Having figured out what’s going on, Mikoto and friends first go save Kiyama because she’s been following a decoy. The children were actually taken to a different location, so Saten, Uiharu, and Mikoto go with Kiyama while Kuroko and Kongou Mitsuko hold off the MAR forces. Mikoto and Kiyama’s car, however, come under attack by Telestina in a giant mechanized armor, and Telestina is prepared for all of Mikoto’s attacks. Motivated by Kiyama’s determination to save her former students, Mikoto uses her powers to stop and break one of the mechanized armor’s arms, and with Kuroko’s help, she fires one of the pieces of debris as her railgun. This destroys the armor, and the girls are free to proceed to the facility where the children had been moved.

They eventually find Haruue and the children in an underground level, but before they can do anything, a Capacity Down system activates, and Telestina reappears, this time in just her power suit. Kuroko, Uiharu, and Mikoto are powerless against her, however Telestina doesn’t see Saten, and Uiharu smartly directs Saten to the control room to shut down the Capacity Down system. Mikoto buys time by bringing up how Telestina was a victim of her grandfather’s experiments, and that gets Telestina talking about how she feels she has the right to create a Level 6. Her plan is to use the children and the First Sample to make Haruue into a Level 6, and she doesn’t care if a Poltergeist incident destroys the city in the process. She sees everyone in Academy City as a guinea pig and gets ready to finish Mikoto off, but she’s interrupted by Saten over the announcement system telling her not to touch her friends.

Saten then destroys the Capacity Down system controls, and Kuroko makes quick use of their powers to make Telestina drop the First Sample. Telestina has one more weapon which rivals Mikoto’s railgun, but Mikoto’s determination and her own railgun win out in the end. Using the First Sample now, Kiyama is finally able to finish her program to wake the children safely, and it works. Edasaki and the others soon open their eyes and recognize their teacher, and this success leads to Kiyama thanking Mikoto. In the aftermath, both Kiyama and the children recover in the hospital, and since it’s Kiyama’s birthday, Mikoto comes up with the idea of broadcasting a birthday message from the children to her on the city’s information blimp.


This finale turned out to be much better than I was expected. There were tons of great action scenes throughout the first half, and the biggest surprise there was Kongou Mitsuko’s Aero Hand. I didn’t realize it was such a fun power to see in action, and she got such a great entrance that I instantly grew more fond of her character (previously she was more annoying to me than anything else). The later fight between Mikoto and Telestina’s mecha – which looked like a Knightmare crossed with a construction vehicle – was pretty good as well, though Mikoto is lucky that Kuroko showed up when she did. They did a good job making things extra exciting in that scene and then later on in the final showdown by using the opening songs LEVEL5 -judgelight- and only my railgun.

Aside from all the action and audio/visual stimulation, the other thing I liked about the episode is that it wrapped things up pretty well. The theme of friends did play a part in the episode as expected – it was nice to see Saten able to perform an important role precisely because she’s a Level 0 – but it wasn’t as heavy-handed as I had feared it might be. More importantly, having the children wake up finally and allowing Kiyama to have a happy ending made the me feel like the series had reached it’s rightful conclusion and that this was all part of one story, not several disparate story arcs. In that regard, I suspect that, having read the manga, I have some extra appreciation for how all this turned out.

Final Thoughts:

If you had asked me my thoughts about the series two months ago, I would have probably said that it had a great first half and was going through a not-so-stellar second half. But there’s a reason I often say that you can’t really judge a show until it’s over, and this was the perfect example of that. I really enjoyed watching Railgun, and in the end I didn’t mind too much that they spent episodes on Tsuzuri Tessou and on the dorm manager because the staff did a good job weaving things so that the story come together. Series like this spoil me on the kinds of action, story, and characters that I feel quality titles should have, and I’m going to miss watching it every week. On that note, I should mention that there wasn’t any commercial or eye-catch aired with this episode to advertise a new Index or Railgun series like there was last year at this time. If I had to guess I’d say more Index will be coming before more Railgun, but J.C.Staff will probably choose to use this production team to make Shana III first.


  1. Seeing as they’re putting so much foreshadowing in about the sisters arc (you’re all just test subjects, blah blah), I hope that means that they’re going to animate that in another season.

  2. I guess if you were desperate for anything remotely interesting to happen you could forgive how awful it really was, but I just can’t. I am saddened by how rushed and ridiculous this ending was. Was it meant to be a bad parody of Transformers and Dragonball? It was a terrible waste of production values, not to mention that stupid “Capacity Down” noise was raping my ears for a third of the episode. Even Index’s last arc wasn’t this lame, and despite knowing how bad Index really was I can safely say I enjoyed it, unlike this half-assed effort.

  3. I didn’t expect them to use both OP themes as insert songs. Anyway, Railgun gave me what I wanted: Mikoto as the main character and less Touma (as much as I like the interactions between him and Biribiri, he can be quite annoying and talks too much crap). I wouldn’t really recommend this show because the only reason I watched it was for Mikoto. The story and the theme of friends are too cliche. Telestina turning into Beato was nice to see from the perspective that they were voiced by the same seiyuu, but it was so out of place and I could only laugh at it. Finally, Saten was the best supporting character, and she has been stealing the show in the second half, and sometimes I find myself like her more than Misaka. If they hope to make a second season of Railgun, it wouldn’t be in the near future and let’s hope there will be less fillers.

  4. Wow, I just want to say that I am pleasantly shocked at how amazing this series turned out to be.

    I came out of Index less than enthused…the graphics were gorgeous, but dear god that plot was just all over the place and didn’t hold my interest. This, however, was a complete surprise and I’m so glad I decided to give it a chance (which I originally wasn’t seeing as how I thought it would be more of the same from Index).

    This was far more engaging and exciting than the first series every was. I feel like watching it all over again.

  5. Index S2 plz. We don’t need more railgun, anyone who’s looked over the Index novels knows Misaka starts to play a bigger part in the Index story, so there’s no need for this side-story filler stuff.

  6. Hellohello, long time reader, first time commenter.

    I’ve been watching Railgun from the start, and dang was it a ride. I was smiling all the way through the amazing action that I was pretty much waiting for throughout the entire series. Telestina was amusing to the very end with her quite-evil laugh.

    Good series.

  7. @Bruce – I doubt they will show the sisters arc as they have covered majority of that in Index. Granted, it would be cool to see how the whole thing unfolded in the first place (i.e. how Misaka found out about the whole experiment).

    I was slightly disappointed with the ending of this arc as I had really high hopes of them topping the ending of the first arc. The first half was awesome, but as Hogart mentioned it was a bit too rushed. The second half was okay, but I wished that Misaka and the villain could have had a better fight rather than the cliche “my beam is more powerful than yours” duel. The villain also got on my nerves with the “test subjects” crap. I was hoping she would die lol XD

    However, despite my sledging of the ending, I felt the overall series as a whole was very impressive, and that trumps Index hands down. The recurring theme of friendship was solid and the villains actually have reasons to do the things they did (unlike the last arc in Index…) Probably one of the best Autumn/Winter series for 09-10.

  8. i totally forgot to put durarara as one of the best this season..

    1st. book of bantorra (no bad eps, few normal eps, ALOT OF PHENOMENAL EPS
    2nd. FMA (its FMA, so its a given)
    3rd. Durarara (?????)
    4th. railgun

  9. This series kinda sucked i only stuck with for the characters and the little action it did have. Way too much talking and girly stuff going on and the plot was cheesy cliche and bad.. they through telestina in and then morphed her into a weird bad guy it was lame. Would not recommend this series to anyone honestly im embarrassed i even stuck with it.

  10. I liked this series alot. I share sentiments with others about the middle-later half of the series kind of meandering a bit much. But they definitely tied things up really well. I actually like that they made both ends come full circle. I think it offered more closure than the manga storyline.

    The side characters got alot more attention and development than the manga. I dare say the anime team’s attention to composing a solid narrative is better cause they get you in touch with the characters and concerned about them. Especially with Uiharu, Saten and Kiyama, all threee of them had strong, good roles. I wish some serialized mangas *cough* Bleach would take a hint and pay more respect to the original cast of characters instead of peddling new flavor of the month, cool characters.

  11. @ rofl

    you obviously didnt find the charms this anime have (theres lots of them) … Though I cant still admit that the anime ended like that , leaving me mixed emotions -_- …

  12. I sorry to say it guys, but for a 2009-2010 shounen-type, that was a pretty bad ending =.=
    you can’t get more cheesier than a ‘everyone has a part to play in saving the world’ kinda ending.

  13. I liked this series and it was a good way to end it. All the pieces came together nicely. It was good to see a level 0 more or less save the day. I look forward to seeing a 2nd season if it gets made (after Shana 3 of course). My 1 complaint about this arc was the fact the villian of the series was so smart and cool and collected the whole time and went stark raving mad at the drop of a hat. The voice actress playing Telestina did a great job at any rate.

    Re: Bantara I like too. Too bad it didn’t get blogged as there was so much to talk about in that series. I don’t think it was the best of the season as it was all over the place and could be very confusing at times but still is a good series. Too bad about Nolty as she was my favorite character. That seriously pissed me off.

  14. @Tyer123
    Judging by your comment i think you never read the Railgun manga which was what the anime was based on. In fact the current arc that’s being serialize in the manga is about the Sisters arc from Mikoto’s POV. It’s one best storylines that i read and i hope someday JC Staff will animate it once it’s finish in the manga since Show Spoiler ▼

    Anyway, this was one of the best ending i seen and it was more better than Index.

  15. I hate friday’s night show, I’m always late to comment… Anyway Saten at bat last inning bases loaded 2 outs, 3 balls, 2 strikes. Here comes the pitch… foul ball bat flies hits monitor and saves the espers !!!! YAY no abilities needed. I don’t know how she did it; but she stole the show from biribiri. I really enjoyed this show, more than index. Totally sad is over. The secondary characters never got a chance in index. Here they develop most of them, if not all. Which gives the full circle feeling to the whole series. I would end the series with Kiyama naked at her bed though 🙂
    The fighting did feel a bit rushed but Telestina is still alive and kicking she could make a come back. I want more of Academy city either from S2 of index or Railgun. How will I fill this void now.

    Island Esper
  16. Great finale to one of my oly 3 watched animes this season. I was spot on predicting Saten smashing skill suppression device, she proved invaluable exactly because shes level 0!
    That MAR guys got loads of guns and ammo, almost on par with military, under very noses of antiskill is surprising. FEMA-equivalent doesnt need gatling guns and grenade launchers!
    Mikoto using large chunk of metal for “heavy railgun” was fun.
    Hoping for season 2 regardless if it will concentrate of Index or Railgun storyline. Loved both shows. Though sisters arc seems best bit to animate, I am reading railgun manga ATM in the sisters arc.

  17. @Mr Terrorist
    Show Spoiler ▼

    curious one
  18. @Bruce
    I don’t think it’s really Sisters foreshadowing. It’s pretty much one of the big themes in Index, Academy City is one experiment and pretty much everybody involved in its administration except Heaven Canceler is evil. This isn’t the last time you’ll hear the name “Kihara.”

    If they wanted to foreshadow the Sisters, they’d have found a way to work Harumi’s hints back in, since one of the things she taunts Mikoto with in the manga is that she learned how to create the Level Upper network from the MISAKA Network.

  19. Lots of action and great finish to a series; it was an fun ride. Too bad Telestina’s still alive, but that leaves the possibility of a season 2 for Railgun. I was expecting that the old man killed off his grandaughter in the initial experiment and transferred his mind into her body to explain the insanity,(NASTY, wouldn’t be a morality problem for a dastardly villain) but Telestina as a genuine crazy person was good enough since she disparaged the old man when talking about her “right” to create a Level 6.
    Saten definitely stole the show from Mikoto and the other espers, with her starting as a seemingly minor character as Uiharu’s “other friend” to becoming the group’s unofficial leader, all with retaining some flaws that keep her realistic and adorable. Saten at Level 0 with a bat was very useful at the right time, though I was hoping she would try to bash Telestina’s exposed head while she was gloating, but then Saten would become a homicidal maniac; she understood Uiharu’s directions perfectly.
    Is it me or did Kuroko teleport somewhere over a MILE from her previous location with Konori and Kongou when Mikoto called out to her? Then she teleported something that would weigh at least 400 pounds of metal for Mikoto to fire at Telestina’s Knightmare behemoth? That’s some Level 5 teleporter territory when thinking back at episode 1 when Kuroko was getting her ability evaluated.
    Kongou’s Aero Hand ability is amazingly powerful; she was lifting a huge van to take out those helicopters! She could use massive objects as projectiles. We have a possible member of the Level 5 club! If she got to Mikoto’s location, she may have made short work of Telestina’s Knightmare by making it fly away into the sky and crashing it to the ground. But the Railgun’s full power needed to be shown since it’s Mikoto’s show!
    First Sample was never destroyed, Kiyama’s still around(her research contributed to increasing esper abilities, after all, Academy City directors want to create a Level 6), and Telestina’s sinister statement about Academy City being a huge experiment full of guinea pigs lends to an opportunity for a Railgun season 2!

  20. was hoping uiharu would show off her warming abilities at some point again to help save the day, don’t know how it would be done but it would have been interesting, oh well.

    Overall not the best but it was enjoyable in a dry season.

  21. Wow, this show sucked. I was never a fan of Index but at least it entertained me without turning into some sort of inept parody show. It was like a laundry list of things I didn’t want to see: overuse of annoying cliches, Biribiri becoming Touma, a chase scene more appropriate in Michael Bay’s Transformers, DragonballZ-quality action sequences, those awful Capacity Down noises, forcing every character into it pointlessly, and a villain so truly pathetic it hurts. Bantorra, FMA, and Durarara are so far out of the league of this crap that it’s laughable to even mention it next to them. If I was kind I’d rank it nearer Ookami Kakushi or Katanagatari, but neither of those took an interesting premise and ran it into the ground quite like Railgun did.

  22. A series which ends well is, in most cases, a good one as a whole. And this one is no exception. Sure it has had some ups and downs but after all, it’s all good.

    Ironically enough, almost everything Telestina was saying at the last duel was true. Like, all kids in the city are considered as experiment rats and/or mere data, in order to produce a level 6. At least from the standpoint of those who founded the city this is very true. But here Mikoto made it clear that she totally refuses to accept it. She thinks that, whatever higher-ups may think, this is HER city and a place for her to be, in which she lives, loves and learns everyday with her friends, just like every other kid who does the same things there. That’s a very important theme for not only Railgun franchise but also Index franchise.

    And I like very much how Kongou finally, finally had her moment to shine and how she were able to keep her big-mouthness after that. Oh yeah, now that’s how you should conclude your comic relief character!

  23. Yay to Saten-san for being the one to save the day. Easily my favourite of the four girls.

    “cuz there is not enough Touma or index in there”

    – Er, I thought this series is called To Aru Kagaku no “RAILGUN”? Or would you rather Touma and Index hijack the series much like Kira/Archangel crew did in the well-despised Gundam Seed Destiny?

    Besides, neither Touma nor Index would be much useful against Telestina in her mechs, which don’t have esper or magic-based attacks for them to counter with. And let’s face it, Touma preaches far too much for anyone’s liking, I’d take Kuroko’s lesbo antics anytime over that.

    To all you others that hated this ending, you probably wouldn’t have liked the ending to Toradora either. Otherwise, director Nagai Tatsuyuki did a pretty good job at adapting a novel/manga series after his good job with Toradora.

    Even the original “filler” second part (heavily contributed by Index/Railgun author Kamachi Kazuma himself in case anyone wants someone to complain to) was handled far better than anything adapted straight from the Index novel series for Index S1.

    For this, I request that Nagai take over the reins for any Index or Railgun season 2, or any series from that franchise from now on. Telestina being saved for interrogation certainly leaves room for a Railgun S2.

    I think Kuroko has a limit to how far she can teleport. I’m guessing she teleported in short spurts until she caught up with Konori, and then hitched a ride on Konori’s bike to get herself as close as possible to Mikoto for the combo attack at the right time.

    Kinny Riddle
  24. Average series, awesome ending. The series was so-so after the first arc ended, and i almost dropped it in the fillers part, but I’m glad to see, all that character development, paid off in the end. The ending left me simply awestruck. Good combination of action + emotional stuff. Although i was kind of hoping to see telestina transform into a level 6, and her fight with mikoto after that, but guess i was expecting too much xD.

    All in all, the ending pushed this series up to the best of the season in my ranks,
    the makers did an awesome job!!

    On a sidenote….does anyone mind explaining where this series fits into the index timeline, and how it is connected with the accelerator part?

  25. I liked this episode. There was a lot of great action scenes and Saten played a perfect role in the series. Kongou FINALLY gets some action scenes instead of being a victim all the time.

    However, like most people here, I want a second season of Index. I’ve been reading what light novels have been translated and I can safely say the a second season of Index would be AWESOME compared to the first, especially if they can fit in the epicness that is Volumes 12 and 13. The fillers in Railgun tied in nicely at the end but it felt weaker overall, with Biribiri always dealing a final blow to some final boss with a railgun.

    I’m glad that Kiyama finally saved the children. Oh, and I still want the entire Kihara family to go die a painful death. <<

  26. i was disappointed, but that is likely because i wish that railgun and index fell into a different genre. with all those powers i wish the series were more action oriented.

    also, i thought that you could see everything coming so nothing was really surprising, the villain was just bad and it just felt like this conclusion was rushed. they could have taken some of the episodes that felt like filler out, as well as those that were character development for secondary and even terciary characters (like tessou, konori, and the dorm boss lady). with those episodes out they could have worked more on the main story, but without having read the manga, i have no idea how much of it they got from the manga.

  27. @MrTerrorist
    I haven’t read the manga, but I have heard that it is one of the best arcs. I’m not saying it’s bad or anything, just that they have already spent an arc on it in Index, and I doubt they will show it in railgun (if there even is a second season). In all honesty I hope they do show it, but somewhat unlikely.

  28. Loved this series, especially the action and comedy parts.
    Index was ok-great, but this was awesome.

    @Omni: I can’t share your sentiment for more Touma. First of all, he would’ve been totally useless against the humongous mecha (“I’ll break your illusion, IMAGINE BREAAK-” *splat*) since it is not esper/magic/divine-powered. And second, as fun as it is seeing him interact with Mikoto, it’s her side story after all. He will have enough show time in Index S2 anyway (which I hope comes soon, need moar and going to start reading the novels I guess).

  29. i watched index over again in parallel to railgun, and though i didn’t like index at first, comparing it to railgun, index is much better in part b/c the way the universe was constructed, since in railgun, the whole plot didn’t seem that deep. i guess railgun had more character development but the ending felt cliche, and i didn’t enjoy it as others might’ve. the animation was pretty good, but this anime wasn’t real stellar in my opinion. there were just a lot of fillers that could’ve been done without. they should’ve just shortened this series and focus more on index. this is a SIDE Story after all.

  30. I didn’t watch any Railgun after 12 except 15 and this last episode. I think the finale was quite good, the entire 24 episodes actually coming together as one, with a short break from all-serious stuff for a month.

    Yeah, although it doesn’t even come close to some stuff I seriously enjoyed (e.g. Durarara!! Fullmetal Alchemist and Spice and Wolf-the novel, mind you, not the anime), I think the animation was quite worth my time.

  31. FINALLY IT’S DONE!!! I can now do some catch up!

    Since someone brought up Shana III I also say this team needs to do Shana III or else I AM DISAPPOINT! I wish they’d do something for the quality in season 3 of SnS… Just watched the OVA I’m not seeing any differences with the animation style. I mean c’mon this kind of quality kicks ass anytime. So I wish they’d pull a really awesome job in the animations in Shana III. Shana I to Shana II was the same. Shana II to Index was a big jump in terms of quality. And index to THIS is a much even greater jump in quality!
    /rant off

    PS: I’d love to see another Index. 😀

  32. Roy Mustang, maybe I’ve not yet completely mastered the ability to read into sarcasm, so I certainly do hope you were being sarcastic. XD

    megalith, when you mean “this team” doing Shana 3, do you mean JC Staff as a whole, or just that specific team led by Nagai Tatsuyuki (the same team that did Toradora)? If it’s the latter, then I wholeheartedly agree with you. He would certainly have handled Shana better than the previous director of Shana 1 and Shana 2. Having read the latest few volumes of Shana, the story is just beginning to get into climatic mode (probably close to wrapping things up), so it’s about time to bring about a better direction.

    Kinny Riddle
  33. Awesome, action-packed last episode, for me it didn’t feel rushed at all. The ‘my beam is stronger’ ending to the fight was lame, but meh, they needed something to counter the power of the railgun.
    Mitsuko’s Aero Hand was a nice surprise, it looks quite powerful for a level 4. She’s no match for Kuroko though, she would win a duel hands down 😛 Kuroko wtf ^^

    Aaaah, can’t wait for Index S2 :))

  34. Cliches ending are there, but you have to understand the fact that she’s still in middle school, let alone still into all those cute stuff. Of course she would say some cliche things. I really did wish that the second arc of Railgun was put in, just because it takes the cliches that surround her disappear. She matures and you can some what see it in the end of the Railgun arc in Index. Of course it’s not perfect yet since she still is a growing girl, but it’s a great arc and one that I’m not to see.

    You also gotta also take into account that she is ranked third in the lvl 5 I think. So She definitely has enough power, or at least holding back enough power to actually make her cliches reality.

    I’ve gotta hand it to the author of the manga, cause it really fleshes out at the same time she is cliche, she does acknowledge the hardships and feels bad for not being able to help out as she could as shown in the Level Upper Arc and questions whether what she was doing is right or not. I also like the manga take of someone else telling what she says and feels rather then herself at times.

    I will admit, I was honestly hoping for it to be a power user vs. power user fight. That would have been epic.

    It’s funny enough that Touma’s naivety due to losing memory and Misaka being younger go side by side, they somewhat parallel each other and do what they can to make it work out. Through their own strength at times… I like how Saten did that in the end, showing that sometime, you really just have to give it all you got to make something come true rather than let reality pull your away from that.

    Sora no Kaze
  35. All I have to say is…50m limit for a railgun? Okay there…

    (for the amount of power we’ve seen her railgun blasts do, 50m isn’t going to be the limit for her, it should have still punched right on through that mech).

    Other than that, great ending. Saten, why didn’t you bash the controls in the first place? That’s what I thought you were going to do. 😛

  36. What a great ending to one of my favorite animes this season. Railgun has definitely been a fun ride and this final episode tied off most of the loose ends quite well. Thank you J.C. Staff for giving us 2X the RAILGUN with the awesome OP’s as insert songs to turn the excitement up to 11! I’m hoping there will be some good anime this coming spring season, but it doesn’t look very promising based on the previews I’ve seen…

  37. Why is anyone didn’t comment about My thoughts in this ep? I can’t believe this show has finally ended.


  38. I think railgun is an AWESOME anime and so deserves a second season. At first, the episodes before the last arcs were fillers, but the fianl arc- made up for the lacking parts. Misaka <3. The ending was so touching i cried, the part misaka said, academy city, is where we feel we belong, it is the best place for us. Even if there are things i cannot do alone, with my friends nothing is impossible! GO RAILGUN!

  39. -Kongo powers is amazing.
    -Kuroko and Kongo team is very epic.
    -Telestina faces are full of luzl as ever.
    -Ascientifical railgun is ascientigical.
    -The Op inserts song are still cheesy because both of them aren’t fight-themes.

    @GP: Looks like you didn’t read the novels, Mikoto is still a support character and barely has protagonism. So her Spin Off is fine for her.

    @Kinny Riddle: “To all you others that hated this ending, you probably wouldn’t have liked the ending to Toradora either. Otherwise, director Nagai Tatsuyuki did a pretty good job at adapting a novel/manga series after his good job with Toradora.”
    Althought the whole novels was the pinacle of the cliche, this director did a godawful adaptation rushing many scenes and skipping important though from the characters.

    And no, the author just give the script and the studio extended it as much as possible to fill the second half.

    @Meowminator: This is called anacrony, most of the events since the second half don’t fit Index timeline.

    @Spec: combined index and railgun in next season will be better to continue the story line, so well know what will happen about espers vs magician and imaginebreaker vs ??????
    Touma’s “Imagine Breaker” vs Show Spoiler ▼


  40. I was really surprised by how good this finale was, considering the first four episodes of this arc went from ok to bad due to the characterization. But yeah, ultimately, Railgun was a pretty enjoyable series. I haven’t read the manga, but I heard that even large parts of the first few episodes were completely anime-original, and yet it still managed to be good. While the second half wasn’t as good as the first 14, this finale really helped it up and brought it back full circle.

    Contrast that with Index, which… pretty much went no where and was completely filler despite being canon…


  42. Great show and ending. I loved both Index and Railgun. Let’s hope for a sequel soon for both.
    I’ve seen Shana season 1 as well and it’s so-so compared to this.
    Btw I suspect the charm Saten is carrying might be a limiter to her powers.

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