Immediate reaction by most people will probably be, “OMG Sakura you traitorous bitch. That’s why you were going to put your teammates to sleep!”, but I’d like to believe there’s more to it than what’s on the surface. My hunch right now is that Sakura has decided to take the underhanded assassination approach (befitting of a ninja) since she knows she can’t take out Sasuke head-on. Assuming that Sasuke actually takes her in as the new replacement fodder for Karin, it could very well be that Sakura’s planning to kill Sasuke when he has his guard down. To deceive your enemies, you have to first deceive your friends right? I’m not saying she’ll succeed when Sasuke never seems to let his guard down, but it sounds like a feasible plan. Of course, I could be completely off so take that thought with a grain of salt. However, I’m not quite sure anyone would like Sakura anymore if she’s known as the girl who gives empty confessions and jumps ship right after.

On that note, I wonder if this means that Karin will be the new female replacement on the good guys’ side while Sakura tries to go through with her stint. Perhaps Kishimoto wants to see if Karin’s popularity will take off as the new female lead in the series since people like me never really cared for Sakura. I say that jokingly, but I wouldn’t rule out the possibility completely. For those who weren’t convinced that Karin was really dead last time, my sentiments were the same as someone’s death is highly suspect in this manga until they have either a flashback or a funeral for them. Even then, you still run into the ultimate deux ex machina care of characters like Pain, so yeah, make that I won’t believe anyone’s dead until a bunch of chapters later and their corpse is rotting in front of everyone. (This includes Kisame by the way.)

As for Danzou, all I’ll say about him is that I thought he destroyed his upper body with that desperation technique last time, so I’m surprised his body was still in one piece. At least he destroyed Shisui’s eye before going out with a bang, so tough luck for Madara.


  1. i bet kakashi will get there in time b4 anything hits the fan. (i also think the same as you on what sakura is trying to do.)
    but it wont work. i really think karin is gonna die. she has not had alot of character development and now its way too late. her being a grass ninja is cool to me but like i said its too late.

    still hoping on some training for sakura by tsunade. i.e more character development for her.

  2. I completely agree with the theory that Sakura has decided to take a risky gamble on the idea that Sasuke will accept her into his fold so that she can go undercover and assassinate him, rather than just trying to run off with the guy she been obsessed with since she was a kid. Hopefully she deserves the credit I give her. However I highly doubt Sasuke’s gonna buy it. If he ends up killing her, that may be the push Naurto needs to finally accept the fact that Sasuke is a hopeless case. Though I ahve to say I never thought about Karin joining the good guys! That’s is something I’d like to see!

  3. So yah… considering naruto is all about pseudo-suspense (and I say that because everything is predictable), sakura probably hasn’t jumped ship and I say there’s 2 possibilities as to why she’s pulling such a stunt:

    1) She’s gonna kill him when he’s not expecting
    2) She’s going to try and persuade him to come back to Konoha with some self-sacrifice garbage but it’s not going to work and at the end of the day, Naruto is going to have to save everyone

    Captain Obvious
  4. Karin’s flashback was completely unnecessary. So she knew Sasuke all this time and yet magically only shows up in Shippuden?

    If Sakura’s serious, then wow Kishi you’ve actually managed to make her more annoying. If this is part of her plan, it probably doesn’t matter since she’ll end up failing fantastically.

  5. I would love to see Sakura become a heel (villian) and Karin become a face (hero’s side). Sasuke would actually get a good medical ninja and she is pretty strong. If the creator has any balls he will really get Sakura to flip to Sasuke’s side.

  6. Sakura: face heel turn!

    Call me soppy, but I thought the whole Karin flashback was adorable. unnecessary, but adorable. I seriously doubt Sasuke will actually kill Sakura, but it’s becoming harder and harder to try and anticipate his actions. I bet he’d play a wicked game of poker. I think either Sakura will try and join him, but he’ll ignore her and bugger off and she’ll save Karin in order to gain information, or she will stall Sasuke long enough for Kakashi and Naruto to turn up… But I have no idea what would happen after that. I am REALLY excited for the new chapter now!

  7. I’d like to see her go all out, full frontal attack. Madara, and the sharingan that sees chakra levels, clearly called him out on being borderline depleted. Give sakura’s enormous physical strength, maybe she could finish the job… who knows.

    I really wonder if the writer thinks Sakura is smart enough or good an actor enough to attempt the ninja assassination style here.

  8. Personally, I think Sasuke is too evil to fall for this type of thing, real or not. If anything, I think he’ll test Sakura’s commitment to his line of thinking first and order her to kill Karin, brutally if he’s feeling particularly dark.

  9. whatever Sakura is doing it not ganna work because the is naurto. she not a popular but they wont kill her off for god no what reason. the only good fight sakura was in was against that puppet dude and she was always a love sick dog she waould never hurt sasuke but would back stab all the ppl who car for her which is mainly naruto. And i think karin as a good guy would be cool but wouldnt last long as a secondary character

  10. Sakura(worthless character) and Sasuke(emo) should just die. And Naruto should be Hokage with Hinata. Also wats up with the dead scenes on shonen… One Piece (Ace dying), Bleach(the emo girl forgot name) and Naruto (karin).

  11. whatever……on another note. I’m curious ..what is the longest running shounen jump type thingy??? you know, i mean detective conan is like in the 800’s now right? how long “bleach,naruto,one piece, fairy tale etc etc” are these things supposed to go??? just a thought.

    BROOKLYN otaku
  12. I like that Sakura is taking the initiative, finally, I was always fond of the Naruto Sasuke Sakura trio, and anticipate for them to have a big awesome reunion of emotion and action and drama etc. haha, fat chance, but i can still be hopeful.

  13. We’ll shes has to have a motive, and if she doesnt It’s not like Naruto will go easy on her… Karin is better of dead, unless she meets up with the Konoha ninjas , which I think will happen…

  14. I’m actually hoping for Naruto to show and have a quick punch on with Sasuke before Sakura gets her way with things and before Kakashi has time to intercept.

    Would be nice to see the two main characters go at it for a brief moment..

    - zinthesis -
  15. theres alot of possible endings for sasuke, but theres no doubt that those endings has something to do with NARUTO beating the living shit out of sasuke

    heres 2 of them

    1 Naruto critically injures sasuke, after that sasuke will realize something about some BS kohoha’s will of fire. he then changes even though its too late … anyways he’ll either die or live and become a Ronin.

    2 He’ll die like Danzou!!!..reminiscing about his past

  16. Hah Sakura seems to want Naruto’s ” No. 1 unpredictable ninja” title. She’s doing a good job so far seeing as I have absolutely no clue what’s she going to do next. It’s actually nice seeing as she got next to no screen time after the first encounter with Sasuke, which was hundreds of chapters ago.

  17. I bet the rest of Sasuke’s band are on their way to him too. Things will get hairy and it’s unlikely that the situation will be resolved in the chaos that will ensue.

    What I think: Suigetsu will want to fight Kakashi which leaves Jugo to fight Naruto. Sasuke and Sakura will flee.

  18. Anyone else notice how history repeated itself? The 3 sanin were childhood friends. Orochimaru became a villian and Tsunade and Pervy Sage stayed with the leaf (with Tsunade eventually becomming hokage) and they tried to block the villians evil plans. Pervy always was in love with Tsunade and she never returned his feelings.

    Now in the next generation we have Sasuke as the villian and Naruto and Sakura with the leaf and trying to block the evil Sasuke’s plans. I bet for a while Jirayah tried to keep Orochimaru from becoming a villian as well. Most likely when the series is all said and done Naruto will end up with Hinata because she loves him and Sakura is alone (just like Tsunade) and Sasuke will be taking a dirt nap just like Orochimaru.

  19. People cares about Hinata? LOL
    Was so happy when that crazy “oh-look-at-me-i’m-so-innocent” bitch died …

    That said, it will be interesting to see what Karin, if she survives, is going to do against Sasuke.

  20. the reason i think that sakura is there with sauske is because hes going blind. from a story point of view it makes sense that naruto will end up fighting sauske and what ever happens he will end up blind and will need someone to implant itachis eyes. while what ever power was left from itachi i think it will serve as to hasten sauskes blindness or somewhat erase his darkness becauser i dont think anyone has what it takes to beat madara except an uchia . so all this is going to be a set up pf redemption for sauske because i think with itachi’s eyes which see “light” he will find a new purpose because sauske’s eyes only see darkness. sakuras only value is that shes a great medical ninja so with all her emotional crap it will effect him in some way and now karrin wont be dead cuz shes their to heal her too. so all in all this is a set up for naruto vs sauske in which naruto gets hur itachis power activates changes sauske and he gets new eyes is what i think will happen.

    I never once thought that she would kill sauske even when she said it but her leaving the village for him was something she would of done 3 years ago if sauske didnt hit her to stay in konoha. so her leaving if she leaves is just a 3 year delay

  21. It seems to be that I am the only one who thinks that Sakura changing sides is perhaps the most interesting thing that could ever happen in this manga.

    Just think about it, we have Sakura who has been in love with Sasuke, but he’s too busy with his vengeance thing and never gave a damn about her. Now we have Sakura struggling between her love for Sasuke and her loyalty to the leaf. If she decides to follow Sasuke, it’s gonna open a lot of paths story-wise. Things like a really violent Sakura-Naruto clash, or an advance in Hinata-Naruto relationship. I hope they give more attention to Hinata’s character, because thus far she’s been doing nothing but hiding behind a corner and leg-shaking nearly pissing her pants whenever naruto speaks to her. I hope they turn her into a really strong character who could oppose Sakura in combat.

    If I Kishimoto, I’d make sakura kill Karin in the next episode. Then she’d convince Sasuke to retreat for the time being and then try to get a pair of new eyes for him.

    Name (required)
  22. Blah no way Sasuke will fall for Sakura’s offer and no way Sakura meant it. It’s more likely a prelude to a fight (not like sasuke is in any condition to fight so sakura has more chances this way). Prediction: Sakura will get beaten up, but won’t die. If Kishi kills her then I must say he has guts. Why the Sakura hate? She’s the most active female here so I kinda care about her among the rest of the girls.

    Sasuke can be evil all he wants and become blind and crap, in the end i just know he’ll pull another Itachi on Naruto and say he always wants to die by Naruto’s hands to atone for all his sins yadayada.

  23. i personally see the sannin fight happening all over again. remember how in the beginning it was tsunade versus orochimaru? and then jiraiya came along afterwards? well now its sakura versus sasuke, and naruto is close behind.
    and honestly speaking, i doubt kishimoto is going to make his main female character THAT shallow.

  24. @Eirias: Yes it would be. Like the most biggest WTF OH GEASSS NO troll ever.

    And no more sannin, god no more anything no more drama! Emo! Kil the pink biych already, Red-thingye die! Blind hina die you too! Kyuubi kil them all!

    on another thing Sakura’s plan just made me headdesk so hard, like srs, the girl has no common sense at all. It is as clear as water that Sakura is a lying liar that lies on that few last sentences. her idiocity cannot get higher, but then again I know it can.

    and that saddens me.

  25. I have to say, part of me giggle like a schoolgirl at the prospect of Sakura and Sasuke starting an awesome evil duo. Most likely won’t happen (although Sakura has done stupider things), but still.

  26. wow I kinda expected this outcome and boom it happened. Sakura is just so pathetic to me now. She has all that strength and cant hit anyone most the time unless someone is helping her. She falls for the one guy in the village that doesnt like her.The only people that really acknowledge her are Tsunade and Naruto. I predict her being shot down by Sasuke and Naruto coming to save her life. Sakura will be on Naruto I am so sorry for the way I treated you. Naruto is all dont worry baby let me handle this guy. Naruto defeats Sasuke but doesnt kill him. Madara takes advantage of Naruto after the battle to take the Nine Tails. Then either Tsunade or Sakura will give their life to bring Naruto back to life. Then Sasuke will be all on Madara ended up playing for a fool and start crying about Itachi. They will team up to fight Madara in the ten tails. Sasuke will get injured and Naruto will have to fight all by himself. He will have flashes of his father, Jiraiya, who ever dies to save him and realize he cant fail because everyone is defeating him. He will cry out some I cant give up cause it is my way of ninja believe it and kill madara and disburse the ten tails. So ends the story of Naruto who ends becoming the 7th hokage for all his bravery despite only being a genin. There I saved everyone 2 more years of Naruto ^_^

  27. sakura wont die shes too important(series lead female) naruto will show up, but not before sakura and sasuke has some talking time
    karins life is questionable its either gonna go 2 ways: sasuke will kill her in front of sakura to show hes all business and a different person or sasuke will have sakura kill karin to prove herself
    i like the older sakura when she was a kid i hated her, but know shes older and more mature AND THERES NO WAY IN HELL THAT SHES JUST GOING WITH SASUKE BECAUSES SHES OBSESSED WITH HIM shes gonna attempt to kill him and shes gonna be really strong i think she learned a new getsu, otherwise why would kishimoto want her to go after him, she must have some faith in her power to believe she has a chance to take down sasuke, idk why but something in me just believes that shes gonna knock sasukes socks off! and hes gonna be so surprised

  28. What is totally gonna happen is that just as she is about to deal the fatal blow, Naruto will appear just to watch as Sakura is killed.

    As for Karin she is gonna be saved by Naruto and be the new goody face female.

  29. Ahhhh…I just want Rock Lee to drink a gallon of sake and open all 8 gates and then destroy the world. But with this pace It doesn’t look like that’s gonna happen for another 200 chapters…

  30. @Lite

    When that happens I don’t care about what the story line is like now or in the future, it will make up for everything. IMO sasuke and naruto battle against Madara, they both die, Rock Lee shows up, drinks sake/opens gates/does a general ass whooping on Madara, becomes the next hokage, end.

  31. @Lite
    yeah we do need another Rock Lee beast mode in the manga. The Gaara vs Lee fight was one of the best fights of all time too bad it leaves him totally useless afterwards. I hate how Lee gets no respect from Kishimoto.

  32. Sakura literally has no purpose in this manga. If anything i believe the chapter showed how idiotically desperate she can be. Regardless of her good intentions(If Any). It obviously wont succeed. Sakura is so blindingly selfish that its beginning to hurt the manga series. Likewise with Sasuke, were beginning to lose connections with the characters now that their motives are constantly changing. Naruto is the only consistent character….

  33. the manga’s all about seeing what’s underneath the underneath or whatever so I think your theory’s close to what the author’s gonna do…I’m really hoping that she does something right in the process, though…her haters just keep on increasing.

  34. Sakura has always been totally annoying. But this is by far the dumbest thing she has ever done. And sasuke would have to be truly blind to fall for anything she is planning. If she is planning on going with him just to find a chance to kill him,he would have to be so weak to fall for it. Both their characters are completely lost to me, and wouldn’t mind if both died horribly. No redeeming either of them.

  35. Ok people…483 spoiler is out and confirmed…

    Show Spoiler ▼

  36. Nobody cares if she loves naruto or not. She is so annoying and thinks everything is about her. She didn’t love him til he got strong and started kicking everyone’s ass. And until sasuke dumped her ass.

  37. @Kyo
    >she wants to kill him for Naruto’s sake! So Sakura’s confession was really true and this proves that she really loves Naruto.

    Just because she wants to help Naruto doesn’t mean she loves him. Kishimoto created Hinata for that role, and I don’t see a Hinata vs. Sakura romance fight coming soon. Or ever, for that sake. It’s a different thing with admiration, e.g Sakura loves Sasuke and there’s a lot of other girls that “love” him in a different way, like Karin, who only saw him once before meeting him at Oroshimaru’s. That’s not love, that’s just admiration. Sakura does love him, she’s been with him for years, and her feelings are steady. Hinata feels the same way for Naruto. But Sakura and Naruto getting together? Sorry sir but that’s never going to happen.

    As for the next battle? Obviously Sasuke is not going to kill Kakashi, it’d be a waste of a resurrection. Yeah, he’ll overpower him because he’s the Uchiha genius, but right when he’s about to deliver the final blow, Naruto will appear and kick his ass. Sasuke will retreat, Naruto won’t chase him because either he has to help Kakashi or he’s stopped by him, and let’s see what else can Kishimoto come up with.

    Name (required)

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