「伊波、はじめて?のお・で・か・け!」 (Inami, Hajimete? no O-de-ka-ka!)
“Inami, First(?) O-u-ting!”

I think I should file a complaint to A-1 Pictures. For a series that revolves around a family restaurant almost entirely, it’s highway robbery to have a hot spring episode and change up the scenery, only to leave out the actual bath scene! It’s not disappointing so much as unusual though, given how the “onsen” word was used. I realize I shouldn’t immediately assume there will be a bath scene at the mere mention of “hot spring”, but in anime, who are we fooling by suggesting such a blasphemy? When Popura suggested to Aoi that they go to the hot spring after Wagnaria unexpectedly shut down due to a blown sewer pipe, that should mean naked bodies and towels for the sake of having naked bodies and towels!

For the most part, things revolved primarily around Mahiru’s first trip out to a hot spring and Souta giving up on a perfect day off to dry umeboshi to come along and protect innocent males. To that end, this episode blew by with all the quirky humor around how many times Souta got hit by Mahiru in a day, Hiroomi teasing Jun about Yachiyo and getting a good ass-kicking for it (literally), Jun being swayed by Yachiyo into driving them to the hot spring when Kyouko sleeps in, and Aoi continuing to build her “family” by adding Hiroomi as her brother. I completely lost track of how much time went by so I was thinking things would even get better once they all hit up the baths, until I saw the credits start rolling and was left stunned and thinking, “Um, didn’t they forget something here?”

Despite missing the essential requirement of a hot spring episode — even a brief and meager one — I did get a good laugh out of Jun’s kicking Hiroomi, simply because the latter deserves it with his Ohihara Izaya-like information broker ways. Aoi face-planting herself onto Jun’s windshield was almost as good too, simply because Jun doesn’t seem to react to anything vocally. He does however react in other ways, like when he was completely startled by Yachiyo offering him gum right to his mouth, but I wasn’t sure if I should feel sorry about how he’s in love with such an incredibly dense “lesbian” or just take enjoyment out of his misfortune at that point. I like Jun, if for nothing else than being another level-headed person at Wagnaria outside the thing he has for Yachiyo. The fact that he’ll beat down Hiroomi with frying pans and leave him behind are of course bonuses.

As for Mahiru, she has shown improvement in how she’ll show some restraint with Souta, provided that he stays at least a good meter and a half out of her personal space. The Magic Hand sure comes handy in that regard, but if the Kappa statue has any say in things, her fear of men will never be cured. Oddly, her uncontrollable behavior didn’t bother me that much this time, but that was probably due to signs she’s shown of wanting to improve her condition. It doesn’t seem to have helped too much though, since we have the appearance of Kotori-chan next time — better known as Souta cross-dressing…?




  1. I love the subtleties going on, even when the surface humor is utter slapstick. Need more ‘older audience’ (seinen) comedy like this. Not bad for an anime-original story plot.

  2. I really enjoyed this episode, especially the crazy situation in Jun’s car. I also enjoyed how good Kyoko looks in casual clothes and the “I only hit him 3 times today.” I also got a good chuckle when Aoi jumped onto Jun’s car :P.

  3. and now we have soumaXaoi pairing added.
    its probably because of inami’s dad that she’s scared and it might be resolved next week(I hope).
    so souta is gonna cross dress? I think he will be a beauty(trap?)

    and inami was almost sold out by dried plums

  4. Onsen episode without nudity or bathing.I don’t recall the last time that has ever happened.

    I loled at Kotori when I figured out the joke(funny pun on Takanashi’s name in kanji) =D

  5. I’m to actually hope that would be a confirmed pairing with either Souta’s or Jun’s romances. If Inami’s dad is the reason for her fear of men, let me at him!

  6. looks great, but maybe someone wants to enlighten me (from manga or something else) about kotori-chan in the next episode? hmm looks weird to me…

    yachio and satou are already thinking of each other…

  7. Calm down Divine… Calm down…

    “When Popura suggested to Aoi that they go to the hot spring after Wagnaria unexpectedly shut down due to a blown sewer pipe, that should mean naked bodies and towels for the sake of having naked bodies and towels!”

    We have “imagination”….. *Imagines*

  8. haha I love that they left out the bath scene. This is the first comedy anime I’ve seen for a LONG time where they actually decided to come up with original storyline and characters. So much in anime these days is so hugely generic :-/

    I’m impressed that they managed to avoid the “typical” hotspring storyline which has been recycled to the point that I swear any anime fan could write a script that would fit 80% of any given hotspring episode.

    — Although I have to admit it was actually that funny….

  9. Yes. Yes I do.. In fact it just imagining the aforementioned missing mandatory eyecandy fueled my RAEG that it transcended to utter despair and silence.

    *Rolls in a fetal position*

  10. An onsen episode without anyone actually dipping in the onsen naked? Alright everyone, have your torches ready as we storm the studios of A-1 Pictures of this blasphemy. 🙂

    Anyway, it was still a decent episode. Most of the episode was devoted to Mahiru meaning well in her quest to cure her androphobia, but I find myself more interested with the Satou-Yachiyo subplot as a result of last week.

    Yachiyo unwittingly sticking a gum straight into his mouth plus her being concerned about him near the end was surely a sign she’s starting to pay more attention to him than she does to Kyoko, which can only be a good thing.

    Can’t say I feel sorry for Souma for getting his ass kicked literally or left behind by Satou after his constant teasing of Satou’s crush on Yachiyo. OTOH, perhaps I envy Souma for unknowingly acquiring a cute little sister in Aoi. 🙂

    Next week will see the arrival of Mahiru’s elusive father, as well as the grown up version of Souta in drag – Kotori-chan.

    Kinny Riddle
  11. The Onsen issue was bait for the audience. People got blind waiting for the oppai to pop 😛 that they missed the real sexual treat: foot fetish !!!!! I want to lick those feet argh did I said that aloud LoL

    Island Esper
  12. Actually, I ended up enjoying the character development in this episode, so I don’t really care about the lack of fanservice.
    And I want one of those Magic Hands. Best invention after the internet and PC, without a doubt 🙂

  13. Hahaha~ Satou is simply the best! I laughed hard when he kicked Souma’s ass and also when Yachiyo gave him some gum and he lost control of the car x/D
    And I insist that Yamada is such a cutie, she even outshines Poplar-chan *_*

  14. I noticed there was no bath scene as soon as I saw the characters walking out of the hot springs and it was sunset. But the episode was still very enjoyable so I didn’t really mind. Though it was awkward. :] I wonder how close Miharu will get to Katanashi when he’s cross-dressing?? :}


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