Nothing major was added in this recap episode told from Mario’s perspective, but it did go over everything that’s happened up until now. Time-wise, it slots in just after he received the bullet from Setsuko and before embarking to Numazu, Shizuoka to find and kill Ishihara. The only new scenes were the ones showing Mario make a stop-off at the tree before heading out, but I did find his retelling of the events a bit interesting because it showed how much he’s changed since meeting An-chan. In addition, it was kind of cool reliving some of those really dramatic moments, such as when Baremoto came through the fire with the cell key to rescue everyone from the fire he accidentally started. At the same time, it was kind of sad looking back at the last time Setsuko saw Sakuragi alive when she wished him a safe trip with a smile on her face.

Things concluded with Mario searching for answers to exactly why Sakuragi was killed by the MPs, but convinced that Ishihara was the one that stabbed him first. At this point, it doesn’t seem like he’s aware that Sasaki showed up to tell them to open fire. Judging from the preview, he’s decided to let his guard down to Ishihara for whatever reason, but still looks intent on killing him. The bigger surprise is seeing Joe with Sasaki at gunpoint, but I can’t imagine he’ll simply shoot him in the head. I suspect Baremoto’s plan is much more intricate than just blowing Sasaki’s brains out, so it’ll be interesting to see how that plays out. I’m hoping it involves something along the lines of exposing all his crimes during his political campaign, so that he’ll be sent off to prison where he can get raped all he wants.

* Note: This post marks the 100th one this month, setting a new site record!




  1. Wow, 100th? GRATZ DIVINE! You’re definitely delivering post and post don’t burn yourself out lol
    New season kicks into when the next month starts too, not a moments break for you ;A;
    Seeing An-chan now makes me sad T_T!! Joe looks pretty badass and a lot more different *A* very unlike him.

  2. “so that he’ll be sent off to prison where he can get raped all he wants”


    I don’t usually watch recap episodes but I decided I might as well. Nothing much to say, I just hope Mario at least decks Ishihara a couple more times because I don’t think he has it in him to actually kill Ishihara.

    That said, wow 100 posts. And right on the last day of the month too, nice finish. You must be running off some heavy coffee lol.

  3. Gratz on the 100 post. We need counters too, to keep track if we are over posting *looks the other way and whistles 🙂
    I miss an-chan, still can accept he’s gone. I don’t want Sasaki in prison! If he gets raped he’ll be in paradise. there’s must be a better way to make him pay and suffer. The sa goes for Ishihara. He’s a crazy junkie how to make him suffer???? ideas requested!

    Island Esper
  4. Same here they have to find a way to make him suffer even more than in prison.
    This show is just FABULOUS.Never thought I would say this not ironically.
    And yeah 100th post way to go Divine go go go!!!, If you look like Kou when he did the amusement park plan, this means you look like an perfect yet tired man!!!We all love you.


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