Given Sherry’s ability to control her summons, Lucy tries to outwit her by bringing out Plue, but Sherry counters with a rock golem. This chases Lucy all the way to the beach, and Lucy then decides to summon Aquarius. Sherry predictably takes control of Aquarius too, but this backfires because Aquarius’s wave attack hits them both. Afterward, Lucy is able to knock out Sherry, but she’s then faced with the giant rat Angelica. Erza fortunately arrives in time to save her, but Erza has no interest in the job and is entirely dedicated to bringing everyone back. Sometime later, Gray wakes up in a storage tent set up by the remaining villagers, and he’s directed to the tent where Erza is waiting. When he refuses to return to the guild with her, she threatens his life, but he calls her bluff because he’s chosen his path. Unable to stop him, Erza decides to help resolve the situation and frees Lucy and Happy, and they all join Gray. Meanwhile, Natsu has gone back to the temple and has started attacking the structure in order to tilt it so that the moonlight can’t reach Deliora. In the process, he runs into Lyon, the shaman Zalty, and Toby, and Natsu starts fighting Lyon. What Lyon doesn’t know though, and what Gray is revealing to Lucy and company, is that Ul is still alive.


I’ve got mixed feelings about this episode. It mostly consisted of action, and in general, I appreciated how that action got better with Lucy beating Sherry and with Natsu battling Lyon, all without too much stock footage. The latter fight feels like it’s barely even started though since neither side has shown any particularly impressive abilities. However, I ended up not liking Lucy’s battle because it was a bit too comedic for my tastes. Lucy already seems to be the weakest out of the four main characters, and while her summons can be useful in certain situations, this made it even harder to take her character seriously for a real fight. What I did like though was how Gray stood up to Erza. It’s very classic shounen series material, but it was nicely delivered here, helped along by the music. Based on the preview, I’m curious too to see what we’ll find out about him and Ul in the next episode.


  1. ATM, it looks like they are adapting the fights well but adding a little too much comedic flare. hopefully on the more serious fights, they keep up the actual serious-ness of the manga. It seems like the pace has slowed down if they spend the entire next episode on Gray’s past.

    Precise Moment
  2. I had the feeling from the start that Lucy was the weakest compared to the over powered friends. Even so in all her fights up to now she tries her best. I think she is best as a strategist than actual muscle (err magic). Last chapter preview she was tied in ropes so I thought she was going to lose. But it was Erza who tied them up that crack me up. The evil look on Erza was nice if only she wore her dark armor. Natsu with a bright idea 🙂
    Have a bad feeling about Zalty; backstabbing anyone.

    off topic: aahh one piece I miss the crew, can’t wait for impeldown arc to be over Nami-san…Robin-schawn !!!!!!!

    Island Esper
  3. Despite the flaws, good episode; which can be said for all the shounen series these days. New animes might be dull, but good o’l shounen series sure are leaving me wanting more in their recent events. I am tired of the filler arc in bleach though, they should stop with double dipping the chip already.

  4. Fairy Tail is worth following through the next arc after this one, after that the story gets weak, but it is very powerful until then with good story twists (coming up in 2 episodes is an awesome scene)

  5. TRust me when I say that Lucy will soon surprise you it’s that she seams weak cause she get’s her little sailormoon keyfriends to fight for her, but shes clever so she gets away with it at times. It’s not abotu her strength more or less it’s abotu how she uses her powers.

  6. @Bry-chan

    Agreed. In fact I think that Lucy and her summons are really underrated for now.

    However as proved by the latter arcs, she is not that weak ;]

    Not to mention that in the manga she will soon (manga spoiler)Show Spoiler ▼

  7. cutemi2

    Rave ended a while ago (well at least the manga did) and this is not a sequel to it. Plue’s appearance in Fairy Tail is basically meant to be a shout out to Rave. In fact in the fairy tail manga, some characters from Rave appear in the background from time to time.


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