「桃太郎までもメイド様」 (Momotarou made mo Maid-sama)
“A Maid Even as Momotaro”

In what started out as a full-out omake episode about the Japanese folktale Momotaro, things got pretty wacky and somehow crossed legends with Urashima Taro at one point. With Usui narrating the entire story however, it turned out that this supposed omake wasn’t a mere omake after all. Not that it really mattered either way though, as this episode was surprisingly entertaining with all the abusive jokes centering around the dog, monkey, and pheasant played by our three idiots. Usui also showed up as the extremely suspicious circus leader who was intent on eating them for being useless, before the story got on its way with Misa- err… Momotaro arriving and having the talking animals guide her to a village where all the young girls were disappearing. Her ultimate goal of course was to seek out the demons’ lair and destroying all the demons there. As things kicked off 8-bit RPG style, I got a pretty good laugh out of how the village turned into a free-for-all waste dump where all the remaining men were fighting over food. It was pretty sad to think that society might degrade to that without women around, but oh so funny to see.

Before long, we had the Urashima Taro legend interjected out of the blue with a random turtle on the beach. Thanks to our idiot dog, monkey, and pheasant trying to capitalize on that opportunity, it did turn out much funnier than I was expecting, mainly because they almost ended up drowning in the process. Having Suzuna show up over a dropped kibidango and offering them various redeemable postcards on the other hand just added to the randomness, though I have to say the comedic pauses and semi-sarcastic remarks were pretty well done. Aoi showing up as the supposed turtle from earlier and proving to be absolutely useless was good for a cheap laugh too, but it all paled in comparison to Usui whipping a rocket launcher out of nowhere to deal with Tora and his Miyabigaoka pirate ship. Suspicious circus leader indeed.

It took a while, but they did eventually arrive at the demon’s island in the actual Momotaro story, Onigashima, except here it turned out to be Usui the demon‘s private maid harem. The women apparently got sick of the selfish filthy slobs at their village and figured a life serving Usui is much better, which I can’t really blame them for after seeing what their men are like. Totally messed up explanations notwithstanding, Usui did end up staking his claim on Misaki like he always does. The best part of it all was how this omake was Usui’s way of sending Misaki subliminal messages in her sleep and making her fall for him. He’s a genius even if Misaki is able to resist! Anyway, the next episode looks like it’ll revolve around Sakura and her infatuation with an indie band. With Sakura on the verge of tears though, it may not be all fun and games like it was here.

* P.S. I found the “Real form” disguises pretty funny for no apparent reason whatsoever. Randomness = win?




  1. Lol, so many things referenced in this episode. Most were folk tales like the turtle story with Aoi that turned into the crane story when he went and said don’t look, but I liked the whole “trade” scenario where the three idiots decided to reference I assume Zelda with the whole trade a bunch of stupid items until you eventually get an uber weapon.

    And of course Usui pulling out the bazooka was just a moment of lol. Expected something, but still was funny.

    The episode kinda had a Ouran Koukou Host Club kinda feel with that one alice in wonderland episode, but the references to other stuff made this a lot more fun to watch. Fun times all around.

  2. https://randomc.net/image/Kaichou%20wa%20Maid-sama!/Kaichou%20wa%20Maid-sama!%20-%2009%20-%20Large%2019.jpg

    Even without his drag costume, Aoi can still look quite adorable in a Hideyoshi way. 🙂 (There! I’ve said it! Though I think I’m still straight… XD )

    While Hanazawa Kana (Sakura) is capable of voices that immediately captures the heart, as with Kanade in Angel Beats, it can also a joy to hear her in her absolutely silly voice like in this episode. Her silliness can rival that of Toyosaki Aki (Satsuki).

    Kinny Riddle
  3. Out of excitement I read this omake manga chapter before this episode aired, and perhaps I’m the only one who thinks so, but I felt that it seemed more amusing in the manga than the way it was portrayed here 🙁

    Anyway, Sakura obaa-chan was too cute and the ending was just epic 8D

  4. After my bad experience with mayoi neko (mecha crash) and ichiban (power ranger) I didn’t want to watch this. But in the end I needed my dose of MisaxUsui of the week so I took the chance and watched it. Boy am I glad I did. This is an omake performed so well. Actually it has it’s own cute moment and the end when we see Usui reading to Misa! An ever so slightly progress in their relationship! For me it was flawless

    Island Esper
      1. Writing with wine flowing in your veins at 1:00 am may confuse things lol! Still he took time to sit beside her and mess with her mind (brain wash her? ). You don’t do that for strangers. :p only loved ones.

        Island Esper
  5. The real forms cracked me up into to tears. I was wondering what they really would look like if they were actual animals. It’s amazing how you can still tell who’s who though. Reminded me of Miname-ke when the three sisters were portrayed as wolves. xD Mad funny~!

  6. Hahahah. I liked the part in the manga when Misaki asks where he pulled the bazooka out of and Usui goes, “What, you didn’t notice it in my coat pocket?.”

    Sad they didn’t include that line, but other randomness they added made up for it.


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