[flv:Nurarihyon_no_Mago_OP.mp4 370 210] OP: “Fast Forward”
[flv:Nurarihyon_no_Mago_ED.mp4 370 210] ED: “Sparky☆Start”
by Hirano Aya, Horie Yui, Maeda Ai

Another series I wasn’t planning to post about is the adaptation of the long-running shounen manga, “Nurarihyon’s Grandson”. However, after watching the premiere episode the other day, the cute ending sequence made me want to get some sort of post out about it. The song itself isn’t anything special, but I liked the sound of Hirano Aya singing with Horie Yui, followed up by Maeda Ai. All three seiyuu were using their kiddy voices, so it went well with the super-deformed sequence in my eyes. Again, it’s nothing overly special, but I found it cute enough to bring it up. In comparison, the opening theme probably deserves more mention, being performed by Canadian/Japanese hybrid pop-rock band Monkey Majik.

As for the series itself, my impression of the first episode is that it’s a pretty nice-looking Studio DEEN production. For the most part, it was an introductory one that emphasized Rikuo’s desire to lead a normal human life and not become the third leader of the Nura Clan. Things quickly shifted to a more lighthearted affair with him visiting the old school building at night with some friends, where he frantically tried to hide the existence of youkai from his childhood friend, Ienaga Kana (Hirano Aya). It’s far from indicating what this series will entail when other youkai get involved trying to take Rikuo’s rightful succession and everyone starts unleashing their “fears” to battle one another, but I’m still not too inclined to get into this adaptation. I skimmed a bit of the manga while writing the Summer 2010 Preview and wasn’t too eager to get into a shounen series that currently spans eleven volumes. All I really wanted to see was Yuki-Onna (lit. Snow Woman) played by Horie Yui, which I may be checking out a few more for.

Anyway, it was kind of neat hearing Fukuyama Jun switch from his childish voice when Nura Rikuo’s his twelve year-old self to his Lelouch Lamperouge one when he transforms to his youkai one. I suppose his ability to change between the two is likely one of the reasons why he was cast for the leading role. Interestingly enough, Sakurai Takahiro is in this series as well as one of Rikuo’s faithful youkai, Kubinashi (lit. no neck), albeit he’s no Kururugi Suzaku here. That said, production does look pretty good so far, so I imagine manga readers will be happy about this one. As I’m still on the fence about following it myself though, I won’t be covering any future episodes.

* Those living in the United States have free access to a simulcast by VIZ Media on Hulu, under the English title “Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan”. For everyone else, you’ll have to resort to your usual means.


  1. I wasn’t expecting anyone at rc to watch this series! The general consensus among its manga readers is that the series finds its stride about 18 chapters in (not really sure how many episodes that’ll be). Hopefully deen doesn’t go all umineko all over this…

  2. Really wish you were blogging this one, especially since it’s only 24 episodes. From what I’ve heard it gets really good around the second volume. I enjoyed the first episode for the most part although I wasn’t really able to get a good feel for all of the characters or the story.

  3. Hands down the best opening this season. I’m still wondering why the mangaka let Dean get their hands on this, when I’m sure other studios would be eager to take on this show. Looks like BONES took good animation with them and Dean took crap when they broke off from Sunrise. Just goes to show how much of an effect a decent budget has on a show.

  4. More information in case anyone’s wondering. This first season is going to cover up all of the shikoku arc, and sadly will not be including the Gitsune arc which was the cause for the rise in success for the manga. I hadn’t realized DEEN grabbed such a great director and in an interview with him and the mangaka, he discussed how he would stay completely faithful to the manga adding in scenes here and there. A second season is going to depend on the success of this first season, though it’s sad to see the best arcs being left out of this first season. Like Suzuku said above me, it’s a shame you won’t be covering this anime because “gets really good” is somewhat of an understatement. Literally the top shounen manga in wsj and easily tops Naruto and Bleach. I’d really recommend reading further in the manga, would definitely raise your hype for the anime.

  5. Mm I used to clean the manga for scanlations every week for a year.Working with used toilet paper sucks.It’s nice to see it got popular enough for an anime although I haven’t read it since I quit lol.

    I do like Monkey Majik quite a bit though =D

  6. Gotta say I am currently loving everything about this adaption; the animation of the episode was done beautifully, the op and ed are just fantastic, and they have huge talent, only downside is that I am finding Fukuyama Jun high pitched I am in middle school voice a tad grating to the ear but maybe it’ll grow on me

  7. Hmph. Although I would’ve gladly supported you for blogging this Divine, why am I not surprised. It’s a good series, and if the consensus here is that Moe series >>>> shounen series .. i don’t know.

    1. I’d say that’s hardly the case. Just because I have reservations about getting into long-running shounen series doesn’t automatically put me on the moe side of things. Fullmetal Alchemist is a shounen series after all.

      Also, Durarara, GIANT KILLING, RAINBOW, Sarai-ya Goyou, Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin, Senkou no Night Raid, The Legend of the Legendary Heroes, and Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru are clearly anything but moe. A lot of the other shows I tend to cover/watch are just comedies. Some of them are pretty adult-themed too, such as B Gata H Kei and kiss x sis.

      I used to be big on the Naruto and Bleach anime back in the day, and was even watching FAIRY TAIL when it started airing, but have since dropped them all (except the Naruto manga). For a Monday show, I’m pretty happy with Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin right now.

    2. It’s kind of ironic that you say moe takes precedence here when this is about the only blog aside from Star Crossed that covers RAINBOW, about the least moe anime this year. >.>

    1. Clearly not. Despite honest attempts to get the lyrics right by ear, fansubbed karaoke is wrong more often than not before official lyrics are released. I’m not 100% sure, but I believe they said “Venus”, based on the other lyrics in the song.

  8. Beautiful openining, it sort of reminded me of Kekkaishi in a way.

    After looking at the close-up of Nuraihyon’s face near the end of the opening I thought to myself “Man, I wish Fukuyama Jun played this role” and lord behold the role is in fact Fukuyama! He did an excellent job and I love how he can switch tones between the youkai and the normal human high school part.

    Divine, if you didn’t post this I would’ve skipped this anime, thanks for posting! XD

  9. Im so happy that the anime seems to be quite faithful to the manga so far.
    This series gets better by its eigth or so episode

    Also LOVE that the opening is by Monkey Majik <3


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