Erza’s plan is to throw her spear towards the moon to destroy it, with some help from Natsu to propel the weapon. Her plan works, but not the way everyone else expects. Instead of destroying the moon, Erza shatters the crystallized Moon Drip gas layer that had been covering the island. This returns the villagers back to normal, however they retain their demon appearances because it was not their appearances that were affected, but their memories. As it turns out, these villagers were demons all along who had the ability to look human and just didn’t realize that. The village elder’s son was the only one who figured it out, and he’s now reunited with his father. The villagers then decide to have a huge celebration, and it’s briefly interrupted by the arrival of Sherry and Yuuka who explain their past hatred towards Deliora and want to atone. In the aftermath, Erza turns down the reward and only accepts the gate key that Lucy wanted. The group then returns home on the same pirate ship that Erza arrived on, unaware that the one called Zalty was actually Ul’s daughter Ultear and that she was working for Siegrain. Once in Magnolia, Erza reminds the others of their coming punishment.


For the conclusion episode of the arc, this had more plot twists than I expected. The one about the villagers wasn’t all that interesting because I found it hard to care about them, but at least it explained everything. What was interesting however was the fact that Zalty was Ul’s daughter Ultear, also voiced by Sawashiro Miyuki. I didn’t think much of it when they mentioned in the past that Ul had a daughter, so it was a surprise to see her actually show up. It got me really curious about what the apparently overarching plot with Siegrain involves and what Gray’s reaction will be if he ever runs into her. That doesn’t look to be the focus in the near future though, and the preview makes next episode look like it’ll be more comedy and fanservice than anything else.


  1. Omg I don’t want filler stuff ;_;! But looks pretty funny… Erza. Sigh, hope they don’t tarnish her 🙁 And screwed up a nice cliffhanger that was supposed to happen. BAH I just looked up next arc and really hope they get to it. It’s what made me love Fairy Tail this much. LUCY/GUILD ARC GO!! D8

  2. @Rei
    ITs from special chapter where they learn/use transformation magic and get stuck in those forms.


    Actually its not the first time Siegrain has been implied to have a hand in happenings. There are some hints in Lullaby arc about it(about Siegrain being the one to “loose” the flute). These hints should be clearer now ;]

  3. Ui seems like such a good woman. I wonder how she ended up seperated from her daughter and took on Gray and the other idiot as aprentices? She don’t seem the type to abandon her own child. WIll be interesting to see how this plays out.

  4. They’ve been pretty faithful to the manga and yet the adaptation feels so lacking in comparison. I personally think it’s the art style – the characters seem a little off in the anime and they cut down on the fanservice-y stuff… feels like watching Bleach T_T

  5. @MechR

    Its the same one, its just that the anime will add a bit that they will be stuck in the forms they shifted into for a while, so as to be able to “extend” the chapter through the entire episode.

    Latter special chapters(like Girl Dorms Story) have enough material in itself to not be modified, however the shorter chapters like this one will need to be expanded a bit.

    THe same was done with previous special chapter-episode


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