I still find it amusing how advanced technology is in the Naruto world, given that we’re dealing with ninjas and all, but it’s because I see it as Toriyama Akira‘s influence on Kishimoto coming through (i.e. the Capsule Corp. in Dragon Ball). As for the chapter itself, it served as a good precursor for things to come, most notably with Sasuke inheriting Itachi’s eyes. That, and the feudal lords (daimyo) accepting the ninja alliance amongst the various countries.

However, what irks me a bit is how Naruto is keeping his plan to shoulder all of Sasuke’s hatred from the others. I realize he doesn’t want to tell them that he’s willing to die with Sasuke, but I can’t help but feel he could’ve gone about keeping that one detail a secret another way. He could’ve still enlisted the help of his fellow ninja, but ask that they let him deal with Sasuke personally when the time comes. I gather no one would complain either, seeing as Naruto’s recognized as one of the strongest ninjas in Konoha after “defeating” Pain. All he’s done now is cause disorder because they have no idea what he’s up to. Given his character development as of late, I was hoping his stubbornness would’ve been met with a bit more rationale, but I guess he’s still the same old Naruto at his core. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I was hoping he’d surprise me with a change.

As for Kakashi, this is now the second time he’s been snubbed for the Hokage position. Not for a moment did I think Tsunade would die so easily, but I was looking forward to seeing what direction Kakashi would take things while he was temporarily in charge.

Finally, I should note that this will be my last post about the Naruto manga (on AnimeBlogger anyway). The coverage was relatively short-lived, but it’s been fun discussing things and hearing what others think. This won’t be my last post here about anime/manga though, so stay tuned for at least one more. =)

Note: This post is late because I was working on the Spring Preview for the past week, which isn’t something I was originally planning to do.


  1. I have to say I can understand why Naruto has been “snubbed” and its for a very basic reason, he’s just not a leader. Being a leader would require you to make hard decisions and if the last couple of chapters have taught us anything about Naruto is that he lacks that capability. Also Naruto is just too obsessed with Sasuke, for them to even consider him at the moment. They wouldn’t want a leader who appears weak to other villages, when he grovels for forgiveness for a traitor, and murderer, because “he’s my friend”. They also don’t want a person who hyperventilates when told that said traitor and murderer will be treated like any other traitor and murderer. At this point in time Naruto just might as well return that necklace to Tsunade cause at the rate he’s going he won’t become Hokage anytime soon, without some massive Dues ex Machina.

  2. @ward:

    It’s funny how some people think having a disposition towards Omni one way and me the other is going to get them very far when we work together on the same site. I guess they aren’t very smart.

  3. i hope that u dont stop blogging about naruto, i rather like reading ur thoughts as they usually coincide with what I believe. what is the name of the site u will be blogging on?

  4. What made me laugh though was that the Daimyo all use video conferencing for their meetings. So all their military leaders need to meet in one neutral spot, their political leaders have televisions and live-feed video cameras. Oh my…

  5. i’m wonder what will happen with karin will she join naruto, stay in konoha as a medic, leave after they are done or wait for the moment in the naruto vs sasuke battle to stab sasuke in the back

  6. @Divine whether you continue to blog or not, I just want to say thank you for what you have done for us for these past few years. If Omni’s Edward, then you’re like Alphonse to us 😀 P.S Luv the Spring preview,no other blogs can do a better preview than RC does XD

  7. @Confused lol thats the perfect analogy for these two
    Any they whole I will die for you thing is still straying too far into the bromance category. I am more interested in Madara at this point. I mean what does he spend all his time doing when these fights are going on. I see he is working on getting Bee but he has encountered Naruto on several occassions and has yet to even attempt to capture him. Something else is going on besides reviving the Ten-Tails. Plus nobody has explained how exchanging blind eyes for even blinder eyes makes you see. I know this is narutoverse but some stuff needs backstory to me. Since Tsunade is alive she will give her life for Naruto’s final uber powerup to defeat either Sasuke or the bigbad. She is the only Sannin left and has to die for the new Konoha Sannin to carry the torch.hint..hint..Sasuke will be forgiven and absolved of all his crimes after helping Naruto with whatever.

  8. I think, to be fair, Naruto did a so-so job talking to the others. He did leave out the death part which, lets face it, is corny to no end. But telling them not to fight sasuke and to let him take care of it makes sense when they take into account the fact that, hell, he went toe to toe with hokage and lived, killed Danzo who was pretty OP as well, and still was ready to mix it up with kakashi and co.

    They’d be stupid to fight him, even if they all teamed up to do it, they’d get wasted. That just shows how mad over powered kishi has made Sasuke, seriously, when will this shit end? He’s got Itachi’s eye hax now, i sure as hell hope, for the sake of those who still actually care about any plot this thing has left, that he doesn’t get some other future upgrade AGAIN! Give it a rest Kishi, and seriously, enough with the childish ideology stuck to Naruto. It wouldn’t hurt anyone in the fandom if that got dropped quick and Naruto got some grown up reason into him. This “best friend” BS has really hit a new high and is so bordered on yaoi one sided love that soon everyone will just admit that the main character is 100% gay and this isn’t some sorta deep brother bond that is often formed between people who are in the military (like it started off as).

    I honestly think that the message he’s trying to get accross about stopping the endless cycle of hate and so on, through understanding and bonds is getting lost with all the BS yaoi “friendship”.

    *sigh* Oh well. Any hope of Naruto putting Sasuke out of his misery is now zero. I think it’s a good idea to stop blogging about this for a bit, hell, I think it’s good to just skip a few chapters and come back to it later, doubt we’d have missed much.

  9. Naruto has taken over the whole Sasuke problem in his own hands. I just wish his friends do a kind of intervention to help him realize that he’s not alone in all this, whatever happens. He can count on Konoha or even the Kazekage. I’m so sick of Sasuke though.

    It’s good to know you are doing the Spring Review!

  10. Divine, I would also like to say thanks for all your work in this blog. It’s helped me choose what anime I’d like to watch and was a good source of screencaps.

    We would all love you to continue but of course your life takes more priority. Thanks again.

  11. For Fairness. If Sasuke has now Itachi’s Eyes Hax, then I demand an Unlimited-Kyuubi Hax.

    STFU Madara…. I just want to see some good destruction Pein-like style (without any Life3 Hax)you can give explanations later.

    Btw I say Tsunade is amnesiac and reverted to a 5 year-old.

  12. You are all a bunch of fan dumb idiots. Naruto recognizes the fact that mutual destruction will be the result if he and Sasuke fight again. He is prepared to end both their lives in order to break the chain of hate. Also if he dies Madara does not get the Ten Tailed Beast. Oh and FYI: If you do not like the manga do not read or comment on it. Go get a life and leave the rest of us alone.

  13. I have a feeling that Itachi’s gift to Naruto is fulfilled by Sasuke taking Itachi’s eyes. I’m guessing much the same way Itachi made Sasuke’s eyes fire magenko at Madara, I’m guessing Itachi probably put a jutsu on his own eyes to not work on naruto. Which will prevent Sasuke from spamming magenko on naruto or worse, it will probably still leave him with sasuno, and chidori.

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