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  1. Umm… Shino – he has never received much action. The ability of his clan – to control insects is literally limitless. I’m surprised that you made that comment about him.

    I wonder where this is going though. I mean, what does Madara gain by this fight? It seems like his intentions are beyond just trying to kill Danzo – otherwise he would have seized the opportunity much sooner than this. I wonder if he is setting up Sauske for something sinister. I hope that we get some back story on this. It’s all really interesting. We have Danzo, who I previously wrote off as just some old guy who wants to be Hokage. But it seems like he has some past history with Madra and by the numerous Sharigans on his arm – this suggests that he had went eye-harvesting behind Itachi killing spree. There is alot of speculation that Danzo is trying to get Sausuke to implant his brother’s eyes. Perhaps if Danzo takes his eyes – then he will have no choice.

  2. What interests me is that Madara brought Karin out from his alternate realm thing, and told her to flee instead of being useful in the battle (and let’s face it, she lost all purpose to the plot now that we have like 5 other sensor types). Either that means that Madara has a limit to how many people he can keep inside his realm, or he didn’t want the Konoha ninjas to atttack her in his realm. You’d think his realm would be physically huge…

    The arm seriously freaked me out. I counted 6 eyes on Danzo’s arm, plus the one he has on his right eye. So currently, Danzo has 7 eyes. Plus Sasuke’s two, and Madara’s two (assuming he does have two), and we have a total of…11eyes! 😛

  3. @Pw3age: Nah, Madara’s still got only one eye, you’re forgetting the one eye to rule them all: Kakashi’s Mangenkyo sharingan! And 11eyes: that’s become one messed-up anime! Don’t forget the 2 spare Itachi eyes that Madara’s got tucked away somewhere.

  4. Did Danzo go on a merry little Sharingan gathering trip after Itachi destroyed the whole of the Uchiha clan? That is pretty damn screwed up, and would definitely give Sasuke a little extra motivation. Not that Mr. Mad-at-the-world needs it.

  5. I agree with animE. Shino’s abilities haven’t really been shown for quite some time now, and his bloodline is easily one of the more powerful ones in Konoha.

    And the eyes on the arm actually makes sense – of the Uchiha who died on that night, there had to be some who fought back, and died with their eyes as Sharingan intact. I agree with you, though, Divine, and I’ve agreed for a while. The whole Doujutsu-Bijuu centric storyline/powerup has really pushed the series into a direction I haven’t been into for a while. What happened to being NINJAS?

    That being said, now I want to engage in some speculation.

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  6. Oh, and Divine, I know that you and Omni both don’t read One Piece, but I feel like that’s a mistake. One Piece is the only WSJ manga with any consistency right now, and it just keeps getting better every chapter while Bleach is erratic and Naruto is more or less stagnant.

  7. hehehehe! i waonder if he can see out of all of them or is it more like crazy eyebal turrets on his arm!

    Srsly though if this is what it takes to be an effective ninja then id rather just go fishing with friends tbh

  8. I’m guessing as Itachi went around letting the wind out of the rest of his clan Danzou followed behind him and grabbed all the eyeballs that would be of use to him. If Itachi butchered people’s faces enough, maybe no one noticed some poor hapless souls were also missing an eye or two?

  9. @DIVINE

    If you think about it, the multitude of clones Naruto creates would be the perfect counter to Madara, since if Madara is getting teamed up upon by an innumerable amount of people, he still needs to phase in to attack allowing Naruto to use that moment he phases in to strike him with a clone. If he’s in Sage Mode he does have less but still more than 1 is useful.

  10. Damn crazy old man and his obsession for Sharingans, is this the real reason why he had the Uchida clan wiped out? So he can go on a Sharingan spree? And they let this guy become Hokage?

    Although Sasuke is such a bastard at the moment, at least do one good thing and get rid that old man.

  11. Wannabe_Otaku: You do know that there aren’t only these three manga in WSJ, don’t you? 😛 Btw personally I don’t really like the current arc in One Piece, I miss the main characters. I hope it will end soon, and the Strawhat Crew goes to the New World, on new adventures as soon as possible.

  12. @Wannabe_Otaku
    I like the point you’ve made, and I would honestly prefer Kakashi fighting Madara than Naruto. Also, Kakashi’s recent promotion to Hokage seems to support your claim.

    A Kakashi and Naruto pair-up versus a Madara and Sasuke pair-up would be quite interesting. (After Danzo is killed and Sasuke gets another power-up probably, of course.)

  13. The chapter was actually interesting. The sharingan arm is a great idea and definitely jumps up Danzou’s image of being powerful now the question is where did he get all those eyes? It’d be cool if he had a different eye like the Rinnengan beneath his face cloth. I’m glad that more of the Aburame clan is shown and that one of them is in Root. I was always curious how their style of fighting was supposed to rival that of everyone else.

    I agree. While I love the One Piece arc right now Oda has pushed it too far with how long we can go without the rest of the crew. I’m tired of only seeing them through color pages. I want a Mugiwara adventure again!

  14. @Divine

    You like… Karin? One of the most annoying, predictable, useless plotkai characters in the series. Not to mention her design is laughable; a slut looking chick with red hair and glasses. lmao Did I mention she was annoying? Even more so in the anime with that ear bleeding voice of hers.

    Ive come to realize your “taste” in characters is weird.

  15. Is the reason the Uchiha were going to rebel against Konoha because Danzo was stealing eyeballs? I mean the eye in his head is from Shinsui, that guy was killed before Itachi killed everyone.

  16. Guys dont forget something. IF Sasuke beats Danzo, then he will get the eternal eyes because the eyes Danzo has are all of them Mengyo(sry for spelling).Even Kakashi can take one if Madara is Obito.

  17. All I can say is WTF Danzo?!

    I only think that his idea of a perfect body is really screwed up. I mean eyes (not eye) EYES on his arms!!! Next thing you know he starts shooting rainbows out of his mouth >.>

  18. Actually I have to admit, an arm full of Sharingans is a fairly original upgrade, which IIRC people had issues with last week. Still, I can’t imagine why he has so many on one appendage, or that many at all, as one Sharingan is usually enough to utilize overpowered occular attacks.

    And yeah, at this point in time Naruto has no hope against Madara; as I said last week, he’s not even on Sasuke’s current level, so how are we supposed to expect him to take on the Uchiha patriarch? Granted, he said he still hadn’t recovered from his fight against the First Hokage, but he’s still well out of our intrepid hero’s league. But I get the feeling it’ll be a while yet before Naruto even gets close to taking on Madara, as he still has to go through Sasuke first.

  19. I really can’t wait for when Karin and Sakura meet up, which should happen soon considering Sakura’s looking for Sasuke. Specifically though, I’m more looking forward to Karin kicking Sakura’s ass (I doubt the author will let that happen, but that would be great if it did).

  20. Just straight up saying it: Danzo, please go die. You are one fucking annoying character. And what the hell were those people THINKING when they let him be hokage? Shoulda stuck with Kakashi from the beginning. That bastard…hope Sasuke/Madara kicks his ass. I’m at the point where I WANT Sasuke to win. I’m afraid of myself now.

    And what is this anyway? “Story of the Sharingan”? Can we focus on Naruto for more than half a chapter at a time? Can we do multiple chapters again? Like when he was fighting Pain? Please? /on hands and knees in front of laptop

    @Wannabe_Otaku and viral:
    We should get some One Piece coverage now. I mean, at least the plot isn’t going in twenty different directions at once. And besides, One Piece = Luffy. That’s a win right there. And yeah…I love this arc a whole lot (it’s just awesome), but I’m starting to feel the Mugiwara crew something bad…

  21. Madara tore his right arm off. Danzou’s right arm is a Sharingarm.

    Assuming Danzou gets beat (unlikely at this stage), Madara can help himself to a replacement right arm. Whose is conveniently close by?

  22. @queenie
    I absolutely agree. Divine should do all 3 Shonen Jump manga, I’m loving it every time he does a chapter of Bleach and Naruto and hearing what people on this site have to say. Of course this is only if Divine actually reads and enjoys One Piece. If possible Divine should do as many Shonen Jump titles as possible.

  23. Sasuke is not stronger than naruto. Naruto beat pain who was one of the strongest characters in naruto. He was even stronger than itachi who was the strongest uchiha and itachi is stronger than the sasuke of now!!! Naruto does need some more new tech, but he isnt weak at all, and the mixture of demon fox and sage mode powers have yet to be explored. I do agree that Naruto would have trouble fighting madara, but who wouldnt. Hes phasing in and out of space and time for god sakes!!

  24. animeE, Wannabe_Otaku:
    I didn’t mean to imply that Shino is weak, but that his bloodline abilities didn’t seem quite “top tier”. As mentioned above, I’m happy about being shown otherwise.

    Matt Gross:
    Like a lot of people have suggested, Danzou probably went “farming” for eyes after Itachi slaughtered the entire Uchiha clan.

    The thought has crossed my mind, but all Naruto’s clones have been good for is being fodder. As we’ve seen many times before, Madara could just jump in the air and take them all out at once. I’m not saying that the clones wouldn’t work, but I’d like to see Naruto more innovative with his techniques.

    Cheshire Lion:
    Yeah, that made it obvious. In my post, I was referring to prior to this chapter.

    I like Karin to a degree. I haven’t really listened to her in the anime so I don’t know if she’s annoying or whatnot. I just liked the fact that she lusts for Sasuke like a guy would for a hot girl. Pretty amusing.

    It looks like Danzou’s developed them all into Mangekyou Sharingans, so perhaps the point of having them all on one arm is so he can focus their gazes for a combined technique. If Itachi performed Amaterasu with one Sharingan, I can only imagine the power from six plus at once. A simpler reason would probably be because it’s easier to conceal. =)

    (On closer inspection, maybe they’re not quite Mangekyous yet.)

    Thanks for the vote of confidence, but Omni actually covers Bleach. On that note, if there are people willing to cover One Piece, I’m sure Omni would consider having someone do so, provided that you submit some sample posts first. Just make sure you’re willing to commit because it’s way too easy to get up and leave like so many other writers have!

  25. I guess this just means they killed the uchiha clan so danzo could have the eyes of them all over his body. I guess he has atleast the one on his head. I think he used the big thing on his arm to seal the others. Cause a few issues earlier the one guy only could detect the one in his head.

    Robert Russell
  26. @Divine

    To be fair he could, but we still don’t know what forbidden jutsu Naruto learned while training with Jiraiya, if he will learn the Flying God Technique from his father, and whatever Itachi implanted in him (probably a Madara counter-measure). A lot of stuff is going down and I’m glad there’s been so much progress.

  27. When watching the anime at the same time as this chapter came out you could see Sasukes amaterasu igniting Madaras arm, and seconds later Madara return with no damage.
    I wonder if Madara just cut his arm off right there , becuse the arm that gets infected by bugs in the manga seemed kinda artifical ?
    And now Madara wants Danzos arm as an replacement.

  28. Im really starting to believe Danzo participated in the Uchiha Massacre more than ever. Madara did say last chapter he hadnt seen Danzo since that event. All of Konoha only knew Itachi’s involvement. So that means Danzo kept Madara’s appearance a secret. So does Madara want Sasuke to join Danzo’s collection or what.Sasuke did lose a lot of chakra against Raikage. Kishi just may try to end up salvaging Sasuke’s reputation if Madara betrays him and he joins Naruto(after a big fight of course). I bet Naruto is going to learn his father Teleportation Jutsu to be on par with Madara’s You Can’t Touch me Jutsu.

  29. Damn…
    When Sasuke’ll win this he’ll get another insane power-up… this time much insaner than all previous ones with all these eyes…
    You know this kinda makes me wonder why haven’t Madara killed Danzo himself to gain all these eye power-ups… Maybe he is just THAT confident in his strength?

  30. i really thought that danzo’s right arm was like a puppet cus it look like a wooden cast. btw this past weeks of naruto was really nice manga’s i just hope i dont get disappointed for the few manga’s coming next week or so

  31. Umm… Why does everyone keep saying that Danzo has mangekyo’s? Last time I looked at the image (which was like 15 seconds ago just to make sure) he had normal sharingans. Unless there’s additional info that was leaked or something…

  32. So Sharingan turned into Sharin-Ude… kinda lame since all the moves that MS has is mostly based on aim like Tsukuyomi/Amaterasu/Kamui. And you can’t even read chakra with Sharingans on your arm. Maybe he’s planning an Eternal Eternal Eternal Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan or just he wants an Infinite Tsukuyomi like Madara.

  33. I like Karin. She is your typical glasses girl Tsundere and at the same time has a massive crush on Sasuke. There is alot about her we don’t know. I hope they expand more on her character and history at some point.

  34. @DIVINE
    HEY Divine have you forgotte itachi gave naruto some power in his right eye remember lol so that may work on tobi aswell as sasuke. I cant remember wot chapte it was in the manga

  35. Shino not being impressive? You’re so very silly on that one. Shino is epic win~ Torune caught my attention with this as well. It’s very awesome. However, I’m sick of everything Sasuke, and the arm of eyes, is nearly my breaking point to stop reading this manga all together. They’ve been ruining the series more and more as of late, and the only reason why I still Do read this garbage, is for the hopes of seeing the few characters I really like. I.E Yamato, Shino, Lee, and Kabuto, since Hidan is long gone, sadly.

  36. @Wannabe_Otaku
    Wow, way to be an ignorant jackass and forget the other JUMP titles like Gintama, Psyern, Toike and Bakuman that have been going strong with their respective plots as of now. And FYI please remember that not everyone has to like the same thing

  37. Ch403 is when Itachi gives Naruto some of his powers.
    Can’t be sharingan so mebe uber1337 jutsus?

    I bet Danzo’s eyes got either their own unique power or they all shoot fireballs.

    Assuming he can see from the eyes… I expect to see an eye on the back of his head when he unwraps those bandages so he can see 360 like Neji

  38. To people who jumped on my WSJ comment, I actually meant “Big WSJ Three”, as in the three WSJ mangas that have the most attention as Shounen manga right now. I just forgot to write the “three” which was my bad. You’re right, I actually am enjoying Bakuman and Toriko more than the big three right now.


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