「ネットアイドルAOIちゃん」 (Netto Aidoru Aoi-chan)
“Internet Idol Aoi-chan”

Leave it up to Takumi to make the girls melt with his cooking skills. This includes breaking an egg in style over an omelette rice to finish the dish off. I swear those girls wet themselves at the sight of him doing that and I’m not referring to just the saliva in their mouths. For whatever reason, watching Takumi try to look hot while cooking and succeeding was just that amusing to me. That scene ultimately turned out to be the comedic highlight this week, but I really enjoyed the whole trap bit with Satsuki’s nephew Hyoudou Aoi (Igarashi Hiromi) too, despite being spoiled up the ass about it last episode (…and then some). -_-; That’s all right though, as I just have to roll with the spoiler punches sometimes when it comes to blogging. On the bright side, knowing that didn’t ruin the entertainment value too much, and I likely would’ve caught on as soon as Aoi set his sights on the hard-to-get Takumi anyway. The real fun comes from foreseeing how stuff goes down when a cross-dressing 14 year-old goes after a high school heart-throb and tries to make him waver to his cute looks — down the hella wrong path of no return that is.

Luckily, Takumi was quick to notice that Aoi was in fact a guy and it didn’t take until the end of the episode for Misaki to notice as well. In the latter’s case, I wasn’t entirely sure if Misaki figured it out when she picked him up, but that degree of uncertainty actually made her interactions with Aoi a lot more fun to watch. Aoi making a big fuss over how Misaki wears such plain clothes for a girl yet still manages to grab Takumi’s attention was one of the better moments, which also set things up nicely for showcasing the softer side to the student council president later on. Coincidentally, I was rather amused by her thrifty side showing through at the same time, as she impulsively picked up everything from cheap notebooks and free hand-out tissues to time-sale croquettes when Aoi was intent on finding some more feminine clothes for her. What surprised me during all that though was how girlish Misaki came off when talking to Aoi, considering that he is a guy after all. Perhaps Misaki is okay with guys when they’re younger and have a complex over cute things that no one will accept (…and come out of the closet cross-dressing >_>). Either way, inadvertent sympathy card well played Aoi.

Offsetting Misaki’s girlish side was of course Takumi, as he brought out her aggressiveness by purposely making a scene with Aoi to see how she would react. He didn’t seem to mind taking a jaw-breaking punch to the face to see if Misaki would get jealous, but his best way of getting under her skin was giving her seemingly sarcastic compliments with a straight face, much like before. It’s a shame she hasn’t caught on that there’s some honesty behind Takumi’s words when Aoi already has, but I still love seeing Misaki’s face go flush red indicating that she’s secretly happy, only to end up calling him a huge pervert right after. It’s only a matter of time before he gets through to her though, and it’s unlikely she’ll be throwing punches and shouting insults when that happens. Misaki, along with her personality, is already looking really cute in my eyes, so I can only imagine what she’ll look like when that moment comes. I’m predicting moe overload.




  1. (Strange, I could have sworn to have posted this but it didn’t show up. Apologies in advance if this ends up being a double post divine)

    Admiral Ackbar is required to make his famous quote once again.

    Like divine, my fun in discovering Aoi being a trap was spoiled by some of you insensitive guys here last week. There’s a thing here called spoiler tags, guys, USE THEM!

    That over-the-top cooking montage by Takumi kind of reminds me of the EPIC CHIPS scene in Death Note for some reason. lol (Though without the epic orchestral BGM. )


    Perhaps like Satsuki,

    Misaki is also a closet shotacon. XD

    Kinny Riddle
  2. Nice trap, still not close to Hideyoshi at all .When Aoi getsher own restroom then we can talk. Still it will be nice to have him around and polish Misaki’s wardrobe

    Island Esper
    1. heh. I had forgotten all about Aoi-chan in the manga. Even still, the ‘getting all flustered over seeing Misaki changing’ would kind of give it away. That is what made me remember about Aoi in the first place and that she was a he.

  3. Since I don’t feel like spoiling.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Takumi’s hilarious. He’s too cool!

  4. I’ve read beforehand about Takumi being a supreme chef, but seeing it in this episode…damn! And he proves once again that even the guys…err…traps want him.

    Engrish for the win.

    Anyway, I figured you guys ought to use this:

    Looks like Aoi wants to give Bridget, Jun Watarase and “Hermione” Ayasaki some stiff competition…

  5. I love this episode. To be honest I was pretty disappointed in ep 1 and ep2 because they skipped a lot and the deveplopment of the love story was too fast. I love this ep because I love aoi. He is so adorable and is very hot when he is in guy uniform. I especially love the moment when aoi blushed when he saw masaki changing and how he tried to make her more feminine. This ep was so cute. I love aoi and misaki together more than I want usui with her but never mind I still like usui. I am a aoi fan for life.

    Riazer creazer

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