If a company’s ever wanted to really test how quickly their employees can get down ten plus flights of stairs during a fire drill, it only needs to take a page out of Sister’s book — start a real fire. In Riku’s case, it’s how fast he can book it down that huge ladder of his while wondering what the hell Sister’s thinking starting a huge bonfire by the riverside. Whether you’re supportive of his methods or just think he’s absolutely insane, Sister’s still not nearly as nonsensical as Sonchou. Out of all the characters in this series, Sonchou has always been the only one I can never give the benefit of the doubt when it comes to anything.

Ever since I first saw him back in episode one with water flowing out of his zipper-ridden rubber kappa suit yet continue to insist that he’s a legendary water sprite, my opinion of him has pretty much stayed there or even dropped down several notches. I wouldn’t quite call him annoying though; I just want to see him get slapped around a bit or charred for being an idiot. I really feel for Riku in his situation, particularly when Sister respects Sonchou and spoils him to no end. To make matters worse, he also remains the love of the “under bridge town” even when he completely screws up right in front of everyone. Because of that, I’ve more or less gotten into the habit of going back to the “well that’s Sonchou for you” mentality every time he does something, rather than risk popping some veins in my forehead trying to make sense of his actions. What can I say, except that I now I have new-found appreciation for common sense.

Disaster prevention exercises involving bucket relays aside, it looks like we’re in store for an overarching plot in the remaining episodes in this series, namely the Ichinomiya group’s plans to start construction work on the riverside. In essence, this is Kou’s father’s attempt to drive his son’s severely degraded ass out of the fruitless lifestyle he’s been living for the past while; however, Riku’s comedic panic and everyone’s lack of concern about being driven out of their homes actually resulted in some good drama in the end when Nino spoke up about not wanting to move. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the voluptuous sight of Maria getting out of bed and mentally scarring the public worker who was trying to evict her.

In the end, it was still overshadowed by the thought of Kou trying to take on his father for Nino’s sake. It’ll be interesting to see if his decision to uphold the family motto truly has no bounds, as it’s clear he’s already crapping his pants at the mere thought of his father being onto him. I can’t say I blame him either when the man has the police, media, and practically every other public servant on his side. My money is still on the likes our colorful bunch to prevail in the end, but it’s probably safe to say that it won’t go smoothly (or sensibly) at all.




  1. I’m just a burocratic pig but i want to say. NINOOOOOOOO! (H)
    I can’t wait for the next episode. More nino centered and perhaps some plot progression / otp moments.

  2. Well, this episode pretty much proved that Sonchou is pretty much beyond an idiot. A lovable, green, rubbery guy who makes some of the funniest gags, and also happens to be an idiot. And I’ve got pretty much nothing to say about the preview for next week >_>

  3. Maybe I’m reading much more than it really is; but the lay back attitude of everyone is teaching a big lesson to Riku. And Nino’s figthing spirit at the end left me wanting more from her!

    buta! Maria I want to wake by you every morning buta teach me to behave oh wait masochism is for working 😛

    What’s wrong with the preview? Man boobs ftw yuck! lol

    Island Esper
  4. Yay more Maria abusing people I love her. If she continues like this she might beat Hitagi in my “most verbally abusive girl you would still date” ranking. The episode was hilarious like last week,I get the most laughs out of this this season. Loved Sister’s reaction about “something dangerous” OMFG NUKES??!!!

  5. I find Sonchou really awesome(あほ!), I always do. But in this episode he’s just too awesome!!(あほあほあほあほあ!!!) xD

    no but really.. he’s gives out good jokes(あほ..) 😀


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