「おおかみさん桃ちゃん先輩と鬼退治に行く」 (Ookami-san Momo-chan-senpai to Oni Taiji ni Iku)
“The Wolf Goes Demon Hunting with Momo-chan-senpai”

The introduction of the public morals committee member Kibitsu Momoko (Kaida Yuuko) and her Momotaro-inspired demon hunt at Onigashima High School was only the tip of the iceberg, as the story delved into much deeper aspects this episode. Before getting there, “Momo-chan-senpai” as she’s affectionately called by her peers, did turn out to be a voluptuous bisexual hedonist of epic proportions, who’s taken an interest in Ryouko from their middle school days and scares the hell out of her. Momo only really sees Ryouko as a kitten that she wants to make hers, but that evidently opens the doors to some potential lesbian role-play the latter doesn’t want any part of. For those reasons and how she’s only in the public morals committee so she can do whatever she wants and dress scantily like she does, Momo is already a thumbs up addition to the cast. As per the Momotaro legend, she also has the three animal friends accompanying her as her henchmen — Inuzuka (dog), Saruwatari (monkey), and Kijino (pheasant) — who absolutely worship her two huge breasts and like to call them the “Kibi Dango” (a play on her last name and part of the actual folktale). The interesting part about that affectionate name is that she’s totally cool with it, and even has Tarou as a faithful underling for that same reason. That is, until Otohime would like to have a word with him in private to set him straight. In short, there was no shortage of lighthearted entertainment from Momo and her revealing outfit, which was only overshadowed by Ryouko’s cat-theme body armor developed by Majo. Props out to Ringo for coming up with the design and making sure it was all about style over functionality with the cat ears and all.

The somewhat deeper side of the story partly followed the formal introduction of the school founder and director, Aragami Ranpu (Ono Atsushi). Modeled after the “Lamp” Genie in the Aladdin folktale, Ranpu is nothing more than a perverted old man on the surface, who Liszt weasels free stuff out of using the girls of Otogi Bank. It’s a misleading personality to say the least, since he’s actually the representative of the almighty conglomerate that runs the entire city, Aragami Group. Everything at the school is under his watchful eye and he gets regular reports from Liszt as well. Ranpu himself isn’t all that menacing, but the revelation that Liszt makes about how the students Otogi Academy are treated as branded “products” that spread positive word to the world upon graduation to attract the most talented people to the city had a somewhat dark spin on it. It was mostly because he went on to explain to everyone that they’re given a false sense of freedom in this “miniature garden” of sorts and how they’re actually playing into the adults hands without even knowing it. Of course, the feeling that one is doing exactly what someone else outlined for them isn’t all that bad, considering it’s something we call “society” nowadays. As such, I like Liszt’s idea of not relying on adults while they’re here and using that false freedom to run things how they want.

In terms of story, this was more or less to explain the existence of Onigashima and the delinquents’ desire to serve as a blemish on the city out of spite towards the Aragami Group. It’s not a great reason, but it does provide our “last boss” of sorts for the series, Hitsujikai Shirou (Suwabe Junichi), who’s been pulling the strings as Onigashima’s new student council president. Most of the episode involved Momo and Otogi Bank raiding their school to find out his identity, only to end up leaving when he said he’ll talk things over with his students. Shirou’s gentleman-like facade and claim he only recently became president helped hide his true colors, but the deep aspect I mentioned above pertains to how he tried to rape Ryouko in the past. Clearly it’s no laughing matter at that point, especially after seeing how traumatized Ryouko was and still is by the fact that none of the other female students would even side with her. The one good thing that came out of this is Ryouko finally confiding in Ryoushi, so it’ll be interesting to see where their relationship goes from here. Ryoushi was pretty cool this episode on several accounts, which included taking on the leader of the delinquents yet again, so it was nice to see that Ryouko was appreciative of it. Shirou’s girl, Mikuni Reiko (Nakahara Mai), was briefly introduced here, but I gather she’s probably a bitch if she’s with him. In any case, we have an antagonist of sorts! *insert dramatic music*




  1. lol one word for Ryouko…, WolfCat.hmmm Nakahara Mai voicing an antagonist,I can barely imagine it but it makes me think of her using her voice as psycho-mode Ryuugu Rena in Higurashi or a bitchy Nagisa from Clannad.

    1. Actually, I expect it to be more along the lines of Sernia Iorei Flameheart from LvB since that WAS the bitchiest role I’ve seen her do.

      And welcome me back, bixhez. I’m finally moved into my new place and have net again. I can participate again!

  2. neko neko knuckles plus neko neko armor = nekookami?
    getting into the morals commitee to wear shameless outfit = priceless
    about time Ryouko has let the deredere surface

  3. So I take it by the title for the next episode (“Wolf-san and Red Riding Hood-chan, and While You’re At It, Ryoushi-kun”) that we’re getting some Ryouko/Ringo backstory?

    And of course the appropriate trope here would be for the big bad’s girlfriend to blunt any potential bitchiness by developing a thing for our “loser” harem lead, Ryoushi…

    1. Interesting that you mention that, because it’s somewhat along the lines of it.

      His name is spelled 「羊飼士狼」 in Japanese. 「羊飼」 (hitsujikai) actually means “shepherd”, while 「士」 (shi) is a suffix for “practitioner” and 「狼」 (rou/ookami) is “wolf”. He’s modeled after The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

  4. The implications in this episode took me off-guard.. o_O
    If only it would have been simpler I would definitely have enjoyed this episode a lot more..

    I wonder if they’re gonna explain Ryouko’s past in the next episode..

  5. I love this series, but this narrator woman is seriously pissing me off! I can’t read all the subtitles at once, and I can’t listen to the dialog that she’s speaking over! Pff, I just felt the urgent need to get that out of my system, haha.

  6. This is an excellent episode with a great spin on Momotaro (millet dumplings lol) and some things revealed about Ryouko’s past. From what I can gather from the flashbacks, Hitsujikai made her fall in love with him, then raped or almost raped her, and probably spread scandalous rumors about her or something to get everyone else to bully her too. Wolf in sheep’s clothing indeed.

    I think I’d use this episode as proof that Ryouko should NOT be labeled as just another annoying tsundere/Taiga ripoff and Ryoushi isn’t just some wimp. For one, when Ryoushi said he’ll always be at her side, she didn’t look embarrassed or beat him up or anything but actually smiled at him and said she’d be counting on him from now on. Ryoushi was cool again this episode too. It’s great character development and I’m looking forward to seeing more.

    On another note, Ryouko’s armor is so cute and Ryoushi actually looks like a hunter now. The goggles are a nice touch.

  7. i thought ryouko’s armor was supposed to be wolf-armor? those ears look too big to be nekomimi…

    wow, i didn’t get the rape insinuation at all. considering how quickly the flashes went by and how little was shown, i honestly had no idea what happened except that he did SOMETHING bad to her in the past. is it explained more clearly in the manga or something?

    diet otaku
  8. Turn down the Narrator please. Having her talking over other characters is just not smart.

    If it wasn’t for how much he terrified Ryoko, I wouldn’t be able to take that guy seriously as a villain. His hair really makes him look like a sheep. I agree that it’s probably supposed to be a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” reference or something, since it looks like he tricked her, she fell for him, then he showed his true colors.

    From her look in caption 32, are you sure he only TRIED to rape Ryouko, Divine? Hope to the gods he didn’t get all the way, but she’s seriously freaked. Then again, this show isn’t “Mature”, but still…

  9. Zero points for fail punch ;but 1000 points for effort!
    If only a pity time traveler for another series… Anyway when the flashback came I didn’t thought it was rape. I thought Ryouko had fallen for him and he rejected her. I’m too naive, poor me (haven’t read any spoilers) but if it was an attack he must die!!!!

    Island Esper
    1. Ryoushi will kick his ass, I hope lol.

      That a really nice twist though. I’m really really glad (not that I wasn’t earlier, but this brought my happy meter up) that I stuck with Ookami-san.

      Sora no Kaze
  10. Ryouko and Ryoushi are so cute together. From the very first episode, I found it touching how much Ryoushi liked her. I guess she’s finally starting to like him huh? Or that happened a couple of episodes ago. Oh and I do find the villain’s hair to be strange. Consider me not a fan. e_e

  11. Time to kill some Shepards. Was waiting for this to be posted since I watch earlier in the like… 10 hours ago lol.

    Ai… and this is where I can rant about the fact that everyone jumps the band wagon all the time. Poor Ryouko… the fact that it’s hard to convince someone the truth, and it’s even harder once you realized you might have been wrong to change their minds. Classic case here with girls bullying her. That’s why we have to keep our eyes and hears open, and just because everyone saying something doesn’t mean it’s the whole truth. I think this is the small beauty of Manga, Anime, and shows in general, support is always needed, even for a stranger. Too often to people not care. Unfortunately, the majority has no incentive to try :(.

    Sora no Kaze
  12. I found it interesting that the Otogi Bank is so influencial even over their rival schools. They went so far as to say that they could get rid of Shirou if they felt like it.

  13. Wow Ryoushi actually looked Kyouko in the eyes and didn’t flinch at all. Nice effort at taking on the boss again too, still he didn’t have enough ANGER power this time and his punch was totally ineffective. I lol’d at the subs for the Tarou part though “After Orihime extracts his essence he becomes a true gentlemen”. Extracts… what?!


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