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What do you get when you combine one of the hottest shows of the season with one of the coolest themes and most distinct opening sequences? The best of both worlds in this exceptionally well-done MAD movie for Angel Beats inspired by Durarara‘s stylistic touches and featuring ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D’s “Complication”. With both of these awesome series coming to an end in the next couple of days, now seemed like the perfect time to post about this. If you haven’t seen this yet, you might be surprised how talented (i.e. hardcore) some Japanese fans are. As a bonus, this video even helps you get Angel Beats’ character names straight if you had any difficulty doing to. Of course, it’s even COOLER if you do a side by side comparison with the original and sync them up, for which I’ve provided the option to do so below. Now how badass is that?

[flv:Durarara_OP2.mp4 370 210]
[flv:Angel_Beats_Durarara_OP2_Parody.mp4 Angel_Beats_Durarara_OP2_Parody_02.jpg 370 210]


    1. Crap… You beat me to it…

      This really entertained me so much when I first saw it. I was saying “wow… that somehow works….”

      I miss stage6 back then they post HD MADs. I dunno if there’s anyway to download videos in niconico in HD.

    2. The only thing missing in the K-ON!xWORKING! is that with the chibi yui’s there is should be one thats off with the others 😀
      (My friend pointed it out to me, but check out the working op and you’ll get what I mean)

  1. Oh cool! You’re showing MADs now? Coincidentally, Angel Beats and Durarara are two of the five shows I’m watching right now (the other three being Bleach, Naruto, and FMA), and to see them being put together like this is just awesome.

    Although, I do have just one gripe: Noda and IZAYA?! That’s the worst parallels ever! In that they have none!

  2. man i envy them japanese people xD with their insane amount of skill… in practically everything… they’ve got anime, MADs, their pretty decent at sports, they got the latest tech (or at least one of the most recent)… もうう!! 羨ましい!!!

  3. that’s amazing i watched them both at the same time ( the audio synched) and i must say the people that did that… did a great job and i couldn’t help but applaud… 😀

  4. Hmm, this was good, but I wouldn’t call this “exceptionally well-done”. xD;

    The ‘cut and paste’ look on some parts and low-quality zooming were major faults D:

  5. Have to say, the awesome part of this is the well done inlet of the ‘previous episode’, meaning if it was ‘Durarara format’ this op would be the episode right after otonashi confronted the ‘evil’ Naoi.

  6. Shina and Tenshi last no *cries. I don’t really follow fan made intros. However the few that are posted her are great. I wish I had that much time and resources to play around.

    Island Esper
  7. Would love to see more parodies of the 2nd ending. I really like how the road/highway starts off fully colored and then sorta… turns into (flat? not really sure how to describe it just yet) background with the main characters scrolling past.

    Speaking of characters, I was hoping we’d see more of Kuzuhara since he seemed like such a fun character to have around.

  8. I was wondering where that parody of Angel Beats X Durarara!! went off to, thanks Divine for the side to comparison. I still can’t get over how amazingly talented the person who made that parody is.

  9. Totally awesome when seeing the videos in comparison. Nice parodies! Some of the names for the Angel Beats characters aren’t really that clear, but amazing none the less =) Wondering why parodies stemming from Durarara are so rampant now, but I like it! Kind of fun to see how hardcore anime fans can get at stuff like these haha.

  10. Running those 2 videos at the same time was pretty damn sweet. Divine, your insight for that was on point. Though they coulda put Noda with Shizou and Naoi with Izaya.


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