「新たな出逢い」 (Arata na Deai)
“A New Encounter”

While this episode was primarily focused on setting up the next arc of the story, it did introduce us to two new characters — Renjou Hotsuma (Ono Daisuke) and Usui Shuusei (Miyano Mamoru). As another Zweilt Guardian duo just like Tooko and Tsukumo, hearing Ono Daisuke and Miyano Mamoru exude a type of closeness that transcends gender is slightly unsettling because I know the two of them can make it even more serious if need be. However, excluding the preview gag, so far they’ve only come off close as Dextera and Sinistra of Kiddy Grade or Torch and Shade of KIDDY GiRL-AND in terms of their partnership. The more notable part of their introduction is that Hotsuma seems to have some sort of a grudge against Yuki from his previous female past life.

In additional to getting that point across, the story’s clearly revealed that the members of the Giou clan do have some sort of reincarnation thing going on, which to me means I need to start treating any potential feelings characters have towards one another as a genderless love. At the same time, I can’t help but feel that the whole Yuki x Luka male relationship will become more prominent now that some of Yuki’s former memories are starting to resurface. Talk about having a gender identity crisis! Similarly, I wonder if Tooko and Tsukumo were lovers instead of siblings in their past lives, which would likely mean we’re in store for more than BL. I kid, but this is why if there is some form of reincarnation in this world, it’s probably best that past life memories don’t move on with you. Evidently, that doesn’t change Luka’s opinion on the matter, but I like how he clearly tells Takashiro he still doesn’t trust him even though he plans to protect Yuki. Quite honestly, I don’t trust Takashiro all that much either and whatever Giou secrets he may be hiding, so it’s nice to see that there’s some animosity within the group to make things more interesting.

Aside from that, this episode did depict how the upper echelons of the police turn over Duras-related incidents to the Giou clan to handle, which means that Yuki’s new friends can probably be trusted outside of any personal vendetta Takashiro may have with Reiga. On a completely separate note, I’m really digging the whole Tooko twin tails look, even when she’s super deformed. It always helps to have Inoue Marina bringing out all her cuteness too.




  1. I don’t think he can turn back into a girl since he’s been reincarnated into a boy lol. I doubt we’d see them get even remotely intimate anyways lol.

    Anyways, Divine, you bring up a good point. I guess it is best to think of them as genderless, because who knows what original gender any of them were. XD Especially since this doesn’t seem to be the first time they were reincarnated, since Luka just joined them in the most recent war.

    Annnd, I totally think Touko and Tsukumo had/have something going on.

  2. uh. How about instead of thinking of the people as genderless, you accept the fact that they’re currently guys and realize that their feelings are genderless/not guided by gender? I think that’s what Divine means anyway.
    And wanting someone to change their sex just so you won’t feel any ~awkwardness~… that’s a good way of going about things. not.

    1. More or less. “Feelings that transcend gender and don’t necessarily involve anything sexual” was what I was trying to allude to. In Luka’s case, he may have been attracted to Yuki before, but now that he’s male, I see it more as him trying to protect the person he once knew without any desire to make a physical relationship out of it (hopefully).

      I honestly think this is something that only women can really appreciate, and a small percentage of men to even wrap their brain around without making homoerotic jokes. Still, I can’t deny that I see this as a convenient setup to make any closeness depicted between male Yuki and Luka feel more “normal”.

      1. Not to be a fangirl, but I’m pretty sure Luka is in love with Yuki’s soul, and will love Yuki romantically no matter what body said soul happens to be in. I cheat and read the manga, so my different impression may be influenced more by that than the anime. It’s not so bad though, because at least their relationship isn’t fanserviced up, ne? lol

      2. I admit, I’m digging the whole “feelings that transcend gender” thing. It’s much more powerful I think to see that what the person likes is the person’s personality/soul regardless of what they look like or what body they’re in. I also think that there’s definitely something going on between Tsukumo an Touko, even if they don’t have a “physical relationship” in that sense.

        The guys in most anime are usually so androgynous that it doesn’t quite seem like shounen-ai to me most of the time.^^;

      3. im fine with all of this “feelings that transcend gender” thing as long as it doesnt get intimate, like just along the lines of “ill risk my life for you” and stuff like that

        or maybe until yuki turns back into a girl at some point(I hope)

    2. You see why all this makes it the whole gender thing so confusing. Personally, I don’t mind all of this stuff yet at the same time, due to the society that I grew up, I can’t stop thinking “Dude… that’s just gay..” All this contradictions is making me able to wrap my mind around the topic yet not being able to at the same time.

      It’s similar in way regarding Angel Beats episode 6. A lot of people were like “Omg, gay hugs” yet I don’t see any issues with that. However, if I were to hug some guy in real life, I would be kind of worried. See how retarded that is? Kind of sad really…

      Anyway, Tsukumo and Touko do seem to be pretty darn close. I need to rewatch the previous episodes again because somehow it feels as if they’re twins since they seem to sense each other when they’re in trouble.


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