It’s time for the Tokiwadai girls’ dormitory’s midsummer festival, so Mikoto has to put on a maid uniform and play host to a large crowd of people. Fortunately, she spends most of her time showing Uiharu and Saten around, and Uiharu in particular is very excited to experience all the events, from a stitching class to a flower arrangement exhibit. What makes Mikoto uneasy however is everyone looking forward to the stage performance she’s scheduled to give. She is even more nervous when the time finally comes and she sees all the people gathered, but by chance she runs into Touma backstage. Seeing him infuriates her, and she scares him off, however the encounter also eases her nerves, allowing her to walk onto stage and perform a solo with her violin without further incident.


This week was rather devoid of meaningful plot, but it managed to still have some high points. Uiharu was pretty cute and amusing with her unrestrained antics for the first half, and it was interesting to see Tsuchimikado’s sister Maika make an appearance. But it was Mikoto and Touma who stood out the most by the end of the episode. It was nice to see Touma have such an effect on Mikoto, unintentional though it might have been, and I loved both her violin rendition of Real Force and the way it led into the actual ED sequence. I do wonder though why they bothered hiding Index’s face again after showing her a couple of episodes ago. Anyway, it looks like next week is more festival type stuff, though the preview also seems to hint that the earthquake aspect will become important soon.


  1. @ssj4jw

    sadly, you can never make fans happy haha, but I guess too much of a good thing can be a bad thing, although I love Touma and Mikoto together regardless of what series. XD

  2. i think its the pairing thats just popular. ToumaXMikoto is best, but each by themselves is not as awesome. are they waiting for the manga or novel to advance? im itching for some real action.

  3. @ssj4jw: lol i know what you mean, but as for me, I just love the interactions of Touma and Mikoto and want BOTH OF THEM in an episode! Not just one of them, cuz it gets boring! The only episodes I love in the To Aru Majutsu no index series are those involving Touma and Mikoto, the rest of them sucked just like this series, hell they should’ve just made Mikoto a main female character. I know she is kind of just a sub-heroine or like 2nd heroine of the sort, but well even Index who is supposed to be the main one doesnt even feel like she is in her series lol. I suppose this is due to the novels having a main heroine in each arc.

  4. @fullmetalQAF: You’re right, but there is never a too much of a good thing like a Touma and Mikoto (Biri-biri) centric episode! I mean I stopped watching this series a long time ago, but I can still remember is that one episode where they center the story with Touma and Mikoto. I was hoping that this series would at least show more of the past and other interactions of the two that wasn’t shown in the Index series, I mean they even skipped a lot of the scenes between Mikoto and Touma that was supposed to be in this series! I mean if you read the railgun manga of this series, you’ll know what i mean!

  5. @X

    yeah I totally agree with you. In all honesty, I don’t even watch Railgun. I only look on here to see which episodes have Touma in them and those are the only ones I watch. They should make another spin off series with those two as a battle couple or somthing. XD

  6. >>LiptonTwinkie

    by now im pretty sure Touma has lost his memory by this point since he acted like a stranger to misaka. I’ve heard the sisters arc happens in railgun as well as index so I think its safe to assume that this is before or after the whole deep blood arc from index and before the sisters arc

  7. @fullmetalQAF: Yeah my thoughts exactly! The two of them together is the very highlight of both of the series! People want to see them together! Kind of like Ararararagi Koyomi (sorry I stuttered) and Senjougahara Hitagi, people want to see them together! They are hilarious and pure gold together! Man I can’t imagine what the ratings would be if a whole series was dedicated and focused on the both of them: romance, rivals, actions and fights! I would watch the whole dam series over and over again!

  8. I forgot to mention seeing Mikoto’s tsun tsun and dere dere moments with Touma is also one of the best things to see in any episode. I also want to see her jealous lol, like what would happen if she saw Touma with such a high quality girl like Kaori Kanzaki!

  9. Uiharu is so cutely enthusiastic today, I think my moe meter for her just shot up a lot. XD
    (I wonder if her denial of knowledge about the flowery decoration on her hair is some sort of running joke?)

    The inclusion of Touma is a nice addition to the episode, highlighting Touma’s lost memories and Biribiri’s awkward feelings for him.

    Kinny Riddle
  10. Doesn’t this episode kinda conflict with the first series? This seems to indicate they’ve seen each other before the Sister arc. But in the Sister arc, post-amnesia Touma didn’t recognize Mikoto at all. Wouldn’t he be asking “Hey that’s the crazy chick who chased me off with a chair.”

  11. The timeline in Railgun is a mess so. don’t care of it, Aisa showed her seal cross the 2 episodes ago, so the Deep Blood arc is over.

    @X: Even if Touma tends to be preachy in the light novel rankings he is the third most popular character meanwhile Mikoto is sixth. In other words, Touma + bad luck + girl = fun.

  12. I see a Mikoto moe episode. First her Garfield under the covers impression, then the maid outfit, finally the tsundere reaction with Touma while looking even more moe with her dress.
    Uiharu was moeing it up too with her infatuation with Tokiwadai in general. I laughed at the part where she was complimenting the sugar sculpture girls, then they complimented on her flower headband and she was like, “What are you talking about?” I think that headband actually puts a limiter on her ability (accelerating the growth of plants like Poison Ivy’s ability in the Batman series is my guess), whether it be a mechanical device or a post-hypnotic suggestion(think lipstick for Eclair in Kiddy Grade), because she can’t control it directly yet.
    Kuroko with her voyeurism was creepy, but 10,000 yen for Mikoto’s old stuff? That’s like over freaking $110 right?
    Saten didn’t do much, except show she’s a master at stitching,(didn’t that Lamborghini look like Kiyama’s car?)but she got Uiharu good with her trademark skirt flip!
    Nice cameos from various people in the series. Mitsuko with the pure British/Japanese maid outfit combo, I thought, WTF was that? Gotta stretch that filler admirably!
    Funny how the maid was talking about some glutton eating away the food. It was obviously Index, but I guess the animators didn’t want to show her stuffing her face with food; it made it all the more mysterious/horrifying.
    Playing a violin version of Only My Railgun would be quite difficult, since the tempo’s at least twice as fast as the ending theme, but would’ve kicked ass. Maybe Mikoto will play that another time.

  13. @Karis

    actually, Touma does call Mikoto “Biribiri” in episode 18 of the Index series when she rugby tackles him. And by that point he has long lost his memories. But that is assuming they don’t change anything from the manga or novel stories. Since i dun read them so i’m not sure if the anime adaptation was chronologically correct

  14. Well this series will earn the teaser award. We get 20 minutes of the show and only 20 seconds of Touma ? If you don’t call that a tease then this is just plain cruel. It was nice episode but personally I don’t enjoy when all character are showcased in shot. It leaves me yearning for more. For me Mikoto v Touma v Index best jealousy scene so far was in Index when they got trapped in the underground mall and Kuroko could only teleport 2 at a time. Actually I think that the only so far. I doubt we get any development in that area in either series.

    Island Esper
  15. Yay for more Touma x Misaka scenes, anyone else notice Touma doesn’t recognize Misaka, he’s lost his memories already. Too bad they didn’t show the lead up to the opening of Index’s first episode in Railgun.

    Oh yeah, more cute Misaka dress ups are fun.

  16. Misaka looked really cute in this episode. I hope the next episode starts off an arc with more action and drama though.

    @Avenger Byakuren can’t stop the fillers, I’m sorry. She’s busy in Gensokyo.

  17. Ahh, why did Touma has to lose his memory? I didn’t even understand it in To Aru Majustu no Index, it made the whole series worse (but at least it was an unexpected twist). I want old Touma back.

  18. cutemi2
  19. She a walking church and the reason why she carries the cat around with her. They do need to make a series with Mikoto and Touma having to cooperate together and work off some of the light novels

  20. “i think its the pairing thats just popular. ToumaXMikoto is best, but each by themselves is not as awesome.”

    QFT. Character interaction was more interesting than the plot in Index, kinda bored with these fillers for Railgun, but the character interaction is what’s keeping it going.


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