「久しぶりの音尾と、新しいバイト=山田(!?)」 (Hisashiburi no Otoo to, Atarashii Baito = Yamada (!?))
“Otoo Again After a While, and the New Part-timer Yamada (!?)”

Just when things were starting to feel too routine at Wagnaria, Otoo brings in Yamada Aoi in the nick of time to spice everything up. As suspected, Ueda Kana was replaced for the animation adaptation in favor of Hirohashi Ryou, whose soft-spoken voice worked out really well since Aoi’s a big fat liar pretending to have amnesia after her house supposedly burnt down. In reality, she’s just a home runaway who took advantage of Otoo’s kindness (…and likely a spoiled rich girl as well). As annoying as that might sound, it proved to be the exact opposite since Souta saw right through her act from the very beginning but decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and go along with it. While I’m sure he’ll live to regret that decision, it was absolutely hilarious seeing Aoi try to deal with how Souta was onto her and Hiroomi getting involved with the dirt he dug up on her.

For a while, it almost seemed like Aoi was one of those girls who like to make-believe (i.e. “denpa-kei”) with the way she wanted to make Otoo her new father and Yachiyo her new mother, but I’m really glad she wasn’t since her inability to keep up her facade up lead to some of the funniest moments. Souta may be the only one onto her lies and fake surname, but I really enjoyed how everyone voiced their displeasure with her at the restaurant. Watching Hiroomi’s blackmailing antics come back and to bite him for a change was also nice to see, so I got a good laugh out of how he praised her for messing up Jun and Yachiyo’s situation by laying it all out later on. I couldn’t help but laugh at how much enjoyment Hiroomi took out of Jun’s misfortune as a result, which was even funnier because Popura ended up being the victim of Jun’s frustration once again.

However, given that Popura is one of the few girls who has her act together, it’s a shame that Jun didn’t take it out on Aoi instead since he took an almost immediate disliking to her. Hopefully there will be more Aoi hazing down the stretch though, because it’s fun seeing her get what she deserves in light of all the problems she causes. Next time is the fabled hot spring episode, which should lead to some good times, especially when the magic hand is back in full force!




  1. For two episodes in a raw, Mahiru didn’t hit Souta :O In fact, she didn’t hit anyone in this episode :O Aoi looks like a fun addition to the cast, can’t wait to see more of her 🙂

  2. How Sanji handled his little situation is still a bit vague to me. xD; somethin’ about ghosts and-

    Gah, with that Onsen episode coming up, Working!! is turning into a new Minami-Ke for me. xD

  3. I really enjoyed this episode and liked how it took on the Jun-Yachiyo situation head-on. Yamada started to get annoying, so I’m glad she kind of disappeared towards the 2nd half. And, of course, I’m excited about the return of the magic hand in the next episode.

  4. there is now a chance for junXyachiyo yay.
    they are best worker in the kitchen and in the field so naturally it will fall apart.
    surprisingly though it ended up fine and went in favor to jun.
    we found out souma’s weakness but I wish that it wasnt aoi that found it.

    next ep looks like more soutaXinami yay again.

  5. I don’t like Yamada Aoi’s character, she seems annoying and not in a funny way, but i will give her credit for outing Satou Jun. Fight on Satou!
    The JunXYachiyo moment was the best.
    The Magic hand is back YAY!!

  6. I didnt quite get whan Yamada did to Souma? She pretended to pitty him and then he says, finally someone found a weakness about him? Does he not like beeing pittied? Or is it that Poplar saw them and misunderstood? Or is he just weak towards little girls? (heh)

    1. I think its because he doesnt have “real” friends because he usually threatens everyone with information(kinda like izaya, uses information on humans despite the fact he likes humans and gets upset when people talk behind hid back despite being true, plus they share the same seiyu)
      so when popura thought he was a bad guy, he was upset despite it being true about himself

    2. That’s the way I took it too. In other words, Aoi basically hit “close to home” with her assessment of Hiroomi in that he doesn’t really have friends and uses the informative he gathers to associate with people as if they were his friends. In reality, no one really considers him a friend with the way he blackmails everyone. Hiroomi’s aware of that, but it still hurts to have someone tell him that.

  7. Here’s hoping that at least Yamada Aoi would spice up the relationships further lol! I know that she can do it for Inami and Souta just as she did in Yachiyo and Jun, hoping that Jun X Yachiyo would develop further.

    Let me get this straight you guys, but did Yachiyo actually believe Jun’s ghost story? So she doesnt think that Jun is in love with her, but instead the ghost behind her? Lol if that’s so, then just as Jun said, she really is an idiot (a level comparable to Baka to Test). At the very least though, I like the fact that Yachiyo truly regretted or is ashamed of what she has done to Jun, about her love tales. Glad to see that Yachiyo didn’t show her usual reaction to Kyouko. Here’s hoping that their relationship would at least improve to the point that Kyouko would actually acknowledge that Jun is truly in love with her.

    Also it would be too bad since I enjoy watching the reactions between the two, it would suck if Yachiyo goes back talking about her love tales about Kyouko to Jun.

    1. no
      he was actually talking about yachiyo, he said that there is a ghost behind her that is attracted to one person and seems happy but he thinks that ghost should see others and notice her environment.

      in short, theres a ghost behind yachiyo that only likes kyouko but jun thinks it should widen its horizon on people.

  8. The Jun’s confession to Yachiyo was pretty damn funny, especially since that and the events after that were soooo akward, with both of them having suicidal tendencies xD

  9. This series turned out to be one of the best consistant comedies of the season. I had no expectations that it would be as good as it is. A definite surprise for me.

  10. Hirohashi Ryou, while not as prominent as most other A-list female seiyuus, still manages to constantly turn up in very interesting and cute spunky, if not tsundere, roles.

    To add to her charm arsenal, she has her hime haircut (which Mio of K-ON is popular for) and thigh high socks.


    One of the first things Aoi does upon settling herself in is to drop a bombshell on Satou and Yachiyo’s relationship. And the consequences of that bombshell was so cute and goddamn funny at the same time, with both Satou and Yachiyo too embarrassed to work efficiently, even threatening to bring down the business. LOL

    Fortunately, the future of Wagnaria was preserved thanks to Yachiyo being so stupid. XDD

    Gotta like Aoi wanting Otou-san as her otou-san (daddy). 🙂

    Souma could have been the ultimate manipulator of Wagnaria, though he is held back by Mahiru’s physical deterrent. And now his powers of manipulation are further nerfed with Aoi’s psychological warfare. Poor guy.

    Kinny Riddle
  11. BTW, I was wondering, why does Souta call Yachiyo “Chief”? Is it because she’s the most senior of all the waiters and waitresses in Wagnaria?

    Based on observation, here’s the supposed hierarchy of Wagnaria based on seniority:

    Satou-chef / Yachiyo-waiting
    Popura /Mahiru / Maya (the 4-eyed waitress that’s been lurking around if you look carefully)

    Kinny Riddle
    1. Isn’t Otou-san more powerful than Kyouko or at least higher in position, but I understand that Kyouko’s connection allows her to be the top boss who controls it all, but she just choose to be a manager because she doesnt want to work at all.

      Maya? She hasnt been introduced yet? Or is she just a background character?

  12. haha really, inami-chan didn’t hit anyone these days…

    nice episode, the next looks like a filler to me (didn’t read manga), and FINALLY they’re getting out of the restaurant! looking forward to that…

    a damn nice show, sadly it’s just worth a season long…

  13. “it’s a shame that Jun doesn’t realize that it was Aoi who told Yachiyo after he took an immediate disliking to her.”

    Didn’t Yachiyo say that Aoi was the one who said Jun liked her?

    I didn’t like Aoi that much, but I’m glad that at least something happened with the Jun-Yachiyo situation. I hope Yachiyo isn’t that ditzy not to realize that Jun was definitely not talking about a ghost…


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