「1年7組 叶爽太郎」 (Ichinen Nanakumi Kanou Soutarou)
“Kanou Soutarou of Year 1 Class 7”

I feel sorry for Kanou Soutarou (Toriumi Kousuke) for hating women for some reason, but his hypnosis on Misaki sure led to some really hilarious and dramatic results with Takumi. Misaki may be highly susceptible to being hypnotized, but she’s also a whole lot more fun when she’s drunk because of it. Not only does she slap Takumi around and rub his head, she’ll even start stripping and asked to be stripped too. Naturally, I wasn’t expecting Takumi to take advantage of her in her intoxicated state, but I sure as hell enjoyed how he made sure to take video evidence so that Misaki wouldn’t think that he was just making the entire thing up later on. What I really got a good laugh out of was how Takumi wrapped her in a blanket and tied her up with a rope to stop her from stripping, which led to her going for the maid-like plea to be untied before breaking free herself and saying it was just a feint. To me, that just reiterated that Misa-chan’s extremely lovable even when she’s drunk and becomes “Fun Misa”.

Subsequently, her peaceful sleeping face proved to be just as pretty as her flustered and mean-looking ones. Even if this episode didn’t have plot of sorts, I probably would’ve been pretty content with how well it showcased all aspects of her character and exactly why she’s a bundle of tsundere goodness. Of course, the fact that it did have one made it all the better, starting off with Soutarou’s attempts to get the student council members disgraced in the teacher’s eyes so that Seika would stop improving its image to attract more female students. For whatever reason, it didn’t occur to him that the female student council president would be the driving factor behind that, so he went around hypnotizing all the other members first. While that did give each of them a proper introduction and some screen time, things took a much more eventful turn when he finally hypnotized Misaki, which I attribute to exhibit A above — Fun Misa.

His plans to have a teacher catch Misaki in a drunken stupor failed thanks to Takumi and his stalkerish ways, but his second attempt to try and form a rift between her and Takumi proved to be pretty effective. I’m not really sure why Takumi didn’t just kick his ass and make him cancel the effects, but Misaki was left with a 24 hour period where if she fell asleep during it, would wake up hating Takumi forever. This was shortly after Soutarou’s failed attempt to hypnotize Takumi into hating Misaki outright too. The 24 hour stipulation didn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense if he could have just made Misaki hate Takumi right away, but did result in some really cute moments between the two of them. Unsurprisingly, Takumi wasn’t going to let her fall asleep and wind up hating him, but Misaki surprisingly choose to pull an all-nighter herself for the sake of not letting Soutarou have his way. I got a good chuckle about how she kept reiterating that it’s pointless as she hates him already, only for Takumi to tell her that he knows she likes him and get her all flustered. Clearly, it was to get her riled up and unable to sleep, but I like how nonchalantly he said it knowing very well that there’s more truth behind that statement than Misaki cares to admit.

With the end of the 24 hours in sight the next day, it was pretty funny to see Yukimura get brainwashed into give Misaki some painkillers with a drowsy side-effect instead of the blueberry supplements he had in mind, particularly due to Misaki’s reaction to being unbelievably sleepy. I probably laughed more than I should’ve in that scene, especially when she added that she isn’t familiar with medicine because they’re so expensive. Much to my pleasant surprise, things ended on a really sweet note with Takumi holding Misaki and telling her he’ll come save her time and time again, except she seemed to pass out with five minutes left to go. Soutarou was quick to point out that she didn’t make it, but I’m left wondering if Misaki will overcome the hypnosis’ effects with her unwavering determination. Takumi did say that hypnosis only works to the extent that a person doubts what they’re hypnotized into believing, suggesting that Misaki can break free from it if she comes to terms with how she feels about him. It worked wonders for Takumi, as his strong feels of not wanting to hate Misaki rendered Soutarou’s attempt to hypnotize him into doing so completely ineffective. Will Misaki admit she likes Takumi next episode? I’m pretty damn curious to find out since the preview doesn’t hint at what happens at all.




  1. https://randomc.net/image/Kaichou%20wa%20Maid-sama!/Kaichou%20wa%20Maid-sama!%20-%2014%20-%20Large%20Preview%2001.jpg

    From the preview, it seems poor Yukimura is doomed to crossdress once every week until the end of this series. XD

    When drunk Misaki was tied to her blanket by Takumi, she pleaded to Takumi “Please let me go”, yet that sentence in Japanese “出してください” can have a completely different meaning if your mind is dirty enough. 🙂

    Kinny Riddle
      1. think any notion of innocent minds went out the window the minute Takumi started *harassing* Misaki from episode 2 onwards XD

        And her meido outfit certainly doesn’t help with imagination too 😛

  2. What? No!

    /rage at Kanou

    This better turn out alright. I imagine there will be some sort of redemption later on or some story that makes us pity Kanou, but I still felt like punching that little hooded punk after this episode. ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ

  3. I found it hilarious that when Misaki was falling back on the bed they still made Usui catch her xD. Can’t wait to see if Misaki really does end up hating Usui in the next episode, should keep things interesting.

  4. I love this show so much! Misaki for female lead of the year. She’s so much in love with Usui that can be read a mile away. so is he, having her helpless in bed and not steal a tiny little kiss. In another note we lost Yukimura for good lol He’s trying hard (willing or not) but still ages away from hideyoshi or Yuki!

    Island Esper
  5. y is usui so perfect >:( cant even be hypnotise.. wth.. just need to see him 1 hit ko SSJ4 goku now…

    misaki’s many emotions were very entertaining to see, think the best one is her mean-looking one wif the bread >:D

    easily my favourite series this season 🙂

    1. Wow, epic failed on the HTML code… (I’m at a rather dark Internet cafe right now so it’s a wee bit difficult to type while thinking of the time limit.) 😀

  6. ..Honestly, my cynical side felt like my intelligence got insulted. It might be more convincing if he was shown laying out more preparation work, but now it was like “BAM! You’re hynoptised because you are!” Huh!?!

    As much as I want to love Misaki for being a strong female lead, she likes to prove me wrong occasionally. And Usui is becoming more like an alien – for 14 episodes, he’s been supremely infallible.

    /ends rant.

    On the good side, I love Misaki’s and Usui’s interactions. Cute as usual 😀

    1. In all fairness, the guy tried to hypnotize Usui in a different way to Misaki. I mean he even used the whole pendulum thing, so he kinda went all out for her. that and I think it’s because of Misaki’s ways that she was more inclined to become hypnotised, what with her being pretty uptight, whereas Usui is laid back already so for him to be put into a hypnotised state would probably be a little harder anyway, though this is just my opinion.

  7. Oh yes I went fan-girl fanatic and started screaming at all those close-ups with Usui. So moe this episode for me. I’m loving the “drama suspense”…who am I kidding I’m all for the love comedy. <3

  8. Oh Yukimura is just too easy to manipulate – especially by Usui – but I’ve got to admit – he looks GREAT in girls clothes.
    This episode was the best so far in terms of really executing the main points and exact details of that chapter/part of story in the manga and really capturing it – THE romantic scene at the end was right on (*fangirls*)
    Also – wouldn’t Misaki have more common sense than to go search for Kanou and give him a talking to when she knows that he’s a hypnotist?

  9. well she is rather headstrong and would rather settle things herself rather than to ask for help. Its pretty much a plus point to a character that has certain drawbacks 😛


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