「林間学校オニごっこ」 (Rinkan Gakkou Oni Gokko)
“Outdoor School Game of Tag”

The bitter tradition of lying about how glamorous the five-day, four-night, Seika outdoor school trip may have crushed many of the guys’ expectations, but its true purpose seemed to be starving them and taking away their manhood in order to create law-abiding and docile citizens. All in accordance to the Japanese education system? At one end of the spectrum, we get the desired result of individuals fit to work a mundane and repetitive salaryman jobs, and on the other we get deranged psychopaths who commit heinous crimes because they feel suppressed by society. There was even indication of how the male students’ view of women was completely twisted in the latter case. Naturally I say all of that jokingly, but it’s kind of scary how there’s an element of truth behind parts of it. And here I thought I was watching an episode of Maid-sama, not the secret inner workings of the Japanese government and how they brainwash their citizens. It’s a conspiracy!

Regardless of how much one reads into any of the above, it more or less sums up what this episode involved. I could probably go on about how monks and religion were used to that end; however, the real matter at hand with Usui feeling jealous towards Hinata’s childhood relationship with Misaki makes for much better and relevant discussion. To put things bluntly, I can’t see Hinata in any serious contention for Misaki’s highly sought after heart unless the series plans to completely oust Usui as the male lead. Still, I enjoy his addition to the story since he adds an air of silliness and helps stir things up between those two love birds. The sad truth is that his aspirations of getting together with his childhood sweetheart are unlikely to come to fruition, and he’s probably going to become nothing more than a stepping stone to bring Takumi and Misaki closer together.

It’s a sub-character pattern that’s been used time and time again, but at least least I won’t feel too bad for Hinata when that time comes due to his eccentric personality. Incidentally, he’s already acknowledged how cool Usui is by saying he’d probably fall for him if he were a girl, and even asked him directly if he likes Misaki and is going out with her, without giving any indication that he’d try to take her from him if that were the case. In addition, the brief amount of time he spent locked in the storehouse with Misaki made it pretty clear that he’s well aware that she probably doesn’t like him, suggesting that Hinata wouldn’t interfere if Misaki picked Usui over him. As such, he’s even more suited to fill that sacrificial catalyst-type role and go on to reiterate that “nice guys finish last.”

Be that as it may, he’s currently the only one that can match Usui’s superhuman abilities to a certain degree, so I’m hoping he won’t fulfill his role too quickly. After Misaki, Hinata, and Usui scared off the pack of rabid wolves formerly known as the male students of Seika, I’m left wondering if that might already be the case though. Upon hearing Misaki say that she’s worried about him more than Hinata since he’s more troublesome, Usui looked like he had completely written off Hinata as a cause for concern. That was the face of one ridiculously relieved high school stud no matter how you look at it, which would suggest that Hinata’s days as an effective catalyst are numbered. Admittedly, I’ll be somewhat disappointed if that proves to be true, since Takumi and Misaki’s relationship didn’t really progress from his involvement. The next episode looks like it’s going to involve Hinata and Maid Latte with no hint of Usui being on edge around him, but hopefully he’ll still be able to mix things up in some way.




  1. “That was the face of one ridiculously relieved high school stud no matter how you look at it,” I agree. I hope Hinata stays Usui’s primary rival for Misaki’s heart for a long time to come, since his involvement gives us more glimpses of Usui’s personality other than the ‘cool-as-a-cucumber/lovable pervert’ we’re used to. <3

    Thanks SO much for following this series. I can't get enough of the high quality screenshots you provide. <3 <3 <3

  2. Does this show have any character development? I dropped the series at episode three because it was boring me, however, I’m interested in picking it up. I looked at the screenshots, but didn’t read the review Divine made because I didn’t want to spoil myself too much in case I do eventually pick the show back up. From the screenshots I glance at every week, it looks like there’s been no character development. The girl can barely stand next to the guy without profoundly blushing and looking uncomfortable to say the least. I’m just wondering is this is just another slice of life like Special A or if it has some actual plot and character development. Thanks for answering.

    And, how are doing regarding your sickness Divine? I hope you feel better <3

    1. I’m better now thanks, though somewhat tired from writing thirteen posts in three days.

      Being a shoujo series, the development is slow but definitely there. Most of the appeal is from the teasing itself, as there wouldn’t be much of the story if they just hit it off.

    2. I haven’t seen much development main character wise yet, I feel interested in seeing what the manga stores, in my opinion Usui still feels very hidden, I’ve been dragged along watching the show just cause what the ED animation shows us about Usui I too get the feeling of a Special A story may finish it off.

  3. For a while I thought I was watching Highschool of the Dead, with all the sex-starved guys marching towards the girls’ camp like zombies. lol

    And why does it happen to be hunks (Usui and Hinata) and traps (Yukimura) that are unaffected by this “horny disease”?

    Speaking of Yukimura, I’m sure the girls wouldn’t have minded Yukimura being placed with them at all.

    And let us have a moment’s silence for Yukimura’s virginity. 🙂

    Kinny Riddle
  4. I’m glad Hinata is not the stereotypical rival character like many other anime, but it is likely that he wouldn’t establish any pivotal role after this just like a throwaway character ‘>’.

  5. @Izu: No but I think their body postions just remind you of that rescue incident.
    I think this episode helped Hinata’s character development grow most of all since he confronted both Misaki and Usui about their feelings in this love triangle. I lol at Hinata touching Usui’s body build and stuff. Do guys really do that I wonder. I wished they had shown more of that fight they were having and not just a kick/block scene. But I much preferred that they had rather extended the “Team Misaki” battle against the salvage “wolves” ^_^ Uh oh watch out Yukimura!

  6. Kanou is a 1st year so he’s not on the trip.
    The school has been co-ed for a few years. Misaki is in her 2nd year and she’s the pres, so the school musta gone co-ed juz before she entered.

    Anyway, Usui sure showed one heck of a face there when Misaki said she was more worried bout him. Also, the part bout Hinata straightforwardly asking Usui if he liked Misaki was a very nice touch.

  7. If anyone knows..can they please tell me what happens if the anime changes the story line than the manga?The manga story is still going on…and the anime is gonna end in anotther 4 episodes!Maybe there will be a season 2 of Maid sama….is it?

    Fai D Fluorite
    1. there may or may not. We don’t know yet since they havent announced anything. They could probably end it at a significant arc. I haven’t read the manga but there are others who have been mentioning the School Festival arc or even Misaki’s birthday which was hinted at during the ed sequence. Its likely they will do a Kimi no Todoke. From what i gather, they havent really deviated from the manga’s story so far other than the timing of a few events so for them to suddenly introduce their own ending would be rather weird.


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