Remember when Dragon Ball Z became a story about Super Saiyans and… everyone else? Well there’s no need to pinpoint exactly when it happened in Naruto, but I think it’s safe to say we’re in similar territory now. Except here, you’re either “Kage level” or not. And when you’re not, you get kicked away without a second thought like Karin did in this week’s chapter. Sure it’s nothing new with shounen manga nowadays, but that recurring thought popped into my mind when I saw her get snubbed so easily. It was like Danzou’s way of telling Karin that her sensor butt isn’t worth his time, let alone his chakra.

Anyway, kudos to those who noticed that Danzou seemed to have a head on his right shoulder back in chapter 459. Admittedly, I didn’t take notice to it until someone kindly pointed it out to me. In any case, I’ve wondered what Orochimaru did with corpses of the First and Second after using them to kill the Third back in the Chuunin exam. There was never any talk about Konoha trying to retrieve them and I guess now we know why; Danzou acquired them afterward. Minor details aside, it seems a bit overpowered for someone to possess both Uchiha and Senju abilities, since this is the (ultimate?) blending of the founding clans of Konoha.

As for Sasuke’s side of things, the appearance of Itachi turned out to be his Tsukuyomi like most people were suspecting, but I don’t think anyone could have foreseen the sudden change to Susanoo. However, it still doesn’t look like Sasuke’s figured out what Danzou’s technique is as he continues attacking away relentlessly. It’s very un-Sasuke-like to say the least, so I figure his emotions are getting the better of him this time. Unsurprisingly, Madara’s been analyzing their fight all along and comes to the conclusion that it’s a forbidden technique amongst the Uchiha. Izanagi? Darker than BLACK 2 is still fresh enough in my mind to think of it when I hear that. Given all the twisted ways that the Uchiha upgrade their Sharingans though, “forbidden” is a mere afterthought as far as I’m concerned.


  1. Don’t mock full metal, i mean i can understand bleach, naruto, fairy tail, and i don’t know about letter bee, but full metal is a solid story, PS I’m 20. Still on the story note the izanagi really sparked my interest because of darker than black’s last season, and also if its forbidden even in Uchia that must mean extreme power there. But on a final not i gotta say this wasn’t worth waiting 3 weeks for hopefully next week will be a lot better.

  2. You know, Naruto has gotten much more mature lately. Not in a really mature way, but when you compare it to the way it started, its focused more on ethical conundrums than fart jokes.

  3. @Divine: Keep in mind that since her introduction Karin has yet to show any physical prowess only chakra sensing, her getting knocked down so easily isn’t surprising considering this is Danzo we’re talking about

  4. I do agree with you one the “kage lvl” u shouldnt use Karin as a example as she is female and females in naruto SUCK… name one if im wrong. Anyhoo i think it was kinda obvious os susano getting a new form as Itachi also had one. Righjt now Sasuke’s only copying itachi’s power an not making his own a fact im sure will change sometime in the future

  5. What corpses of the First and Second? Orochimaru never used their corpses, they were the corpses of his Sound Nin subordinates, who returned to normal after the Third defeated them.

  6. I have liked this series up to Pain killed everyone and then brought them back. To me that was the “Jumping The Shark” moment for the series. I still read it each week to see what happens only because I have so much time invested in the series and I do want to see whats going to happen next but but its like “ninja gods” are now walking the earth. The series has become so over the top the creater probably doesn’t know how to bring it back to making sense so instead he just keeps powering up the various combatants each week until… you get what we have now. One hell of a mess.

  7. Danzo seems like a rather annoying and useless character. Especially for a boss level one.

    Sasuke is a terrible fighter. He always seems to get bailed out by his teammates or brother (I think the only fight he “won” was against Naruto at the Valley of the End, and even that seemed like a rather fluky win). I somehow get this feeling that he won’t beat Danzo without some outside assistance (betting on Madara)

  8. ChocoBar:
    Yeah, I agree Karin’s not really the combat-type, but it just seems like the power margin between the high level guys and everyone else is widening like crazy. I guess she wasn’t a good example. :\

    I think Tsunade’s still all right in the female department. I mean she did become a Hokage and all. Also, Chiyo from Sunagakure held her own really well. There’s the 5th Mizukage as well, though she hasn’t shown too much of her abilities yet.

    Hmm, good point. It’s been awhile, but didn’t he need something else to summon their spirits?

  9. @anonymous, I’m 32 with 4 kids, married a house, good job etc.
    anyways, this chapter was really good. it was much better than the bleach chapter. ugh – what a disappointment there – but no real surprises.
    but I hear you though divine. but it wasn’t just that karin got kicked, she got kicked and received a whole lot of damage. i was like, huh? but as someone mentioned, she is a weak character, but still; seems like everyone is a god in Naruto nowadays.
    does anyone know where the hell madara went when it looked like danzo was going to kill sasuke? seemed like he went into his dimension and then came back. that was sort of confusing.

  10. I think everyone should be well aware of the fact that regardless of age doesn’t determine what manga caters to what age group. You can be 100 years old and like Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Full Metal Alchemist, etc.

    In short, don’t give in to his/her provocation. You’re probably giving them what they want(attention).

    At any rate, I have to agree with you how Sasuke hasn’t been showing that he’s aware of Danzo’s abilities. Perhaps that’s why he has Karin around, to help him out. But other than that, I too don’t see him beating him by just sending a barrage of attacks.

    Madra will probably intervene. I’m sure his presence doesn’t only serve as another point of view and source of insight. :O

    Xineohp Erif
  11. In these cases, don’t feed the troll.

    I understand some fights like this one with danzo, but why to fight the raikage? Or entire konoha when most people in it has nothing to do with his family’s past? I don’t like how sasuke developement is going right now, is more like a depressed emo boy.

  12. well considering they already used the 3 kids with susanoo, tsuk, and amaterasu… i’ve kinda been expecting them to pull out an izanagi/inzanami parent throw in at some point.

    I still feel like sasuke seems really weak compared to itachi too. It kind of takes away from what should have been an epic fight that itachi never really went all out.

  13. I’ve become less and less inclined to read Naruto as it goes. It was a ninja-based manga, and now… Well, there’s no more ninja to it. Madara reminds me of Gokou just after he got to planet Nameck, and everyone was like “WTF” cause he could dodge so fast it seemed like he wasn’t moving.

    Honestly, I would like to see Sasuke die to Danzo so that someone else can kill Danzo, and Naruto can kill Madara, and then it comes full circle and everyone can just get the hell out of here with the circus of the ninja world. I’d be willing to bet that Madara has a rinnegan eye in his left eye, and a byakugan eye in the middle of his forehead, and that’s why he constantly wears that mask.

    TL;DR version is, I want to see all four of them die.

    Abd Al-Azrad
  14. divine, pardon me for going off topic, but I was wondering if you could make a post on the previous Naruto OP – Sign by FLOW and the PV of that song.

    While I still watch Naruto, I only do so very sporadically these days, hoarding up 4-8 episodes after several weeks and then watching them all in one sitting, and I normally skip through the OP and ED. But I got to admit, “Sign” was one of the best Naruto OPs I’ve heard since… I can’t remember already.

    Of course, the broadcast of this OP took place during the simultaneous killing off of two very major characters, Jiraiya and Itachi. This pretty much helped contributed to the feel I have for the song.

    I know FLOW did OPs for Naruto before, but none were as good as this, and Sign is pretty much up there with Colors and World End (the two OPs they did for Code Geass).

    Kinny Riddle
  15. i thaught the serie was named naruto and not sasuke
    i mean they are concentrating on sasuke and they forget everything about naruto
    there is no sign about what he is doing or what will happen to him
    and i should say alsos my interest droped a little bit after the battle between naruto and pain

  16. Pain bringing everyone back to life was like a fatal wound to this manga, and then kisames ridiculosly pathetic death was the finishing blow. im really only reading at this point for the lalz, to see how bad it can get

  17. @lilakou
    Sasuke’s focus in the manga has been over-exaggerated to the point that it’s not even funny, since he’s hasn’t been the focus for as less than half the time as Naruto and yet people keep bringing it up as an complaint is even more retarded, Sasuke is just as an important character as Naruto as this point, if you don’t like it then stop reading
    @Takashi iD
    I really like it how people state they’re reading shit for the lulz like they’re smarter than the source of material, but yet still reads it, kind of redundant. People still bitching about Kisame death like he was anymore than a one-shot villain anyways? Is really fucking stupid and yet the continue to forget the fact that he was defeated by TWO ELITE NINJAS as oppose to kids.

  18. I think you’re over thinking all that super sayan thing. Naruto has, for the most part, been a shounen where level isn’t everything, type of power and strategy matter too.
    yes Karin got kicked away, she’s week, you take away her sensory ability and she’s nothing. what were you expecting to happen? that she would get Danzou? or that it would be really hard for him to do something about her? if that happened, then it would be weird.

    As for Sasuke’s way of doing things, I think it’s actually a good strategy, even if he’s not doing it willingly, and just on rage. the truth is Danzou is very dangerous, and just like it was with Pain, they can’t defeat him until they find his secret. And the best way to find that secret is to keep attacking him relentlessly and make him use his trick until they understand what it is.
    and that’s exactly what Madara is doing, all the while letting Sasuke take his revenge. I’m sure Madara will intervenne if sees a shot to take Danzou once he understands how his technique work. the same way he was going to save sasuke in this last chapter, he just didn’t save him because sasuke pulled through alone with his new susanoo

  19. @ChocoBar:i know that sasuke is important but i mean that they are concentrating to much on him and forget about the rest but i’m not going to stop reading
    even if it’s really piss me off that he(i mean sasuke) always get beaten then in the end he win by the help of someone
    waiting for better chapitre

  20. Another Japanese God. I’m starting to wonder if there is a reason between all this. I mean Amatarasu, Tsukuyomi, Susanoo, Izanami and Izanagi are all related. Though I highly doubt it. It’s most likely just because they sound good.

    But a brief bit of info on the myth. Izanami is Izanagi’s wife. They were both given ame no nuboko (heavenly spear) to create the first land.
    Much later Izanami died in child birth and Izanagi traveled to Yomi (The underworld) to take her back but failed. During the cleansing after his return he sired Amatarasu (Sun Goddess) from his left eye, Tsukuyomi (Moon God) from his right and Susanoo (storm God) from his nose.

  21. ChocoBar: o please. is that supposed to make me feel stupid or something? yes im still reading it for the lulz, mostly because i was such a fan before it got so stupid, and after spending so much time being into it, i just want to see how it ends. i dont think im “smarter then the source material” whatever the hell thats supposed to mean. As for Kisame, people(me at least) were pissed because he was built up as this strong badass character, more chakra then anyone else in akatsuki, as powerfull as a biju, etc, etc, then when he curb stomps his opponet, the source of his powers, just HAPPENS to like this guy enough to ditch kisame. Because,you know, clearly naruto’s kyubi chakra it ate back in part one wasnt good enough. same with all the other jinchurikki kisame has fought previously. and then he doesnt even get a chance to go down in a blaze of glory against killerbee, he gets double teamed which lol wasnt needed at all now that he had lost his magic sword

    P.S one shot villans should die in one shot. not sit around doing nothing for four hundred chapters till the author realizes he doesent need them anymore. thats all i have to say


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