「モゾモゾするの」 (Mozomozo Suru no)
“It’s Squirming About”

Whether intentional or not, there’s a lot of mirroring between this sequel and the first season. It’s almost like a homage or sorts given the two years in between, with this episode taking a page right out of the seventh episode then. It started similarly with all the girls in bed and showing us their sleep attire (or lack thereof), had a bath scene somewhere around the middle, and the witches taking off their pants in the end. Back then, it was underwear thievery on Erica’s part when she couldn’t find her own, whereas here it’s a bug-sized Neuroi sapping electrical power from the base and “infiltrating” the girls from behind — literally. While there was a fair bit of fan-service from the open bath scenes and the girls getting dressed afterward, the kind that I got a lot more enjoyment from was the girls’ hesitation towards exposing themselves to get the bug out. Being naked in front of the others wasn’t the problem here. Instead, it was the act of stripping down while everyone was watching that was the source of embarrassment, and one I got a good laugh out of from the likes of Lynne and Yoshika.

The fact that those two aren’t very good at hiding their embarrassment led to some fairly hysterical screaming. In contrast to them, there were Eila and Perrine trying to put up the “good fight”, which was just as funny. I just love the ones who try to maintain a tough exterior and end up looking really uncool when they fail to do so. However, if the sight of them trying to prevent the other witches from taking off their pants didn’t tickle your fancy, then there were also the much bolder Karlsland girls, Gertrud and Erica, who willing took off their pants as a countermeasure. With those two, it’s either strictly military business or simply having no shame, either of which is a stark contrast to the other girls who shy away with modesty. Of course, all that reiterated to me is that these German girls know how to strut their stuff, which includes Minna getting her 200th recorded kill to earn her a medal that she didn’t really care to get. Not many military personnel can tout they killed an alien with their butt cheeks, but Minna sure can! It looks like someone’s been working out their buttocks a fair bit.

Clearly this was supposed to be a fan-service episode, but I was more amused than anything else by the havoc caused by such a small Neuroi. This includes the Gertrud referring to the divider in her room as the Siegfried Line, Erica giving Gertrud a huge slap on her bare butt to try and kill the bug, Shirley acting like a hot-shot with her bug radar but having absolutely no idea why it’s attracted to their pants (lol), and finally Eila’s dowsing rods leading her to Sanya’s pants and a huge misunderstanding. Let’s not forget Lucchini and Shirley giving Perrine a blast of hose water up the ass after she just slipped down her stockings and pants, which I imagined was much more painful than her scream let off. All in all, it was fun(ny) times amidst the air of fan-service and right along what I’d expect to see from this series. It was even pretty cute at times.

On a more serious note, it sure seemed awfully overpowered with the way the Neuroi kept feeding power to the approaching part of it that was growing in size. It’s not the first time we’ve seen a Neuroi with multiple bodies and the core located within one of them, but bringing a swarm of these core-less ones with their true bodies hidden elsewhere seems like a sure-fire way to overwhelm the witches. For whatever reason, the Neuroi seem to like to come one at a time though, making that tactical advantage rather moot. The rational side of me couldn’t help but think of that, knowing very well that it’s probably not worth reading into the plot holes of what the Neuroi could be doing but aren’t. After all, this was an otherwise lighthearted and humorous episode where analyzing too much just takes the fun out of it.

* Shirley was humming the first season’s ending theme, “Bookmark A Head”, in this episode.


ED6 Sequence

ED6: 「Over Sky」 by 田中理恵&園崎未恵&野川さくら (Tanaka Rie & Sonozaki Mie & Nogawa Sakura)
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  1. Anyone else feel like the Neuroi are imitating the Angels from Evangelion? Last episode was a huge tower one; this time was a tiny bug one. There was even a “Kaworu” final boss one that “talks” with Yoshika in the last season.

    Anyway, yeah, this episode would be quite epic uncensored. Who can resist pulling down Sanya’s panties. =P

  2. Lol The DVD version crossed my mind too. XD Can’t wait~ This episode just throws the panty shot concept of fanservice out the window. Lmao So much booty shots. *new to this kinda anime*

  3. LMAO, what a way for Minna to get her 200th kill. From her voiceover following Mio’s narration about Minna’s medal at the end, she sounded quite traumatized, understandably. 🙂

    Second LMAO at Perrine receiving what can be called a full-blast enema by Shirley. XDD

    Third LMAO at Eila using her dowsing rods as an excuse in an attempt to raep Sanya, and paid dearly for it. She probably thought after last episode’s “love confession” she could now move one step further with her relationship with Sanya. XD

    Kinny Riddle
  4. I think the elia link is missing a . before the jpg extension 🙂

    I was totally absorbed with this episode. The time just flew by and I wanted more no pantsu madness !!!! They need an extra five minutes running nopan all over the place trying to kill the little bugger to break a world record 😀
    That kill was epic “bums of steel” has a new meaning now 🙂 Again I want to die like that neuroi. Minna kill me!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    Island Esper
  5. In my constant research for anime to review for my LiveJournal blog, “My Anime Fix”, I occasionally run across certain episodes which make me wanna run to the corner store for a 6-pack and some chips, come back home, get drunk and replay that same episode again under the influence—

    because, its just that damn good!

    “Creeping About” (STRIKE WITCHES 2-episode 7)could send the stock of Fruit Of The Loom soaring because lots of folks would have to change their drawers after wetting their pants from this funnyass (hmmmmm, “Ass”……HA!)episode. DIG: you’ve probably seen this video a long time ago…some Japanese woman on a game show CRUSHES A STERLING SILVER DINNER FORK BETWEEN HER ASS CHEEKS!!!

    Rie Tanaka…..ohhhhhhh, baby!! Now, THAT’S the way to KILL an alien (and she seals it with a FART—I ran it back 6 times….it’s a FART!!!).

    This episode was pure BENNY HILL. I mean, talk about having a BUG up your ASS. (Ha Ha Haaaaaaaa—Gertude Barkhorn trying to keep that straight face while being “bugged” made me take a couple of swigs!! And then, the BUTT-SLAP felt around the anime world!!) My only complaint is that ALL of the girls didn’t get “the bug” (man, I was hoping for Mio AND Shirley—especially Shirley—to get some “bug love”.). I can’t WAIT for the uncut DVD…

    Hell, let me go one step further: I can’t wait to see HOW the “FUNI”-girls are gonna pull this off (maybe with Jamie Marchie and Kira Vincent-Davis having a giggle-fest commentary.).

    (hee-hee……high-powered enema! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, man!)
    BUT(T), this episode is a parody of sorts, because, the legend states that the aliens come to Earth to give Anal Probes. Well, let’s just put this episode BEHIND us, and get to the BOTTOM line:

    This was a damn good episode. I LIKE. (Hmmmmmm, how come we never saw Sanya deck the hell out of Elia?!)

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