「この胸のふくらみを」 (Kono Mune no Fukurami wo)
“This Swelling Chest”

Well this second episode took a turn that I wasn’t expecting. I thought we were going to have sketchy middle school underwear jokes again, but it turned about to be a semi-serious depiction of the insecurities and embarrassment girls feel when their bodies are developing. It was educational to a degree and gave the series another dimension, but left me wondering who their target audience for this stuff is. I can’t imagine anyone getting entertainment from watching Yako worry about her bust size and get teased about being too flat for the bra her mom bought her, but there are some twisted individuals out there (yours truly not among them of course).

In any case, there were some glimpses of humour revolving around the misunderstanding about Nayu and Haruka’s “relationship”, but they were overshadowed by Nayu staying up all night to make a custom cup-less bra for Yako. Yes, we got some touchy/mushy stuff, which doesn’t really fit the ecchi comedy genre that this is filed under. I figure they wanted to show that the series has more to offer than mindless perversion, though I question whether there’s even a point when it’s pigeonholed from the get-go. As such, I hope the lighter side of things returns next time, now that Nayu’s enthralled with the idea of creating an underwear club.

On a separate note, I don’t think it was necessary to show completely uncensored and underdeveloped breasts here, but find it ironic how we get this for Chu-Bra when everything is left up to our imagination in Seikon no Qwaser. Speaking of which, I’m so boycotting Qwaser until I see AT-X’s version in a couple of weeks. I would’ve seriously preferred the infamous fog over their zoomed-in camera panning, since we don’t even know what’s going on in the latter at times.


  1. I have a friend that worked in a bra factory. The production line is interesting and crafting one from scratch to finish is difficult. So Nayu doing one by herself and overnight … well she is really skilled. I digress again; but yes the plot for this one left me worried about all those girls with aching growing oppai. Maybe the club will make thing better unless they hit the same fate that the “all girls” club had in sasameki koto.

    Island Esper
  2. …what the point of this anime again. Its fine if it doesn’t have one. It would have been a bit more evil if they turned Yako’s situation into a joke. I guess lolicons have to have something to gawk at this season other than the boyish rack of one certain vampire (There, I said it)

  3. Guardian:
    Originally, I was going to have a three-in-one post of Chu-Bra, Omamori, and BakaTest, but Omni suggested that I separate them since he felt I had written enough for each.

    I’m still undecided about what series to continue blogging so this is just a shortened format. I finally received my copy of Final Fantasy XIII the other day, so my free time has been split between it and blogging. That’s the reason for the time-saving change. >_>

    Speaking of which, I was going to blog my playthrough of FFXIII during the Christmas break, but my shipment was delayed. I wonder if there’s still any interest in me doing so almost a month after its release. Maybe I should make a poll. Omni’s been saying I should post about it.

  4. BROOKLYN otaku:
    I imported it. =)

    Island Esper:
    That seems to be the ongoing gag heh.

    I was planning to cover the story and talk about that, since I figured a lot of people imported the game but can’t read any Japanese. I’m only a few hours in, but the game has an “Auto Clip” feature where you’re sent information as your progress through the story. These clips are accessible in the menu and have a lot of background story.

    I’m just worried my coverage would end up as a translation “service” though.

  5. do it. DO IT!! so jealous.. btw- that’s gonna be way too much to translate. hell, if your feeling so generous ,do me a favor and translate an import i had for a long time ,ps2 millennium falcon sword of the berserk.

    BROOKLYN otaku
  6. The theme of the anime is demonstrating that it’s OK to talk about certain themes, without any embarrassment.

    I think that this isn’t targeted at a typical fanservice crowd and instead more toward a public of girls because there’s very little malice or wink to the male public to be found. The fanservice is never sexually appealing and more on the “cute” or funny side (I also do not expect the fanservice will increase).

    So I really don’t see any “perverted” intent in this. It’s actually trying to talk very naturally of themes that always bring embarrassment but that shouldn’t.

    The fact that it shows panties everywhere is maybe to say it’s *YOU* to have stuck in your head that panties=sex. When instead panties are just another piece of clothing that may look cute and fancy like a cap can be and that girls can be cool about without feeling guilt or ashamed.

  7. I don’t know if AT-X has aired it or not, but the uncensored version of Qwasar is out on the internets. Just watched it and I have to say they’re pushing the envelope further than Queens Blade did last season. And considering how central oppai is to the storyline, trying to imagine it censored makes shudder. 😛

  8. I have to agree with Fadeout on this one divine.
    /hides in corner

    Personally, as a girl (an anime watching girl at least), this is really kinda informative. Hell, when I was -cough- going through that stage, I was like a mix of all three, so I kinda don’t see the fanservice/sex-appeal part of Chu-Bra. I see the comedy (love the whole yuri misunderstanding, lol) and the part where it’s saying that this is kinda important for girls to learn about. Personally, my mom and me are completely different sizes (she’s smaller than me by 3 whole cup sizes), so she really was no help, and I think I’m more like Nayu now but back way when more of a Yako in the fact that I wore a sports bra for most of my life.

    And yes.
    I totally over analyzed an anime about underwear.
    So yeah.


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