「文明の到来」 (Bunmei no Tourai)
“The advent of BUNMEI”

In addition to the occult, we have espers, time travelers, and aliens. Hmm, now where have I seen that combination of characters before…? Anyway, while the ingredients are similar, the mix is completely different in Waldstein Academy. As it turns out, Fumiaki was sent back in time to try and save humanity from the alien threat that’s taken over the Earth in 2012. It wasn’t anything like I was expecting, but I admit the revelation sure had some “oomph” to it. What’s more, the alien invasion is believed to be in accordance to the Nostradamus Prophecies, giving us the whole occult side to the story. I gather most of the sci-fi element will take a backseat to the events in 1999 as we go along, but it did help explain the purpose of sending agents back in time. More specifically, we learn that Fumiaki and the previous five time agents who were all killed are searching for Nostradamus’ Key, in hopes that destroying it would prevent the dimensional rift that the aliens came through from opening at Waldstein Academy.

Needless to say, it all sounds pretty far-fetched and almost a bit too outlandish, but this isn’t the first time a piece of fiction has gone for the “changing the past to save the future” bit. Personally, I’m a big fan of time travel in science fiction and the paradoxes that come from the various theories, so learning that they’re trying to save humanity using alien technology makes the premise all the better. Also, the use of Fumiaki’s cellphone camera that can see what something’s like thirteen years in the future if he destroys it or not puts an even more interesting (albeit eery) spin on things. Maya’s shock from using it on herself and seeing a pile of bones was one example of its creepy use, whereas Fumiaki using it in the storage rooms and coming across JK turned out to be a hilarious one. I don’t know why Smile punched JK without warning, but the randomness of that scene added to the laughs. The quirky humor that stemmed from Maya’s abuse of Fumiaki was present throughout — such as when she wanted to test his spoon bending ability but interrupted him for taking too damn long — but the story itself played out really well alongside it.

As hinted by the first episode, the vice-principal Kawashima Chihiro is turning out to be the main suspect behind the death of Maya’s father. Now that Maya’s taken over as principal of the school in accordance to her father’s will and discovered his old research notebook outlining how he was killed for looking into the Nostradamus Prophecies, all of Chihiro’s actions from this point on will be even more suspicious in my eyes. In any case, her involvement still doesn’t explain all the supernatural things going on, which is what I also liked about this episode. Just when it starting feeling like an introduction to Fumiaki’s undercover role as a Japanese history teacher named Abe Minoru, the ghosts came out to try and get rid of Maya before she starts digging for the truth. We can’t have all the sci-fi without the horror right? Overall, this second showing reiterated everything that I liked about the first one, making this the show I look forward to the most on a weekly basis right now. Next week looks like we’ll finally see the introduction of Chihara Minori‘s character, Nakagawa Mikaze, whom I’ve been looking forward to just to see what her role is in all this.




  1. Lol Maya’s changing face expression when Fumiaki came through the door was priceless plus a bit of fan service in the end was nice too.

    “changing the past to save the future” has been done before but this one might be worth watching since the humor is funny and both of the main characters are watchable as well, definitely gonna be watching this one.

  2. Its great that they had a psychokinetic to send back in time. Now he wont need to ask any nearby kindergarten kids to bend any spoons that show up, but can do it himself after a couple of minutes of hard concentration! It seems the future is down to scraping the barrel when looking for the best hero to send.

  3. It’s funny how Maya keeps saying she hates the occult but obviously loves it on the inside. She’s really a tsundere over it lol. Although, I think the producers made it a little too obvious that Uchida has something to do with the arrival of the aliens, considering Maya pretty much outright said it.

  4. This show just seems to get wackier and wackier. The time travel bit was crazy enough without the aliens and Nostradamus, but with everything, it presents a situation that just can’t be taken seriously. And I like that; the show has done just fine with its comedy. I hope they never get TOO deep into the story.

  5. I love the use of WALDSTEIN in this anime’s soundtrack… one of my favorite beethoven sonatas and with the variation of the first movement at the start of episode 2, i think it might be a common theme in this anime’s soundtrack ~_~_v

  6. “The first episode of the Sengoku Basara Two television anime series earned a 5.4% rating in Tokyo’s Kanto region and a 7.4% rating in Osaka’s Kansai region on July 11. Those figures represent the highest rated premiere in the Sunday 5:00 p.m. timeslot for the MBS/TBS network since it began airing anime in that timeslot in April of 2008. It is also the third highest rating recorded in that “Nichi-5″ (Sunday 5 p.m.) anime timeslot in the Kanto region, and the highest rating recorded in that timeslot in the Kansai region.

    By comparison, Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Second Season premiered with a 4.5% rating in the same timeslot on October 5, 2008.”

    Again, why is RC not doing Sengoku Basara 2 (Production I.G)? Don’t make Omni’s admitted mistake again. Passing up good animes is dumb.

    1. Omni’s admitted mistake…trying to cover so many series that he burns out?

      They blog what they want to blog, so let them decide instead of demanding that they do what they don’t want to. Or why don’t you offer to do it?

      Hayate Yagami
    2. Actually, I really would like to check out how the series is doing, but I have never watched the first season so i am not so sure if i should jump in. It would be nice if someone could pick it up here on the blog (why dont u try it *sparkle eyes*). Its a no for blogging for me as anime is pretty rare here.

    3. It’s never been about blogging what’s popular or what has the nicest animation, at least not with me. If anything, I tend to give more attention to the series that are often overlooked, like Sarai-ya Goyou, RAINBOW, GIANT KILLING, etc. The main reasons for me not blogging Sengoku BASARA Two are because 1.) I never got around to finishing the first season and 2.) I have enough Sunday shows as-is. I’ve only seen a couple of episodes from season one, but I agree Production I.G. is doing some really nice work there like I mentioned in the season preview. As such, I was hoping Kiiragi or Prooof would cover it, but neither expressed any interest.

      1. Good for you. In all honesty the main reason I like RC is that you are willing to focus on shows that don’t get much attention. I personally prefer original shows that stand out like Senkou no Night-raid and Sarai-ya Goyou. I also like to think your not as shallow as to blog something just because it’s “Popular” or well animated. You reviews so far to me have looked deeper. So despite Zero being rude. I think you’re doing a great job of picking show you want to blog. Which is surely what it’s supposed to be about. Keep it up. 😉

  7. Criticize me if I missed something, but how exactly is the world of 2012 apocalyptic when Fumiaki’s last whereabouts before being sent back in time was at some sort of sunny side beach resort? You know, that scene where he was lounging on a beach chair.

    Maybe the world of 2012 was remade into a hierarchical society where psychics and freaks live on top with the aliens and everyone else is ground up into fodder.

    Otherwise, I am very much enjoying this show so far.

    1. You do realize that part was embellished as he is obviously the last choice to sent to the past to save the future. Also he is obviously a complete and total coward.

      The aliens look a little war of the worlds and such but i won’t fault them because its more homage to good sci fi at this point as is most of the series so far.

      I am liking the use of the nostradamus angel and the reason it didn’t happen is because they when back and changed it i like how this goes. Also as i said when i saw her the first time i think the vice principle is a evil bitch-this episode makes me even more sure that she is either the head villian or the field commander-probably the latter

      As to what the key is i have a theory that it will turn out to be either something build directly into the school or some thing below the school or just the school building itself in some way that at the end of the series allows her to destroy the school in total.

  8. This was better than the first episode, I just hope she will keep her thighs focusing clothes and not this saloirfuku she wore at the end of the episode.I’m just gonna drop this if she doesn’t.Kidding.
    The phone which shows the future reminded me of an old episode of dr Slump where Aral got the same thing.

  9. Homages galore, from the “Psycho” shower scene to Tarzan cry when time agent bursts in…
    loved the surprise at camera within cellphone – back in 1999 they were rare or even not existed yet… and even more surprise at special effects included 😛
    Mayas abuse of poor Abe Minoru – or should I call him Fumiaki? – was also hilarious. Add to this a pinch of fanservice and we get great show.
    re: evil guys – I would presume they are Apocalyptic Cthultists of some kind…of course dabbling in things better left alone.
    And hear me well, I am concerned that Fumiaki/Minoru can really be the Great King of prophecy unwittingly triggering the cataclysm.

    1. I probably should have laid the sarcasm a bit heavier 😛

      It is a shame though (imo). I don’t have anything particularly against that setting but I do find that in the last few years very few animes with original characters/storylines have come out (and even fewer good ones) that were based in a school. This one looks like it may be an exception though.

    1. I had a strong and sudden sense he looked too familiar, still, had second thoughts. But then, saying it “could” be him, he could’ve time traveled warning himself of the consequences. In other words: preventing the school from ever having been being built in the first place. Unless, now this is already too much, he was so stubbornly obsessed with the occult, that he (in the past), wouldn’t have paid any attention to the messages from himself of the future. Unless, he’s already planning something else, as events progress. Being that could make the events turn out even more complicated if it wore that way or the other. @_@
      Maybe the producers did it on purpose to confuse those whom noticed.-_-!

      1. Divine, I bet Maya’s father faked his death. After all, how could a supernatural expert who had come up with a defensive spell for every attack of his enemy be killed so easily?

      2. Divine, that could totally be, i mean if it’s not him (saying that [close to Matroid’s idea] Maya’s father hadn’t faked the whole thing of having died, thus letting him gain more time by manipulating from behind the scenes his wife or daughter in order to know who’s really behind [aka use them as bait]; thou, i don’t think he was mad enough to do such to his own family). It could be that since he looked similar to that guy, and time-traveled back as him after the original one died in his place.
        But, i remember the group from the future that’s managing this time-travel saving the world business; they showed pictures of the school, and related personnel, Maya, her Father etc. If not, could be he’s changed a bit, which could reason them not noticing. O_o
        Who knows, guess i just have to hold my thoughts and see what happens next time.

  10. I had always heard that the term Tsundere came from the woman hokagi of Naruto named Tsunade sp). A Beautiful cold on the outside woman that is kind on the inside and inititally dislikes the hero of a story but over time warms up to the hero and they become romantically involved or develop a close friendship or feelings for the hero.

    1. Try again.

      The word is derived from the terms Tsun Tsun (ツンツン?) , meaning to turn away in disgust, and Dere Dere (デレデレ?) meaning to become ‘lovey dovey’.

  11. This is really turning out to be different from all the other series airing, even the horror themed ones. Its really unique and different for me. I couldn’t get passed Sora no woto and completely ignored Night Raid so watching this was a pleasnt surprise from anime no chikara. I guess I’m gonna go watch Sora no woto now and Night Raid (when that’s finished subbing which looks like it will be a while).

  12. Divine did you happen to catch the Occult Gakuin episode 3 leak? Every one else seems to be more focused on the Naruto shippuden 169 and Fairy Tail episode 40 leak. Just wondering cause you seemed more hyped for this show then other people so I imagined you might have caught the leak?

    1. I didn’t catch it when it was up on YouTube, but it looks like someone saved a copy as it’s floating around on the Internet right now. I’m definitely going to take a sneak peak, but I’ll wait until the official airing to blog it. I don’t want to screen cap from a low quality 360p stream and then have to do it all over again.

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