If there’s one thing to be thankful for this episode, it’s that the arc involving Ishihara and Sasaki appears to be a done deal. However, just when things were finally taking a turn for the better, Mario lashing out at an angry drunk lands him in police custody again. What’s worse, this time it looks like he’s going to be tried as an adult and potentially be locked up for seven years. With the way things concluded last episode, I’ve been wondering what sort of trials and tribulations the boys would be in store for after overcoming their biggest ones together, but I was surprised to see how quickly it went back to the “life behind bars” bit (…and literally a trial). I don’t particular mind that this series is turning out to be a “prison anime” since it’s not exactly something we see every season, though I was secretly hoping it would start out as such before breaking out of its shell and becoming something more. In a way, the start of this arc with the new challenge before Baremoto and the others of trying to save Mario from a life in prison almost feels like this is what the anime will conclude around.

Hopefully that won’t be the case since there’s still Joe’s sister Meg I’d like to see some more story about after seeing a bit of foreshadowing in the new ending sequence, but I won’t be too bent out of shape if they don’t get around to it. This series could have easily concluded at thirteen episodes if they just left out the recap one, so anything that happens now to test the boys’ brotherly bonds is just gravy. While Mario is behind bars again, the fact that the five others aren’t changes the scenery enough to make it a totally different problem they’re facing. I’m actually looking forward to seeing what Baremoto’s plan is this time around, since I can’t really think of any way to save Mario from being prosecuted right now save for busting in with a tank like Suppon suggested. What I absolutely loved seeing this episode though was how they all banded together to save Mario without any second thoughts or hesitation whatsoever. Watching them walk out of the bar and all be on the same page was moving in a way, because I couldn’t help but wonder if I have any friends who would the same for me or vice-versa. It’s one thing to be a friend, but it’s something else altogether to never abandon one and risk getting thrown back into jail yourself. This is especially true for guys like Heitai, who’s completely clean now and has a respectable position in the Self-Defense Forces.

Somewhat overshadowed by Mario’s predicament was Setsuko’s arranged marriage to help save her father’s business. I’ve more or less become okay with the idea of Mario having feelings for her now, seeing as he feels Setsuko still has An-chan on her mind, so naturally I’m all for her ending up with him over some random guy she doesn’t even like. I’m sure Sakuragi would feel the same way, especially now that Setsuko sees Mario as an embodiment of his spirit. He’s still a too bit emotional about protecting those he deems important — such as his boss — but that too is very similar to how Sakuragi was. Speaking of which, I get the feeling that Mario’s boss partly fired him to save him from having a potential run-in with the police, which would’ve worked if he didn’t go back later on to formally apologize. Their new hurdle looks like it’s going to be the public prosecutor intent on getting Mario sentenced to the maximum seven years, who just happens to be played by Fullmetal Alchemist‘s King Bradley, Shibata Hidekatsu. Interesting enough, the Kogure Yoshitaka guy whom Mario beat up to land him there is played by Yoshino Hiroyuki, i.e. Kimblee. It seems like those two are bad news regardless of which series they’re in!




  1. Damn, I was expecting them to focus on Mario and Setsuko’s relationship, I definitely didn’t think that Mario would be arrested and faced with being thrown in prison. I don’t know how they intend on breaking Mario out, but I really don’t see him getting out of this sentence. So fucked up.

    And I wonder who it is that Cabbage and Joe are talking to in the preview? She looks like Setsuko but I don’t think it’s her.

  2. Mario’s gotta learn to suppress his emotions when facing problems like that drunkard.. you wouldn’t want more troubles after you just went through like in the reformatory. Lawl. Just say “sorry” to the drunkard and leave it. Eventhough the drunk guy is wrong, sometimes being on the justifiable side won’t help you IRL.

    Anyways, Setsuko looks so fineeeeeeeeeeeee.

  3. Is good that the law in my country “erase” criminal record for minors. Once you became “adult” they can’t use any records against you 🙂 *cough. So I was watching that baka prosecutor and hating him so much argh. I hope the new plan isn’t busting him out; because he’ll still be a “criminal” and won’t be able to “provide” for Setsuko, like Mario said to Joe. So for me its a bit more complex than just tank over. Is incredible how the soft spoken and lovely Setsuko have won over people hearts to be the female heroine of the series. Like its was stated in that previous interview. At this point I lost any hope of a happy ending… PROVE ME WRONG!!!!

    Island Esper
  4. Man, this is too sad I thought it would be all lovey dovey from now on, btw they also erase everything bad you did in my country when you turn 18 .

    Like everyone said already: Oh my Okanade-sama Setsuko is hooooooooooot, even hotter with make up this episode.I will nickname her Sexsuko from now on, SRW fans will understand.

    Except Divine no K-on fan will read this anyway so I can say it without starting the biggest flame war ever: Dunno why some people gets head over heels for unnatractive girls in K-on when you have a real woman like Setsuko.

    I would like to see some interviews at the end again and the girl who was announcing them was cute her name is Satake Uki if you wanna gugure(google, kis x sis private joke) her.


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