Gray is defeated by Lyon, and he’s later found by Natsu who’s still encased in ice. After remembering how Ul told him that he couldn’t fight Deliora, Gray feels bad now for telling Natsu earlier that he couldn’t take on this S-class quest, but Natsu just reminds him that they’re a guild that doesn’t know the meaning of stopping. The two then return to the village where Lucy has been trying to prepare for the arrival of Lyon’s subordinates, and after taking a fall in Lucy’s trap, Natsu finds that the ice around him is gone. It’s fortunate too because Lyon’s subordinates arrive by air and try to bomb the village with an acidic jelly, and Natsu is the one who saves everyone with his fire magic. Natsu also knocks out Gray to keep him from fighting again since he’s already injured.

As for Lyon’s three subordinates, Lucy finds herself caught on the flying giant rat and is matched up against Sherry while Natsu battles both Yuuka and Toby. Yuuka is able to use wave magic that allows him to neutralize other magic, but Natsu is able to defeat him with a hard-hitting punch. Toby, on the other hand, has claws of paralysis, so Natsu outwits him by having him prick himself. Lucy meanwhile gets the giant rat to crash in the ground and brings out Taurus to fight Sherry’s creatures. Unfortunately, Sherry can use magic that lets her control anything other than humans, including Celestial Spirits, and she turns Taurus against Lucy. Lucy is only able to save herself by reminding Taurus of his promise to protect her, allowing her to close his gate and unsummon him. Motivated by her own growth, Lucy is ready to fight once again.


For an action episode mainly focused on the battle against Lyon’s minions, this was a bit better than I thought it’d be. The enemies weren’t particularly impressive, especially not Toby, but on the flip side, the battles didn’t drag on for too long, there wasn’t too much stock footage, and it was nice to see Natsu use his brain for once to win a fight. In fact, Natsu’s battle was much more interesting to watch than Lucy’s, the outcome of which was a bit on the cheesy side. Still, I guess the scene with Taurus counts as character development for her, and I’m curious to see how she plans to win a fight against someone who counters her magic so well. Maybe she doesn’t, since the preview seemed to show her captured, but it also showed the arrival of Erza, so maybe Erza helps.


  1. They added filler to Lucy’s scene (the scene where she contracts with Tauros) that added to the overall cheesiness. Also, It made it seem as though she was able to convince Tauros to close the gate whereas in the manga, she forces the gate closed unilaterally. Her ability to do so is her power up.

    Crappy animation slightly better this week and less magic circles.

  2. I’m still trying to figure out why this series is having such a hard time to click in the right direction. The material is good, the character are nice. Maybe is the presentation like everyone said before or the feeling that the heroes are so over powered that every enemy seem weak making the fights meaningless. Right now the Lyon guy seems a worthy adversary hopefully will have better luck than the flute monster (which got taken down in a 1-2-3 punch) But by the preview it seems the masked man is going to backstab him. And with Erza around they will get the boost to overpower the demon. The only good thing is that the village is already destroyed so no stress to worry about that.

    Island Esper
  3. i still like this series because it does justice to the manga… pacing wise. Animation wise however, it destroyed the manga’s awesome art. It gets dissapointing sometimes especially when you realize that its an a-1/statelight production… i am saddened.

    music wise however, the 2nd ed is stuck in my head. FAIRY TAIL finally has some good songs in it.

  4. They are progressing a little every week with the quality of the show, I guess they realize that trying to make a show for kids from a shen manga was a bad idea.
    Abou the outcomes of the battles they are exactly like the manga, so don worry about that.


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