「解散宣言」 (Kaisan Sengen)
“Declaration of Disbandment”

Okay, I clearly have to take back saying Mikado can’t to do much as the figurehead of Dollars, because once he sends out a distress message to all members, everyone in the city is suddenly on the same page in rescuing Anri. Cell phone mass e-mails are frightening! I’m not entirely sure how cool seeing all that unfold was intended to be, but I actually found it more humorous than anything else. That was primarily due to Anri wondering why random people are just coming up to her and helping her every step of the way, including a guy in a bunny suit who carried her to safety like a princess before giving her the actual suit to sneak off in. From Anri’s perspective, it really was a miracle of sorts because she had absolutely no idea that Mikado was frantically coordinating a rescue operation the best he could with anyone who was willing to lend a hand.

The one whose help he wasn’t expecting of course was Masaomi’s, who pretty much lost himself from being conflicted between his loyalty to the Yellow Scarves and his feelings for Anri. With the way he was insinuating that she was plotting something against him when she was actually worried about him, I really was hoping she’d slap some sense into him. Bringing Mikado into the conversation and interrogating her from that angle was clearly the breaking point though, as one swift slap later made Masaomi realize what an ass he was being accusing her of things on no grounds. On the bright side, that sort of served as a wake-up call for him after he wandered aimlessly around Ikebukuro for a while. Unfortunately, his phone calls to Mikado fell on deaf ears following the disbandment of Dollars and the suspension of their website, which left me thinking if it’s not Masaomi who won’t answer his phone, it just had to be Mikado all of a sudden. As best friends, these two really need to keep their lines of communication open!

When I saw the determined look in Mikado’s face in the preview last time, I gave him the benefit of the doubt to do something more tactful than just cutting everyone off. He may believe this abrupt way of severing the group’s online ties will end the strife against the Yellow Scarves, but that’s hardly the case when Horada and the goons who listen to him are out to attack any Dollars member they can find. Izaya did take notice of exactly when the Dollars disbandment declaration came, but he didn’t sound all too surprised about it happening. As such, I figure it’s well within his expectations, meaning Mikado’s hasty decision probably won’t turn out like he’s hoping. On a positive note, at least Anri is in the hands of Celty and Shinra now, with the former intent on getting her to talk to Mikado about her being the mother of the Slashers and him being the leader of Dollars. While Masaomi is still flying solo in all this, having Mikado and Anri together will at least limit the number of key variables down to two.

On the lighter side of things, watching Celty get frustrated playing a video game against Shinra was kind of funny, but what I got a really good laugh out of was Shizuo getting annoyed as hell from all the messages he was getting spammed with from Mikado and the other Dollars members. Incidentally, having Anri right in front of him with Horada and his crew trying to provoke her turned out to be the best medicine for his pent-up rage. However, the big shocker was that they came back at him later on with a gun, shot him a few times, and left him for dead. Does his superhuman lapses in physical restraint allow him to survive gunshot wounds? If not, oh my god Shizuo!!!

Note: If you listen carefully to the voices during all the message board scenes in this episode, you can actually figure out a lot of characters’ online handles.




  1. I could tell who was talking, but I couldn’t read their handles fast enough.

    Kudos to Miyano Mamoru as Masaomi. I really believed that Masaomi was breaking down in that scene.

    And reason number 32 for me to grab a hammer and bash Horada’s head in: he shot Shizuo. D< (his complex about everyone being too scared to love him is baseless, I'm head over heels for him ^^;;)

  2. This Anri-rescue plan makes me remember Eden of the East again…

    I expect Shizuo to survive those gunshot wounds as his body has a fast recovering rate like Wolverine maybe Shizou skeletal frame is made up of admantium.

  3. Crazy. I’ll be sad when this show comes to an end. Keep up the great work.

    I agree that disbanding dollars won’t bring the results Mikado could hope for. Mikado could only do more good by keeping dollars around. Any number of things could happen: dollars being resurrected under a malevolent leader, malicious factions or fringe groups of dollars, etc.

  4. Shizuo’s gonna be treated by Shinra, but if they’re gonna closely follow the novel plot, that is. He’s gonna be fine. It sorta ticked me off that they left the episode on that note D:

  5. Actually you know what… you said mass emails are frightening. But after watching this episode I can say that what’s more frightening is the cooperation of people. Just a couple of messages on Dollars’ website, and everyone in Ikebukuro helped Anri, isn’t that creepy? Imagine if they all rose against the local government or something. But I guess I’m sort of in awe.

    I wonder if anyone created something similar to Dollars now, would it work?

  6. Pfft, Shizuo’s not dead. I mean the guy got cut up by knives, got stabbed through his whole hand and leg with pens, and gets into fist fights with Simon. Anyways, there was some pretty good drama in this episode, like with Masaomi interrogating Anri, and Mikado “disbanding” the Dollars. Also there were some pretty funny times, especially when they used the killer Kadota Van + Simon combo. That classic human sushi bit always gets me 😛

  7. Nice episode as always, this show makes me feel so happy everything I watch after it feels more better.
    “When I saw the determined look in Mikado’s face in the preview last time, I gave him the benefit of the doubt to do something more tactful than just cutting everyone off. He may believe this abrupt way of severing the group’s online ties will end the strife against the Yellow Scarves, but that’s hardly the case when Horada and the goons who listen to him are out to attack any Dollars member they can find.”
    If I may, It’s Kida which controls Horada and all not Mikado.Or maybe I got what you writed all wrong sorry if that’s the case.

    1. Unfortunately, after the latest events Kida’s no longer in control of the Yellow Scarves. They went on rampage, since Kida basically ordered to do nothing and be good. That Horada guy only fired them all up when Masaomi was away.

      And Kida was seriously pathetic in the last few eps, I’m disappointed, no matter how you look at it.
      And technically it’s his fault Shizuo was shot, since he began all that “chase after the slasher thing”.

    2. I meant that even with Dollars gone, Horada is still picking fights with their former members and causing problems. Mikado’s hope that Dollars will just suddenly go away and no longer be the target of the Yellow Scarves is a bit naive. That’s the point I was trying to get at.

  8. I am hating Horada more and more now. I mean, yeah, it was indirectly Masaomi’s fault that he’s kind of being useless, but just blaming it on him is gonna have Shizuo going after Masaomi when he gets better.

    Besides, Masaomi knows that Mikado is the leader of Dollars and Anri is somehow connected with the Slashers. He doesn’t know what to do and he can’t move or else he risks everything he’s been fighting for all along.

    I do think the banding together of Dollars against the Yellow Scarves was pretty awesome though.

  9. Someone needs to beat the hell out of Horada. Anyway, Shizuo won’t die that easily. He faces all sort of stuff and always lived so he’s some kind of monster in a way.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  10. there are several differences from the novel but its still good…
    I dont think I read that mikado disbanded the dollars but then again, I only read some parts of it. and anri was supposed to have a 30 hour sleep in shinra’s apartment but that might happen later(though very doubtful).

    by the way, mikado’s eyes are normally black but they’re starting to turn blue…

    1. ok I’m sorry but i really need to say this though. you’ve been spoiling way to much in the comments of EVERY single episode. seriously. if people want to know what happens, they’ll look it up themselves or read the actual novel. Didn’t you just go to anni fiesta and read all the stuff there? give that person credit then. The way your talking it sounds like your the one with all the information while you instead you probably had gotten it somewhere else. Have you actually read a full novel from durarara before?

  11. I actually feel like Masaomi was pretty justified in accusing her of all that stuff. I mean, she spied on his hideout, then turned members of the Yellow Scarves against each other (even if it was it was just her trying to keep the peace). So, yeah, his insinuations were a little more justified to me then Anri slapping him. If she’d just stayed and talked it out instead of running away (again), his Blue Screen of Death could have been avoided.

    Really, I feel like this is all just a case of poor communication skills on everybody’s part. ;___;

  12. It’s just so stupid shooting Shizu-chan without knowing he’s really dead. .__. Although this is, “Expect the unexpected,” I still doubt Shizu-chan would die out of three gun shots that (although I ain’t sure about it myself) isn’t hitting “vital points.” (Well, I ain’t expecting much from an idiot, shooting Superman with an ordinary gun.) At least hit the head, for Pete’s sake (but I guess his head is harder than a diamond or some other crap).

    Uhh… Forget what I said. *cough* *cough* SHIZUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-CHAN!

    1. Well, if you look at those shooters, you will notice that they’re freakin afraid of killing someone which is why they were all jumpy and stuff. If they were someone who killed people before, I think they will shoot the way you would think they do. However, even if they do shoot Shizuo in the head, he’s a level 99 monsters and will come back and beat them up some more!!

  13. I already mentioned that I get my info from anni_fiesta in my earlier comments
    and my comment was supposed to mean the color of their eyes:
    the 3 colors of…(I forgot what it was called)

  14. Why am I disapointed in this series all the sudden? Well to me it seems like theres to freaken plots in one series. I thought it was going to be about Selty getting her head back and the mystery behind that.Hell about Selty in general.Well at least thats how it started. But now all the sudden its about some high school kids and gangs. : (

  15. Ya, Shizuo was so hilarious gotten frustrated by the mail, the scene where he was shot is really shocking, but I don’t think he will die that easily….It’s so cool watching all the Dollars member helping Anri through forum, probably the best thing Mikado did before he disband Dollars

  16. It’s sweet to see Takiguchi(High school kid who got mauled by Horada and his men) finally gets a little vengeance on Horada.

    It’s so sad that there are only 2 episodes more(for on-air ones anyway). I want the 2nd season bad…REALLY BAD. Hey the 8th book of the original novel has just published in Japan. They got way more than enough materials to make a sequel. I think they absolutely should make the 2nd season.

  17. @Tokki

    you know that Celty is the “valkyrie”, right? let me give you a re-cap. it is mentioned (by izaya) that the ‘valkyrie’ appears during a war and takes the souls of those heroic warriors that had died during the war. man, the war is just about to start xD use some common sense.

    1. Horada said Masaomi ordered them to. I highly doubt it though. I mean, what does Masaomi have against Shizuo?

      Horada’s lower than a dungbeetle’s crap, in my opinion.

      1. Masaomi most likely did not order them to go after Shizuo because

        1. What kind of idiotic move is that? Anyone going after Shizuo CAN and WILL be beaten up senseless. Masaomi knows that well, as shown in episodes 1 and 3.
        2. He’s currently wandering around Ikebukuro now at a loss of what to do. Horada said he hadn’t been to the Yellow Scarves hideout in a while, so that’s basically proof right there.

        Framing Masaomi will mean that Shizuo will go after Masaomi and not Horada. First, anyways. That just gives Horada time to escape if need be.


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