Rio has continued to act unlike herself and worries the girls. Only Filicia realizes what it stems from, and she wonders if Rio regrets hanging up on her father. On this particular stormy night, Claus arrives with a special package for Rio, but before Rio can bring herself to open it, the villagers arrive to request the girls’ help. It seems that Seiya has disappeared in the middle of this storm, so the girls and Claus form search parties. Kureha and Claus eventually find the boy trying to protect some eggplants that he was growing for Yumina. Seiya is stubborn, but Kureha is able to get through to him because she was an orphan too, and Claus lets him take some of the eggplants with him to safety. Before Kureha and Claus themselves can get to safety though, a rock-slide destroys the path, stranding them by the river. Kureha isn’t too scared because she’s with Claus, but what she doesn’t know is that he’s not the war hero she thinks he is. Noel meanwhile comes up with a plan where they use the tank to fire a wire anchor that the two can be pulled up with. This almost doesn’t work because Kureha nearly gets swept away into the river, but Claus grabs her in time, and the two are pulled to safety. Claus wants to tell Kureha the truth about himself, but he can’t bring himself to do so after she reaffirms that he’s the one she admires. In the aftermath, the weather returns to normal and Claus leaves while Kureha is still sleeping, though he has the others tell her that he’s treating the injury he got during this incident as one of the highest honor.


For the most part, this episode was pretty good. The one part I didn’t like – and got really frustrated watching – was the scene between Seiya and Kureha. As I’ve noted for other series, I abhor stubborn and bratty kid characters like that, so I was rooting for her to knock him out and just drag him to safety. The majority of the episode though was fairly well-spent developing Klaus and Kureha’s characters, which felt like an odd pairing at first, but I guess he ended up being like a father figure to her. It was nice too to see the tank being put to good use even if it still isn’t quite fully functional. More importantly, the episode had enough stuff about Rio to keep building my interest in the background story related to her. Based on the way the plot is coming together, it seems like her father might need her to help securing the cease-fire agreement or something in lieu of her sister. It makes Rio into a more important character than I had been originally expecting, and who knows what will happen with her as we come to the final stretch of episodes.


  1. The war was already fought; we lost. This is just how we fade…with a whimper. These people don’t know about it yet.
    On a happier note, we got to see Noel act like a baby, and Kanata’s reaction, which was really funny.

  2. I love this series. Folks have compared this one to K-On. In 1 aspect they are right for sure. K-on was about music but had very little actual music being played. This series is about a war unit out in the boonies and yet it has very little “war” action in it. Its still a very good series in that it focuses on the various characters and the mystery of what happened in the past.

  3. I know a lot if not everyone will disagree with me, but I thought the whole scene where Kureha, Noël and Kanata were in their lingerie was kinda unnecessary. It just seemed gratuitous and out of place especially given that they’re just all in their knickers. Noël is basically wearing a camisole and stockings whilst mounting a chair – ready to start a Liza Minelli type performance out of Cabaret it seems.

    I know it’s for ratings and fan service etc but they could have made it somewhat more subtle. I don’t recall any other previous episode with such blatant fan service and yes, I’ve taking into account the “onsen” segment in episode 5.

  4. I agree with Omni about Seiya. I love children, but absolutely abhor bratty, rude kids. It’s one of my pet peeves. This series (and any TV/anime/movie) would be much better without the bratty, petulant, stubborn & whiny kids to ruin everything. I cringe every time they add a scene of Seiya or any other supposedly cute orphan kid to scream, shout & cry. A bratty, whiny, rude kid just isn’t cute!

  5. I kind of enjoyed the hints of life this episode danced around. We start off seeing Klaus and the orphans admiring the crops. Then Noël looks completely surprised with the pill bug, and while we take that the little pest for granted, maybe it’s the first time she’s seen one. Maybe it’s life returning to the area.

  6. Well the girls were wearing standard military plain cotton pantsu 🙂 so they pass inspection. I did find odd Noel mounting the chair that kind of seating didn’t fit her hope they fix it in the dvd. Felt bad for Claus he’s not the real ookami; but now is clear why he act that way. I was waiting for that slap to hit the kid… guess Kureha isn’t that tough after all.
    Princess/future empress Rio will bring peace to land. Too bad her sister is dead (‘cos a stupid kid?) due to Rio reaction at the bridge. I want a second season too much stuff unanswered yet!!!!!!

    Island Esper
  7. I have this scene in my head where Kanata and Kureha meet 10-15 years in the future: Kanata is a world-famous musician, Kureha is a captain in the tank corps and they’re reminiscing old times over a couple of beers.

    Kanata: “Do you remember that time in the typhoon, when you got stuck on that ledge in the flood? You weren’t up there with us so you didn’t get to hear Rio have a shit-fit over you getting in that predicament. Oh, BROTHER, did she unload! I swear if she’d been any more upset she would have climbed down the cliff and pulled you back up with her teeth!”

    Kureha: “Oh, yeah; good times.”

  8. Not going to lie…Noel has some pretty sexy sleep wear, a black one-piece and thigh-high socks.

    I love how Kanata is so visual when she speaks, illustrating her words with so many hand gestures and movements…she’s just like me ^^ Love it.

    I actually agree a bit with Duh. While their conversation was a setup for the rest of the episode and shed more light on Rio, the sleep wear shots and angles were really fanservice. I was a little taken aback by it, not to mention their deliberate attempts to highlight Kanata’s assets when Noel fell asleep and she caught her. Either way the series has been throwing the viewers around while keeping it fun, entertaining and riveting.

    Either way, I can’t wait for the next episode. I honestly believe they are going to cliffhanger the series and continue with a Season II. The way things are setup it doesn’t look like the want to rush it in 3 more episodes.

    The way I see this series truly ending is a nod to the ‘Several years later…’ theme with Rio and Filicia move on to other assignments, Kureha and Noel and/or Kanata are promoted and eventually take over the post and they greet a new recruit or batch of recruits of which they are reminded of their younger selves…with a final shot of a photograph of the ‘original’ 1121st Platoon (Filicia, Rio, Noel, Kureha and Kanata) sitting on the tank – camera slowly pans in then scene fades out –

  9. @Rakuen – The pill bug was a reference to Claus and his true personality, not the one in which Kureha held him up to. The rollie pollie’s first instinct when in danger is to curl up into a ball, which while a seemingly effective defense mechanism in the insect world, when placed into the context of human behavior…rolling up into a ball nearly equates to cowardice or being overcome with fear. Kureha believed Claus was the Desert Wolf, a fierce-some tank commander renowned for his fortitude and prowess in combat. The actual Claus we see is not of that sort, to put it in Rio’s own words he’s nothing but a “courier with years of service and nothing else”.

    He does though redeems himself by saving Kureha and showing that he is indeed worthy of her praise and admiration.

    I found it funny how suddenly Kureha when clinging to Claus just so happened to rip open his shirt.

    No need to hide it Kureha…you so want his bod ^^;

  10. This was a good episode, at least better than the last one. I think Seiya had good intentions, not at the right time though. I was expecting Kureha to knock him out but she surprised me and I liked that. And am I the only one who thinks Rio looks a lot like Hitagi Senjougahara from Bakemonogatari? Also is it Rio in the second preview screenshot?

  11. When Kureha ripped open Claus’s shirt she saw his untattooed chest…unlike her hero’s chest in the photo. So, she knows Claus is NOT the Desert Wolf but he is still the object of her infatuation.

    Why do Iliya and Rio have different family names? Possibly Rio’s mother was not the Emperor’s husband??


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