Comedic gold. Gag comedy is freaken awesome when you have Sugita Tomokazu as Hoshi going insane in a confession room while drilling Riku for the low-down on him and Nino. “I saw Nino leaving your place in the morning two days ago! Have you guys… gone on a date?” You know with Sister sitting there and supposedly being able to see through all lies with 100% accuracy, you’d think Hoshi would start with something farther along in their relationship given the circumstantial evidence, but nope, Hoshi’s an idiot. Watching him try to intimidate Riku with questions and Riku answering honestly with Sister’s confirmations was hilarious when lines like, “I don’t keep track of how many times she sleeps over” and “she only comes over to sleep and leaves in the morning”, brought the jealous star-head to tears as he continued cursing away. The icing on the cake had to be when Riku admitted he hasn’t done anything to Nino, prompting the homo question from Hoshi.

I really don’t think that scene would’ve been as hilarious as it was if Tomokazu wasn’t putting so much attitude behind his performance in all of Hoshi’s mood swings. The man is an absolute riot and watching this episode made me wish he was starring in some Key or Kyoto Animation series again. Having him go head-to-head with Kamiya Hiroshi was money as the two of them are the forefront seiyuus for gag-related comedies in my eyes. I mean, they even went on to talk trash about how many Valentine’s chocolates they receive every year, with Riku stepping up to show off his economic status and popularity with the ladies. Granted, he’s never actually been on a date himself because he deems relationships as a high risk/no return venture, a.k.a. the Devil’s Contract (lol), plus he goes to great lengths to return every single Valentine’s chocolate he receives so he doesn’t incur any debt, but all that made the latter half of this episode better as he tried to invite Nino out on a date. A ride in a super car, dinner with the prime minister, and a helicopter ride with fireworks looks good in his picture book, but this show isn’t about anything going according to Riku’s plans so it was funny to see them all fall through due to Nino’s Venusian mindset.

In retrospect, this is undoubtedly the funniest episode thus far in this series, thanks to Hoshi leading the way for all the laughs. There was also a nice spin on things too, as Riku settled for spending some time with Nino on the riverside instead, helping her track her reed boats to see if they make it to the ocean. That dress Nino put on at the end though was something else. With a hint of romance and the one-shot comedic skits filling up the remaining time, this episode left me wanting to see more. I’m just hoping that next week will live up to the laughs in this one.




  1. @_@ Divine is fast

    Just done watching this myself.

    Sugita is AWESOME <3 ~ That first part with Riku vs Hoshi was great
    The 2nd half wasnt as awesome, but we have the lovely Nino <3

    Wonder if they are just rearranging the sequence of events… Looking forward to the Snow episode…

  2. “Comedic gold. Gag comedy is freaken awesome when you have Sugita Tomokazu as Hoshi…”

    Whatz? I think I’ll start watching this afterall. Had 0 interest in this show since it looked weird.

    1. I doubt Gintama really ended, I think they’re probably just waiting for more source material. I mean, they say they end every season too!

      I love both Sugita Tomokazu and Kamiya Hiroshi,

    1. I was wondering this too. I don’t want to create more controversy over this subject (and perhaps that’s why there’s been no post? o_O) but I’d really like to hear what RC has to say about it ^^

    2. Funny you guys mention this, as I only caught wind of it two days ago. Much like the anime blog awards before it which have gone into Internet oblivion, my opinion of it is the same as Omni’s — I don’t pay attention to these things nor particularly care about them one way or the other.

      The number of voters pale in comparison to the actual number of readers out there, so other than being something fun for the person who runs it, these online awards/tournaments aren’t a good representation of actual site popularity and readership.

      In fact, I was thinking about asking to have RC pulled from that anime blog tournament.

      1. Good call. A request to withdraw from the tourney might send the wrong message, though, so it’s best to ignore them.

        I suspect they’re the same people behind that “Otaku Elimination Game” stunt months ago.

    3. I see… Fair enough, but hey, either way it can only be a positive thing (right?) since it helps publicises this blog as well (not that you need it , frankly)… Anyway, thanks for your time.

  3. I was reluctant to pick this up, because lately I’ve been having bad luck with comedy anime and them actually being funny. You make this one sound good though, so I’ll give it a try :D.

  4. I love this series so far. Absurd the majority of the time, often funny as hell and in the end it’s got some cute moments that really bring it down to Earth. Arakawa’s got all the right ingredients for being purely enjoyable.

  5. Having Gin-chan [Tomokazu Sugita] and Takasugi [Takehito Koyashi] in the confessional with Kamiya Hiroshi was hilarious. Created such a weird [awesome] mental picture of Gintama + SZS/Durarara. Given that you know Sugita, i’d be surprised if you haven’t seen Gintama already, another helping of comedic gold…

  6. Probably the best show of the season. I knew that it was weird, but since it’s the guys from Zetsubou sensei (I absolutely loved the first season), I didn’t hesitate to pick this one up. Of course, it’s not a show for everyone, but boy, I think this show’s absolutely magnificent! The cast’s perfect, the humour’s great and the chemistry between Ric and Nino is… special (in a odd but interesting way).

    As for this episode, I thought Sugita Tomokazu really nailed it. His sarcastic remarks and humouros timing is always a joy to see.

    Show Spoiler ▼


  7. ok so why is it that all the good anime i find is never enough?

    why would they only make 13 episodes, and then quit forever?
    anyone have any info?

    outta ideas? i wanna see ric and nino hook-up. imagine how akward and hilarious the could make that!

    arawakas got some potential, id love to see it thrive.

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