…Not because of the mental strain so much as the physical one from keeping your arm up the entire time like Naruto and Bee are. Yamato gets to support his arm with his other one at the very least.

Anyway, this was probably the fastest chapter I ever recall reading. Granted, it was mostly cell after cell of action but it was Naruto versus the Nine-tails after all. That’s not exactly something you see every day. Also, what I was led to believe was going to be some sort of figurative chakra tug of war turned out to be an all out battle for shounen fanatics to enjoy. The best part is that their epic struggle is taking place in Naruto’s mind, meaning he doesn’t have to be concerned about his surroundings and can just go wreck havoc with all his biggest techniques. Sage-infused Rasengan, Rasen-shuriken, and the usual Kage Bunshin decoys. What’s there not to like?

Of course, shit had to hit the fan right when Naruto looked like he was winning, but out pops his mother Kushina to calm his heart. Now I can accept that these internal Naruto safety mechanisms were all implanted with chakra somehow to activate at the appropriate time (since we all know that it can do everything), but how the hell does anyone plan this far ahead? Minato’s one triggered once already to help reseal the Nine-tails, but now we have Kushina’s to help conquer it. Is this the equivalent of a will in the ninja world or something? I mean it was a nice shock and all, but rather convenient. Too convenient.


  1. When they are fighting inside Naruto, does this mean he has unlimited amounts of charka at his disposal? How can he use sage charka inside himself when sage charka is suppose to be drawn from nature? Wasn’t the whole basis of sage chakra was to not depend on himself but his surroundings? This seems like a big loophole to me.

    1. I guess it’s mind over matter like Neo in the Matrix. The other way to take it is that the whole battle is just a figurative representation of their mental struggle. Right now Naruto is only using what he knows he’s capable of, but will probably have to overcome that mental limitation he’s placed on himself if he hopes to conquer the Nine-tails. In a way, he has to think outside the box.

    2. Divine, you don’t think Naruto’s mother is something set up by the Nine Tails?

      The fourth hokage already said that he’s the last fail-safe for the Nine Tails getting released. As we saw last week, Naruto was able to finally break the seal without anything to stop him.

      Unless this is yet another deus ex machina by Kishimoto, I kinda think the Nine Tails is going to use Naruto’s mother as a final attempt to free himself. You know, make Naruto’s mother reveal herself to him then use her to make Naruto feel hate or whatever.

      Well, you heard it first here! We’ll wait for next week.

    3. I think Naruto used sage mode outside his mind to be able to use it inside(he is staying still)… but like what divine said, it might be just like neo fighting in the matrix.
      Oh.. and I think Naruto’s mom exist within himself, not just because of the 4th’s seal. Anyway.. good for naruto, finally meeting his mom >_<

  2. It’s way too hard to beleive that Naruto could just lift the Fox like that. Even if it is sage mode it seems to crazy. Say Divine, or any other fan, what do you think Naruto would say next chapter? The most obvious thing he would say is mommy. I’m sure Kushina would try to pull a prank on Naruto to cheer him up. Acording to the data book. Kushina’s personality greatly resembled Naruto, pulling pranks and all.

    code fanboy
  3. wow that was pretty convenient

    but still for quite some time now I’ve wanted to know what kushina was like not just that she was naruto’s mom so in a way I’m pretty excited!

      1. he wasnt funny but he had little themes like “chakra can do anything” and it will follow by next or later weeks… i just really like when writers like u and him get good “hunches” for a topic. And omni was funny in a way to me

  4. Hmm… the Kushina part is definitely cliched. Other than that, as code fanboy pointed out, the next chapter’ll be about the mother-son bonding. Let’s hope that we get a ‘sensible’ reason, why Kushina appeared in his mind. 😉

  5. That whole Kushina popping out of nowhere smells too bad of Deus ex Machina. Minato I understood, it was like a secondary seal, just to make sure it wouldn’t be released before time. But this? What purpose does it serve, really? All Naruto has to do is overcome the Nine Tail’s hatred, and wastn’t that what the first part of the training was for in the first place?

    That aside, the rest of the chapter was pretty cool.

  6. i remembered from past few episodes that tsunade did mentioned that kushina has a tomboyish attitude,!!! btw, at least naruto is now obviously strong and undoubtedly grown-up guy, and i was surprised that he almost defeat the kyuubi using his strongest technique, “rasen shuriken”, unlike bleach, i am so exhaust of their overpowered villains!

  7. Perhaps all the things Naruto is feeling prior to the moment Kushina appears is all the hatred of the folks the Nine Tails has slain.

    If the Nine-Tailed fox killed Kushina as well, it stands to reason that she’d be there too. I don’t think this is part of some seal, personally.

  8. Naruto doesn’t know who Kushina is. He’s never seen her in his life, she’s just some weird lady in his mind. No one knew that the 4th and her were married except a select few so I can only figure there are no pictures of her around save those carried by the ones that knew of her and the 4th’s relationship.

  9. I thought it was random, but it’s not completely BS. Considerng that Minato’s plan was for Naruto to eventually take over the Kyuubi, it was an inevitable part of the plan that Naruto would reach this situation eventually. Presumably Kushina died as part of the seal, similar to how Gaara’s mother died. They could have put her in the seal the same way Minato was a different part of the seal. So it kinda makes sense why she would be here in his head at this particular moment in time.

  10. is this the first time we’ve seen naruto’s mom?
    cause I didnt follow the manga until a few months ago(got bored so I added the naruto manga on my list but didnt start at the beginning).

  11. Kushina….? -___________-


    Wow, that almost beats the entire chapter of nothing, but naruto fighting DARKNESS OF EVIL OF DOOM…

    Next chapter Naruto talks Kyuubi to death, we get another just-as-planned bullshit from naruto’s parents(who now seem tobe omnipotent -.-) and we will move on into cliched final battle wagainst Madara’s evil where every ninja in th eworld will send his love into madara to defeat him

    Like this.

    Thats the final battle….

  12. My theory is that both the Fourth and Kushina sacrificed their lives for the sealing technique which sealed the Kyuubi into Naruto. This would mean that both of them have their souls “trapped” within the actual jutsu, thus allowing them to have something to do with the jutsu breaking.

  13. Well, maybe Kushina’s arrival is convenient, but at least it seems logical.
    I mean, Naruto is fighting a battle of willpower with Kyubi : good intentions for Naruto vs anger and hatred for Kyubi.
    Naruto is being corrupted by Kyubi’s hatred : his doubts, fears and loneliness are coming back. Well, is there anything stronger than the love of a mother against this ?
    I don’t say LOVE will beat Kyubi. I say it will allow Naruto to really overcome his own anger.

    Other possibility : Jiraya and Tsunade said she was from the now disappeared Land of Whirlpools… Maybe ninjas from this Land had a way to control bijuus. But THAT would be Deus Ex Machina.

    1. Perhaps the Tailed Beasts and the eye techniques are all based on negativity (Sasuke’s DARKNESS), so they connect. Like how Naruto’s Sage Mode connects with positive things, like oil and toads and probably hemp.

  14. Wow, seriously you guys just drop the Deus ex machina idea around for no reason. When his dad apeared he was part of the seal yes because he gave his life to make it so it makes perfect sense to be part of it and inside naruto. Likewise the seal happened when naruto was born and his mom died, so part of her chakra/soul/spirit w/e being inside Naruto makes sense as well, he’s fighting the kyuubi at a very deep mental, almost subconsious level, so a part of his mom being deep in there because, hell she gave birth to him (no bond deeper than that), makes sense to me just fine.

    1. Deus ex Machina type 4: “Fridge Brilliance. When something seems to be a Deus Ex Machina, but really isn’t. The writers were just a bit too clever for their own good. To build from the above, let’s say that in some early scene the hero intentionally rigged his gun to blow up should it ever be fired and it both fits with his personality and seems like a logical thing he would do. It might seem like a cop-out at first, but one then remembers he’s a Technical Pacifist who Doesn’t Like Guns and never wants to fire one in his life in spite of his job. See also Chekhovs Gun. ” http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/DeusExMachina

      This is that kind of Machina, since it’s convulted and requires the reader to remember stuff dating back years ago. Like I said earlier, Minato is easier to beleive because he was the one to place the seal in the first place, and while Kushina makes sense too (if we are to believe the Fourth sealed part of her too in Naruto), it is WAY too convenient, and comes out of the left field based on the simple fact she will likely do nothing more than just help Naruto deal with the fox in the way he trained a few chapters ago.

      AKA: She just popped up so he could meet her as far as we know, thus making it seem like an asspull.

  15. I still don’t understand why you guys think this stuff is coming out of nowhere. A lot of this has been hinted at for a while. They’ve ALWAYS made a big deal about the seal that Naruto has, Orochimaru, Kakashi, Jiriya. They’ve ALL commented about how badass that seal is. The same version of the seal was used to take Orochi’s arms and the soul’s of the 1st and 2nd Hokage. A seal that strong obviously comes at a price. That price has been hinted at for a while to be the lives of his mom and dad. His dad was the first one to show up in total during the Pain fight. So the thing he had left in him was his mom.

    Ever stop to think that maybe his parents are the reason why Naruto didn’t go evil like Gaara? He didn’t have a good brother like Bee, or monks like some of the others. From the inside his parents kept him strong and he just never realized it. And now he’s at his final step, conquering the Kyuubi. Now his mom is about to release whatever chakra she had left to help Naruto become whole.

    And as far as chakra, chakra is lifeforce. Its like water and air and nature, the applications are only limited by the user. In fact that what makes Sage chakra special, its the world’s chakra, which combined with personal chakra makes crazy things happen.

    Naruto may get lose with facts but Kishi has always done a good job of tying things together, you just have to pay attention.

  16. narutos mother is drop dead beautiful no lie, and his daddy was a young handsome strong superstar, what the f*** with such beautiful parents how did he turn out with whiskers on his face (yeah yeah fox in his stomach, but still?) lol anyway Can’t wait to see him obtain the fox chakra omg and I want them to delve into his parents’ past a bit more as well

  17. Perhaps Naruto manifested her by accident?

    This is all happening inside of him, none of it’s physically real. If it was, an internal Rasenshuriken should tear apart his soul or something. He’s using techniques and getting the effects he knows he’ll get, but it’s not real.

    So maybe it’s like the waterfall V2. His longing to know his mother might have manifested her randomly, even though he’s in a fight. It may not be an anti-fox measure.


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