「滅亡という選択 válogatott-hoz kialvás」 (Metsubou to iu Sentaku)
“The Destruction Option”

Can we get a new 11eyes player here? I’m not exactly sure where this one messed up, but he’s working his way towards one hell of a bad ending and I wanted to see the good one. What was that? This is an anime and there are no additional playthroughs? Well son of a…

I like to joke around with 11eyes, but only because the series has proven that it’s not afraid to venture off into uncommon anime territory and gives me fresh material to feed off of. While I understand my satire makes it sound like I’m denouncing the show, I’m actually quite pleased with how it strays from the norm. For one, they aren’t afraid to kill off characters whenever they feel like, giving the viewer the impression that no one’s a safe bet. We’ve seen that several times already and the trend continuing this episode. Yuka may be all smiles after freeing Liselotte, but the witch returned the favor by taking her fragment and possessing her body later on (or so it seems). After Avaritia sends Kakeru and Misuzu back to their world so that Liselotte doesn’t get even stronger, he fights to the death alongside Superbia, Shiori, and even Abraxas, the guardian angel form of Satsuki Kukuri.

The reintroduction of Kakeru’s sister as the source of the imaginary Kukuri’s powers was a surprise, much like hearing her speak for the very first time. However, it only served as a brief shock due to Liselotte controlling the fight and Superbia sacrificing herself just so that Avaritia could land an attack in his dragon form, Georgius. Amazingly, Superbia survived that attack and lived long enough to tell Kakeru and Misuzu that the others all died. To add a spin on things, it turns out Shiori killed herself just so that Liselotte wouldn’t get her hands on yet another fragment. Now a character readily willing to commit suicide during a fight isn’t something you see everyday. That mentality sure isn’t very inspirational for the kids out there. Speaking of which, the series has grown pretty graphic as of late and become reliant on the notorious black fog to keep things censored. I realize this is something we’ve seen in other series, but the scarcity of it is another way 11eyes differentiates itself.

This of course leads me to the most welcomed turn of events. I was actually a bit uneasy watching it, because I thought the show had flipped over to some hentai series. Now with the gate of hell open, the end of the world impending, and everyone presumably dead, leave it up to Misuzu to hop on that opportunity to have her first and final sexual experience with Kakeru. My mind was blown away to be honest. I wasn’t expecting Misuzu of all people to get Kakeru to sleep with her under these circumstances. I mean come on! It’s Misuzu we’re talking about here. She doesn’t need to entice people with the possibility of obtaining some great power to get them to sleep with her. I will admit that it’s an amazingly awesome and too-good-for-words bonus for doing so though. Offer a man sex with a hot girl with the promise of power is like pumping crack right into his veins. Hmm, sex and power. Yeah, I don’t think you’re going to miss your target audience much with that one. When you place it under the pretense that it’s some sincere rite of passage, you’ll even win over those who don’t think with their crotch.

The biggest shocker however still remains that everyone’s supposedly dead now. While we had Misuzu confess her love for Kakeru, followed by a possessed Yuka doing the same, the latter impaled and crushed her target of affection, then proceeded to take his Eye of Aeon. Having seen Misao (Superbia) completely give up on the world after losing her own lover Avaritia, I don’t really blame Misuzu for just sitting there and letting herself be killed. It’s a pretty dismal situation to be in with no hope at all, which really worries me that they’re going to use a deux ex machina to fix everything. The big twist that may act as a saving grace is the revelation of Kakeru at the end (without the Eye of Aeon?). Also, the happily reunited Liselotte/Velad pair is standing on one of the Black Knight’s crystal towers. Does this mean that Avaritia and Kakeru are still alive somehow? Is there still someone who can put a stop to this crazy witch and save the already destroyed world?

Answers to those questions should make the finale next week pretty epic. There was no actual preview, so who knows what they have in store. I wonder if they’ll involve the parallel worlds in some way to provide a good ending though. Kakeru was frantically checking with Kaori and Tadashi to see if this was indeed Yuka’s world, hinting at some link between her survival and its existence. It almost seemed like she was the god there, which means she might be able to fix things with a snap of a finger. Oh god, deux ex machina.

* It looks like Kakeru does have his Eye of Aeon at the end there, judging by pupil sizes.




  1. 1. The hungarian title is messed up as always: “válogatott -hoz kialvás” is wrong in a lot of ways, but I will at least try to translate it… “to chosen extinction” (accuracy: 60%)
    2. Who the hell was this Avaritia guy… Oh well, maybe that’s doesn’t matter anymore.
    3. No cg dragon? what the hell?
    4. Liselotte didn’t took away Misuzu’s fragment, did she?
    5. Maybe the last sentence of Kakeru “No!” means, he will just load a previously saved game. (Go for the Misuzu route!):D

  2. I think something ( a deus ex machina ) somehow save everything.

    Let’s see…

    Everybody dead…
    The world is begin to destroyed…
    And one episode remain. 🙂

    I think Kakeru( and maybe Yuka ) somehow kill Liselotte ( alias Suginotu. 🙂 ) and somehow they returned the world to normal.

  3. I wanted it to show more of the sex scene…

    Anyways, I think 11eyes is not anything unique because its still adapted from an eroge game. It can never get any original without straying from the game because it has to stay true to it. However, if they are trying to differentiate themselves from normal eroge game storylines, I think they are doing a good job. But, with all the action and terms and only 12 episodes is never going to make me say its a good anime.

    A good ending will be nice.

  4. damn!…all of the current animes that i had low expectations, defied ALL of my expectations (like sora no otoshimono and 11 eyes)…On the other hand, the animes that ive been eager to watch ALSO defied my expectations T.T.( like kobato & fairy tail)….(idk bout kimi no todoke…my expectaions were high 4 this 1 (turns out wrong) … nothing good or bad 2 say to this 1)

  5. I love the twists, really. They’re so many and so surprising they don’t really make sense, but I don’t mind much. They provide the much needed laughs for this show. But Misuzu…maaan. What a letdown. While I don’t care for pairings, I really did NOT want her to make a move on Kakeru at all (or the other way around); she’s too — I dunno, good? sensible? — for that daft boy. Ugh! If only the characters are more likable….

    I initially thought the final moment of the episode was hinting that maybe we’ve just been pwnd or something. That, in fact, it was all Kakeru’s premonition of what was to happen. I didn’t notice that in that scene, he’s without the Eye of Aeon. Interesting. And there I was, hardly even worried about the characters, thinking a fleeting thought that they might still be alive anyway.

  6. This felt like “let’s make ep 11 as the Bad End Route, and made a reboot of the saving slot for the Good End rout for the final”.

    One thing that I hope the script don’t waste in the end is the love triangle here. While we all agree that Yuka is a total nutjob, the fact that Mizusu said that she “loves” Kakeru was… wow. Yuka has said that she “likes” (suki) Kakeru all the time, but the “Love” (Aishiteru) of Misuzu blow her out of the water.

    Let’s hope that Kakeru follow the example of one Natsuru Senou and take the right decision.

  7. I liked the way Misuzu build the tension all the way to get Kakeru in bed. They were already blood tied, when he sucked her and she rubbed herself naked to heal them. I think it was done with class and eroticism; without getting vulgar….
    For the rest I wasn’t a happy camper, it seems there are no eyes left. Everyone is dead in this “reality” so I see a weird time/space continium/back side to the future/reality bending explanation to bring back some, if not all, of the characters to take down Liselotte. They can go the Pain (naruto) way to and have Liselotte repent at the last minute and fix everything (upon further inspection she isn’t that evil; she just went berserk when people killed her lover nad lost hope). I hate both ways; so lets see if they can give us an epic ending. Can’t wait for final episode; but I’m very concerned.

    Island Esper
  8. This episode has totally stunned and shocked me. Seriously, I couldn’t even sleep well 🙂 I must say that I still don’t like these power-ups. If I were Misuzu, I would make every man drink my blood and then sleep with me, so I could become the strongest existence in the world. Screw training, this is a much more fun way to become strong 😀 The other thing which bothers me is Kukuri’s appearance (and actually his whole existence in this series :P). Didn’t Shiori said in the last episode that she’s dead? :confused:

    About Kakeru, I think in this last picture he has the Eye of Aeon, so it’s very possible that it was only him foreseeing things. Just look closely and compare the drawing of the eyes:

    I really hope they won’t screw up the last episode because despite how I hate a few things, I really enjoy this show.

  9. Kakeru’s power suck ass if he doesnt even have the strength and intelligence to use it well. I mean if he could see into the future, especially when someone he cares about or himself gets into danger that eye would activate, how the hell could he fall for that trap? And what the hell is up with him thinking it was just a ceremony, please just give up on that yandere and go with Misuzu, the benefits are outstanding, although I can’t imagine what that yandere girl would do if Kakeru would do that. Well seeing as it is her world supposedly then I guess Kakeru cant exactly do that, or maybe that is the reason why he keeps thinking of her.

    Still I expected the Yandere Yuka to go against the Evil Witch Liselotte, never thought she would accept her fate like that, what a letdown. Anyways, now they are showing us Kakeru’s last struggle for survival and I hope Misuzu is with him, for the rest, ah screw them. Hopefully with the both of them “increasing their powers” (dam that really is the best way to increase power) they could actually stand against the witch, hopefully without them falling for a trap again.

  10. Lets see, how many silly worlds are they trying to say is in this shit, wasn’t it something like 7 with the red night or whatever linking them all. I know I said I love a deux ex machina scenarios & we really haven’t gotten one lately so I’m all up for this one. But this anime is garbage. However, its better than its source, meaning the eroge was even worse. Geez, you guys were always rooting for some type of girl ending when the GD world were at risk. Oh well, yall got it, then Yuka gets possessed by Liz & kills everyone, GJ folks 😛

    I know those type-moon characters seem all mature & all but c’mon, this anime don’t have any damn priorities. ‘The world is ending & we don’t know WTF is going on so lets fuck.’ Yeah, that’s the way to go. Then there’s Yuka throwing tantrums so much until she go crazy. I really hate type-moons & I loathe yandere so I don’t care either way, but an ending that doesn’t leave naked Yuka standing on a broken crystal, holding Kakeru’s eye would be nice, MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  11. Well, certainly didn’t see this coming. What Misuzu did reminded me of what happened in Fate Stay Night the game, sex for power…right…
    I’ve seen animes like this before, though none of them got this bad in terms of violence still, I think we should be ready some pretty lame revivals, namely all those whose fragments were taken by Liselotte, for one thing Kakeru still being alive seems to suggest there’s possible way to make a come back. Maybe everything will be reset when the crazy witch is finally slain, I don’t know. Though I’m being too optimistic for a happy ending I really doubt it can get any worse so yeah let’s just see what happens…

  12. I think this whole episode was Kakeru seeing the future events that were going to happen, with his Eye of Aeon. I bet the next episode they will go about preventing these things from happening or changing the course of how they occur so less characters die and the world doesn’t end.

  13. This was an incredible episode, tho I wish they’d shown more of the badass Shiori/Abraxus/Bigass Dragon v Liselotte fight. It seemed pretty one-sided anyway, since apparently even Georgius’ breath weapon didn’t put a scratch on the evil Rosen Maiden.

    As one of the proponents of the “Kill Yuka!” movement I literally laughed and cheered when the Yandere apparently bites it within a minute of the episode starting. Haven’t been that happy for a character’s death since Flay from Gundam SEED bought it. Then we finally got an episode largely devoid of that broken little bitch, even if they disappointed me by having her return twice at the end of the episode. Poor Misuzu-sempai, at least she managed to get in Kakeru’s pants by the time she faded to black. Even if he was apparently thinking of someone else the whole time.

    So the world’s ended and everyone’s dead … what’s gonna happen next episode? I don’t see how Kakeru stands a chance against the Whore of Babylon without his Millenium Eye. A deus ex machina seems more and more likely. And we’ll probably have more crazy-ass Yuka next episode too, despite getting to see her die. :/ Ah well, at least she’ll be naked. The fanservice is the only reason I ever liked Yuka anyway, that and she was a good grope-toy for Yukiko.

  14. Considering the very end and with no previews of the next episode except for the rewinded stuff we saw in ep 11, I think ep 12 will just reset to any point that Kakeru has a chance to redo it. It is kind of obvious because ep 11 makes the whole series completely over (kind of like a deadend), but we still have ep 12 unless they reset the whole thing. And considering that we all know Kakeru has the ability to see into the future, it just depends on how far back the producing company wants to reset the show and fit it all into 1 episode.

    But that’s just my opinion, I can’t wait for it though next episode.. and for Kimi ni TODE!!!!!

  15. @Lintermaster

    Hungarian here, “válogatott-hoz kialvás” actually means “sleeping to the blue” where the “blue” means the sports term (like “oxford blue”).

    But I can assure you it’s completly fucked up even in hungarian. Not just gramatically, the spelling is wrong too (proper: “válogatotthoz”).
    One could think that japanese could at least learn hungarian propertly, because our languages are related…

  16. The reflection in Kakeru’s pupil on a last preview pic.
    Don’t you think it shows us Yuka and Kakeru enjoying themselves alone somewhere on a shoal of LCL ocean?

    The only question is – who did this whole world recreation work?



    dude, screw Yuka!! Don’t think about her while sleeping with the hot red head!! You lose man points for that!! He actually kinda deserved to die for that…..here I was thinking they were gearing up for a final battle, the next thing I know he’s dead

    Even his sister came back just to be killed off again…..glad I don’t live in Yuka’s world

    This is the only series I know that kills off the main characters completely…except school days

    Then Misao and Mizuru acted the same once the man they loved died…they both just gave up….is that in their blood or what

    And if it wasn’t for the very end we’d think the series ended……

    The moral of the story is love will destroy the world.

    With that said I was highly pleased by all the twists and turns….now let them make a sequel with crossover’s story

  18. So how does he not “see” Yuka about to stab him?.. Makes no sense. Glad everyone “died” though…an anime with 3/11 good episodes doesn’t make it great, even if there is some shock value. And why is this guy so shocked these girls like him…grow some balls kid. I’d give it a bump if it truly did end with Liseolette destroying everyone leaving no chance for a sequel. + points for the dragon… – points for not showing much of that fight.

  19. @Kandur
    Well, I only translated it to “to chosen extinction” becouse this way the meaning at least resembles the japanase title (closer to the meaning, they wanted)
    Oh, and I don’t think Kakeru still has the Eye of Aeon, becouse Yuka is reflected in both of his eyes, not just in the left one, but that’s just my theory, maybe he got two Eye of Aeon:D

  20. I can’t be the only one who thought the part with Superbia/Misao talking to Kakeru and Misuzu was hilarious. I guess it was how they basically skipped over 3 or so characters dying to show a sex scene.

  21. First off, a correction on my part so my apologies for throwing out ideas prematurely. It does look like Kakeru has his Eye of Aeon at the end there based on the pupil sizes. As Jurkasz kindly pointed out, the pupil in the Aeon is noticeably smaller than his regular eye. You can make out that difference in the last picture.

    Next, I really like the idea that part of this episode may have been Kakeru’s foresight. If it was indeed a complete or partial fake out, then we could still have a good ending without a deux ex machina. It would be similar to how Darker than Black ended. I hadn’t really considered this since I thought Kakeru could only see a few moments ahead. Kudos to those who did.

    lol, I’m not sure. Maybe because they were actually doing it rather than making sounds? Or maybe I wanted to see Kaede punished/teased.

  22. Now that I think on it, that could definitely explain why Kakeru’s Eye of Aeon didn’t activate when Yuka stabbed him – he was already in the middle of an Aeon-vision. I’m guessing it’ll restart to just before Misao and Yuka come back through the gate, giving him and Misuzu a chance to actually fight back. Still, there’s only, what, one of Misuzu’s blades that hasn’t been shattered already? Kakeru may be reduced to throwing rocks or making nasty comments at Liz’s fashion sense. 😛

  23. Yeah, that’s where I’m thinking it would have to have started if the end result is going to change. This would also mean that the whole “sex for power” bit never really happens.

    As for the katanas, Raikiri was shattered here, leaving Kogarasu Maru Amakuni (the black one Misuzu was using) and Doujigiri Yasutsuna (which we’ve never seen used yet).

  24. Besides, sex with the eye of Aeon makes sex predictable. That isn’t nice.

    This also reminds me of the movie Next where the guy can see the future and turns out the events that happened in the movie were all his premonitions.

    Anyways, I was cheering Liselotte to kill Yuka and when she died I went,”YES DIE.” Or something like that. It was like I won a tournament or something, that level of achievement.

    X is also right, the benefits from picking the Misuzu route is super outstanding.

    Also, my theory:

    1. Kakeru is looking at the future, the future is 11eyes episode 11
    2. Kakeru gets bad end, is frustrated, loads another game from an earlier save point and gets good end, everyone is happy.

    Also, ZeroYuki, this anime is straying away from the game on many levels as some of the people who’ve played 11eyes say and proved. So far since I’m a lazy ass and I don’t know when I can get to read 2000 kanji words, I saw in youtube that Yukiko wasn’t supposed to die by Superbia’s hands, she should have been directly absorbed by Liselotte’s crystal. Now that’s a really simple example of straying from the original story.

    no one in particular really
  25. Wow…this anime takes the cake, seriously.

    It’s been a few days since I watched this one and I still can’t stop saying the S word over and over. There were some very interesting revelations here; all packed in one episode. Avaritia is a dragon. Kukuri can speak and is a guardian angel. Yuka is demented (but we all know that).

    All that’s left is to watch the ending…in which I won’t hope for the best since the story knows how to flip the flapjacks the other way around when it has already been flipped right side up.

  26. Uhh ?? I just finally watch’d the last episode, and what’s the matter between the preview of the 11th and the last episode ? D:
    I don’t understand what’s the 11th’s preview mean..


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