. I don’t care if they were the good guys, did you see how she smirked as she killed yukiko and saeko. Screw good and bad, it’s time for revenge!!!

    And someone lock the yandere up, she seems like he type to kill the guy if she can’t have him.

  5. 🙂 I couldn’t agree more
    OMG Yuka is so annoying and sick in the head – I wish she dies already >.>
    I suppose the Liselotte’s clothing: white = good, black = bad?
    And my guess is that Misuzu will somehow beat Superbia – even if she has to call on some sort of secret Kusakabe power or whatever 😀

  6. “I question if Kakeru would make it out of the bedroom in one piece if she’s into the kinky stuff.”

    lmao. I love the humour embedded in your blogs Divine 😀 I hope she really does get locked up in a mental institution. Doubt any sort of romance is gonna happen but if it does, I’m rooting for Misuzu.

    “I don’t see why someone didn’t approach Kakeru and the others like Shiori has now”

    Yeah, I think in ep 2 the black knights were saying “There is no need to answer Fragements that are about to die”. I hate it when that happens lol.

  7. “Slipping razor blades into Misuzu’s tea”
    “Yuka’s stripping and throwing herself at Kakeru”

    I think we officially past over to the “yandere” stage.
    Remind me why I’m still watching this?

  8. This shit sounds crazy… I haven’t watched it yet(only been readin tha reviews XP) but should i even really watch it anymore(more of a marathon kind a guy so waiting till the end)? With the high chance of all the main characters ending up dead, I think you’re right and the only endings are a ‘deus’ style ending or a sad ending, but I think as long as the ending isn’t a complete failure then i’ll probably still end up watching this. Guess i’ll be waiting on ur final verdict before i start deciding this show’s fate on my ‘to watch list’ lol

  9. OK guys up to this point I’ve only been watching the series and read your thoughts about each episode without commenting but to me this episode really took it too far…
    When I first saw 11eyes I was like, OK a classic “I will protect you” type of anime which I happen to like so I followed. Then all of a sudden the good guys turn into the bad guys, the sweet lovable protection needing girl goes nuts beyond reason, the funky fire dude messes up an entire city and gets killed by an immortal even sweeter girl who gets violently dismembered when she attempts a revenge (just when you think: Okay even if she gets messed up at least we know she won’t die) and surprise surprise…she dies! Not to mention the leader of the group Misuzu turning out to be no match anymore with Kakeru who hasn’t even had a month of training becoming the only hope…come on guys even Sola didn’t get this bad, at least only two people died there and not violently at least. Also am I the only one who noticed Misuzu wasn’t doing so bad against Superbia in the second episode? Now she pales in comparison to a point that she can’t even attack her out of fear?

  10. Uhm … wow. I wasn’t expecting what a dark turn this series has taken. Both my favorite characters are dead (Takahisa and Yukiko) by that bitch Superbia’s hand, and now that psychopathic little slut Yuka’s unleashed the world-destroyer. >_< It even turns out that Yuka’s apparently God in the real world, so they’re pretty much fucked all-around. Since Yuka’s the one pulling the strings I’m sure she’ll find a way to kill her rival Misuzu and wind up with her Kakeru-kun as a brainwashed slave … if the entire world doesn’t plunge into Hell that is.

    Episode 11 looks like the end of everything … so what’s episode 12 going to be? 25 minutes of the characters getting gruesomely tortured in the Hell that the world plunged into? It might be worth it to see Yuka get what she deserves.

    I’ll say this for 11 Eyes – it certainly differentiated itself from the rest of the shonen series out there. I haven’t been this disturbed by an anime since Elven Lied.

    I’m depressed now. *sniff* I’ll take that cookie now. 😛 Yukiko-chaaan …

  11. It’s not so much that they are the “bad guys.” It’s more like being a vector for some disease that will destroy everyone else. They are threat without any malicious intent, but they are essentially victims of circumstance.

    It is interesting that the “heroes” are the ugly, inhuman characters, but the approach they took to the narrative really isn’t very good. I appreciate the desire to deceive the viewer and then switch everything around, but from when we first meet the Knights they act like stereotypical pompous villains. They toy with the protagonists and don’t betray signs of urgency. “I’ll get you for burning my face by murdering an innocent bystander!” doesn’t exactly match up with the significance of “If I don’t extract that fragment the world will end,” for someone that has forsaken their own life to protect others. The way that they assign blame, from the beginning, to the carriers of these fragments is also nonsensical.

  12. No man, ep12 will be the epilogue with Kakeru and Misuzu leaving together to have happy sex and make babies. BEST END EVER!

    Seriously though, if they don’t off Yuka somehow and it turns out she’s all find and normal at the end of this shit, then forget it, automatic delete of my 11eyes folder. Hell if Misuzu dies I’m going to delete this show anyways. I’m tired of the better female characters in these shows always getting the short end of the stick.

  13. Geez folks, you guys certainly try to get things out of junk anime way too often. It was a bloody H-game of all things. W/o the H, this anime is pointless, & yet yall still want this to end like some H-game where the main character lives happily ever after with a girl (yeah, when their worlds are being destroyed…). Get over it. But even pointless anime can be entertaining, all they have to do is what they’re doing here: ~THERE WILL BE BLOOD!.

  14. So we had the explanatory episode and all hells can break loose in the last two ones. I hope it’s not going to be a happy end, it wouldn’t fit the series imo. Btw I start to think that Yuka is under the influence of the Eye of Aeon. I mean Liselotte was also in love with the bearer of the eye, and she’s pretty messed up too 😛
    What I didn’t like in this episode was the production quality and probably it would have been better if Shiori doesn’t explain almost everything, but in overall it was a pretty good episode I think.

  15. “I did get a good laugh out of Shiori’s decision to believe in Kakeru and leave the fate of the world in his hands when his Eye of Aeon is the catalyst to Velad’s resurrection.”
    She all but said that she no longer really cared whether the world was destroyed or saved though, so “trusting” in someone who could take it either way isn’t saying much.

  16. This is just a hunch, Yuka will clear up the mess she created, that is, to destroy existence of the entire world. She will do so and vanish together with the world.
    Life returns to normal and everything is good…

    Too cliche? I don’t know, I gave up on a good ending after watching episode 10. And I though eroge adaptations have good endings.

  17. Okay, at first i watched it without subs, and for the first time I did’n find any problem with the title “bukott angyal” becouse it can be translated clearly into “fallen angel”, but then some curiosity made me watch the sub for it… and quess what, the title become “The Witch Awakens”… so please someone tell me, they translated it wrong, or the original japanese title meaned this?
    And now the story… it’s messed up… Yuka says, she only neads Kakeru and wants to protect him, but then she frees Liselotte, the one who can destroy the world and Kakeru in it… She doesn’t even care about Velad who could take over Kakerus body? Oh man..
    I was happy when Misuzu hugged Kakeru, but the his kiss with Yuka destroyed this little happiness.
    Ps.: Please gods of anime, don’t let misuzu die. If she dies and Yuka survies with a “She was only mad becouse of her powers” ending, I will be scarred for the rest of my life.

  18. I want my cookie !!
    This is beyond good and evil at this time. I think whoever survives will become the next black knights. They will need to re-cast the sealing spell on the witch and Yuka. I will take the offer of taking her to the bedroom. As for the missing stone; my guess is supervia has them.

    Someone has to survive please don’t let it be Yuka!

    Island Esper
  19. Agreed on the fact that the Black Knights definitely haven’t been acting like the heroes they supposedly are. The whole reason Kakeru unlocked his Eye and Yuka went yandere was because they kept repeatedly attacking the “fragments” while refusing to explain themselves. They’re not Superman trying to stop Doomsday; they’re Batman going on a spree of cutting smiles into people’s faces in hopes of “awakening” a Joker.

    Ah well, logic in an anime that’s an H-game without the H? Not so much I think. It at least has been a blood crazy ride and I’ve stayed on this long, might as well see how it all comes crashing down in the end. If psychobitch Yuka’s the sole survivor and the last scene is Yuka babbling happily away to Kakeru’s severed head, tho, I’m deleting my episodes. 😛

  20. Wow….all in favor of draggin Yuka to the and beating her in a inch of her life…..WoW i wouldn’t ever hit a women but holy shit she would have it coming if I was Kakeru right about then.

  21. & I thought I was bad, wanting someone to die in an anime like this, how shameful. Face it, they’re all gonna die anyway. Wanting someone to die for biases of yandere & tsundere is just lame – but I hate them both equally 😛

    Sure Yuka is batty, but Misuzu is pretty messed up too, looking up to something like Misao & letting Kakeru drink her blood – damn that’s fucked up. Wait a minute, she only did that to let Kakeru obtain her strength, its perfectly normal for that situation – yeah, whatever.

    Thus anime needs to be put out of its misery. Its kinda unique where we have the ‘thought-to-be-good-guys’ acting like good guys but were really bad & the ‘thought-to-be-bad-guys’ acting like bad guys but were really good (I like Guardian’s Batman scenario). They brought it on themselves, EVERYONE, now rest in pieces.

  22. Jesus Christ, It must be the only guy left still attached to Yuka at this point. I personally don’t think she’s that bad at all — most of her antics are actually pretty hilarious. In fact, I think I’ll actually be a little sad if she doesn’t get better and have a happy ending with Kakeru. The poor girl deserves it.

    Meh, I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I never really cared for Misuzu all that much. I myself much prefer Shiori — something about her down-to-business personality makes her stand out and seem much more confident and competent than anybody else. Of course, she doesn’t appear to be a candidate for Kakeru’s loving affection at this point, but one can dream.

    Yukiko’s fight and last moments were pretty intense. The way she stepped on her glasses before going nuts was a particularly nice touch.

    Will be eagerly awaiting to see how this all wraps up.

  23. Rei, beeboobeeboo, Mearex:
    I was comparing Liselotte to Suigintou in my last two 11eyes posts too. With the white hair and the black dress, I think it’s pretty hard not to see the similarities.

    The white dress is probably because they wanted her to seem innocent when she was trapped in the crystal with no memory of her past. That’s my take on it anyway.

    Good to know my humour isn’t a completely lost cause! I sometimes wonder if anyone laughs at my satire-ridden posts. >_>

    Interesting how the Hungarian is correct this time, but totally off. The Japanese definitely means “Witch Awakening” or similar.

    Shiroi Hane:
    You’re right in that Shiori’s opinion probably didn’t matter at that point when she could care less about the world. I just found it amusing how she basically told him, “You’re going to fail miserably, but I’ll bet on you anyway.” Seeing Kakeru’s reaction when he was expecting her to praise him was priceless.

    Damrod, Guardian, SomeKindaNick, Island Esper, plus everyone else:
    As usual, thanks for throwing in some thoughts. I wish I could give you guys real cookies as we sit down, “geek it up”, and talk some anime, but this is the best I can do for now~

  24. Wow I’m actually surprised that some1 actually got attached to Yuka. What did you like about her? Was it her heart felt lines throughout the whole series, consisting of 99.999999999% “Kakeru-kun” “Kakeru-kun!” “Kakeru-kun?”

    I actually feel sorry for Goto Mai, for having to voice the most annoying character ever. Well maybe it wasn’t too bad for her, She probably finished voicing all of Yuka’s lines even before EP1. Then they just play and replay them. I wouldn’t be surprised if the series ended with the world destroyed, everybody’s dead and you here “Kakeru-kun” skipping infinitely cuz the tape got stuck. LOL tape.

  25. Wait…if they can get the power of the voidstone….can’t they just resurrect everyone?

    Minus superbia, when that b*tch gets killed she stays down!! She’s reponsible for the majority of deaths in this series alone.

  26. Anime adaptation for this is utter fail compared to the game. =w=

    Instead of taking time and showing the fun scenes (mostly the ones in Cyberiada, the cafe Kakeru works @). That and they made Yuka look so bad (even though she was still pretty bad in the game) that redemption is now nowhere in sight.

    I did like how Yukiko got torn apart zombie style by Misao instead of Show Spoiler ▼


  27. @twi if they resurrect them all it will be like Divine said a deus ex machina miracle. As much as I like them (characters) it will spoil the plot twist. This feels like Umineko no Naku Koro “Endless Witch” (Beatrice) Liselotte is endless and needs to be put back and new knights will be needed. For me that makes more sense…of course is anime so soon we will know the true.

    @Divine yay!!! cookies!!! thanks

    pd I used to like cake until I watched Kanokon now is just not the same anymore *sniff

    Island Esper
  28. ………………..

    this anime is the most twisted one ive ever seen in my life. i mean Yuka…………….omg go die……..u are the most annoying and sadistic character ever that it would please me to see u dead. plz plz plz plz do not i repeat DO NOT let Yuka end up with kakeru. Misuzu sempai is way better not to mention more sane.

    Its sad how upset yukiko was when takahisa died n how she said she loved him and cried…………man they look good together the producers shouldn’t have killed them off. lets hope theyre together sumwhere up there. though its better than being alive in that twisted world or yuka *rages*


    Make it happen guys. Make me happy.

    I don’t care about Yuka, I just care about Takahisha and Yukiko but even I liked when they were killed off, let’s continue the murdering fest! 😀

  30. HaKkErO >> Wow I’m actually surprised that some1 actually got attached to Yuka. What did you like about her? Was it her heart felt lines throughout the whole series, consisting of 99.999999999% “Kakeru-kun” “Kakeru-kun!” “Kakeru-kun?”

    I thought that was pretty cute, actually :P. Like I said, it’s probably mostly because I never cared that much for Misuzu — the summoning swords thing was cool, but she has yet to really stand out as a character to me. The fact that Yuka, on the other hand, can start to lose it when faced with the prospect of losing Kakeru shows at least a bit of depth. Besides, I just so happen to be a sucker for the “close childhood friend” dynamic should there ever be one.

    So, there you go. 🙂

  31. I’ve been reading these since 11Eyes started, but since the anime did a total 180 on us, I couldn’t keep it in anymore.

    O ______ O

    Marathoning 6 episodes of 11Eyes can really screw with your brain. I mean…from episode 9 on it’s been a total mind fuck fest. Jeez….School Days anyone?

    And I have to go with the “Yuka please die now” camp. At first she didn’t bother me. Hell, she was adorable. But after the whole Kakeru/Misuzu revival scene, it’s just been a downward slope on my liking scale. I can stand psychotic, but Yuka just went nuts. After she said she didn’t care if anyone else lived (as long as Kakeru survived), she would be fine…I kinda had to back away from my computer screen. And what a dumb slut. Launches the fragment at the witch who can destroy the world. That’s it. Bitch gotta go die now. I’m not fully in the Misuzu camp, but anything is better than psycho girl…and I have a feeling Yuka’s gonna bite it at the end somehow.

    But go 11Eyes for blowing my mind in one night. I commend you for that. I just wonder what the next two episodes hold for us…

  32. Oh my God what a turn this series has taken. These devlopments happen so quickly. In an instant Yukiko was obliterated. Gawd that hurt me inside seeing that happen, even though I’m not as attached to her as I am to Misuzu. Of course, I’m joining the ‘Get rid of Yuka’ batallion since….this is just rediculous now. Like, what the hell, she’s completely gone now.

    Either way, as much as I’m a Misuzu fan, I agree with the person who said before that she’s probably going to vanish by the end of the series. If she does, then I really hope everyone else vanishes as well. Talk about misunderstandings though…I’m with you there divine!

  33. Whoa, what’s up with all the bashing for Yuka? She’s the most dynamic character here! Who wouldn’t love a chick that’s so into you? Even stiffing other girls scents off you. lol. jk for the last part. But seriously, she went from a lovable sweet weak girl to being the protector. Hope she doesn’t die in the end!!!

    Good Guy
  34. Lmfao I’m siding with Darth on this one. Yuka is the most hilarious childhood friend ever, not to mention the most interesting at this point. (Seriously, of all the characters they have, they kill Takahisa AND Yukiko?! WHAT.)

    Shiori is pretty badass, too. I’d love to her fight some more haha.


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