The day after saving Mina, Akira wakes up in bed with her and has regained some of his memories. What’s surprises him is that Mina proceeds to get dressed in his school’s uniform and comes to his class to announce that she’s becoming a student. In the process, she reveals to everyone that Akira is her servant, and all of this creates quite an uproar. Akira escapes from the commotion, but the student council hears about the situation, and student council president Shinonome Nanami decides to go see the head of the school to oppose Mina. As it turns out however, Mina is the head of the school, and it was created for vampires to eventually take over. Since Nanami isn’t ready to back down, Mina proposes a wager: she won’t transfer into the school if the students can capture Akira. Akira thus goes on the run while Mina attends to other business, and he gets cornered, but a distraction gives him enough time to get away. That distraction was created by a girl named Meiren who has an interest in him, and she gives Akira back the cell phone he lost earlier which has a picture on it of him and Mina in bed together. He later returns successfully to the Vampire Bund, but he worries to Mina that things will be harder at school from now on. Mina claims to have a plan, and unbeknownst to Akira, Nanami is currently getting attacked by vampires.

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So there were more similarities to the original manga here, particularly in the scenes with student council president Nanami, but at the same time there was that catch-Akira scene which was both silly and stupid. It created an awkward dissonance of serious and not serious since it was interwoven with the the political maneuvering that Mina was doing at the same time. What I did find interesting was that they introduced this anime original character Meiren as a vampire who seems interested in Akira. It made me wonder if they’re planning on creating a love quadrangle between her, Mina, Yuki, and Akira or if she’ll be a villain or something. I also liked that both Wolfgang and Vera got some more lines since they’re two characters I’d love to see more of in the show. Anyway, I noted last week that I was pretty neutral about the series in general so far, and this third episode didn’t do much to change that, but there’s still enough interesting things to keep me watching.


  1. The mangaka said he wanted to make the anime different from the manga, so he’s helping Shaft write the screenplay so that, while it maintains certain aspects of the manga, it’s still be different.

    John Kickass
  2. there we go with the whole “you dirty evil vampire,” I just glad that something happened to that student president so she will shut the *** up. Like her human race are any better than those she called “monsters.” I know it is normal in anime to have that kind of character but maybe the shitty weather makes me rant about it.

  3. This is yet another episode they screwed with thats different from the manga (and not in a good way). Seconds after the bet is made Akira wanted posters are all over the school and everyone is after him to win the bet? Its like I was watching a episode of Sora No Otoshimono. I hate to sound like a broken record but the major changes they have made so far from the manga are stupid.

  4. i blasted through the scantilated chaps of the manga and i kinda get why there’s alot of RAGING over this new conception. it was “although nothing new” pretty good as it was. and especially since this is running fo about 12 ep’s they coulda definitely crammed all the chapters and concluded at the end of dat “3 main family’s power bid arc” it woulda been great and coulda profited nicely on a decent dvd box set. hmmm

    BROOKLYN otaku
  5. They seriously overdid it with all those dramatic close ups. There was one like every five seconds and most of the time when something completely mundane was set. It felt like some amateur high school director had been told to make this show dramatic and close ups were the only things he could think off.

  6. Next the president
    Show Spoiler ▼

  7. Funny how the maids slowly leave one by one near the end of the episode.
    And when Mina was hitting Akira, Shana-tan popped in my head XD
    And so I assume this series is turning into comedy?

    Show Spoiler ▼

    blah blah blah I’m just going on and on blah blah

  8. This episode made me a feel a little better about where the show is going. After watching the second episode, I couldn’t really tell how serious of an atmosphere they were aiming for. Mina’s character and attitude are a lot more consistent and likable compared to last week.

    Anyway, also glad that the council president got what she deserved. She was being pretty obnoxious.

  9. I’m glad they’re not following the manga. The plotline of the manga was so fucked up when I got down to it that I died laughing. Its no wonder the mangaka wanted them to change it, that shit isn’t even situable for a hentai anime.

    Dman, I just love it when bitchy student council prezs get it where it hurts – & no I’m not being evil there, its the general consensus. But its still a bit annoying trying to watch serious & silly shit at the same time. I guess that’s one of the fads now.

  10. shows starting to get better, however its still going at to slow of a rate. I don’t think that they will be able to complete it within 1 season and have a good ending, but at this point a season 2 would definitely be in question because of how the early progress of this show is. Slow shows like this tend to only last one season and that’s it, it will be disappointing because this show has potential, but like I said earlier its just to slow. Never the less I’m still interested and looking forward to next weeks episode greatly, thanks for the review Omni.


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