(Ippanteki na Hajirai Desu / Seifuku wa Hannugi ga Souba da yo / Kimi nari no Roshutsu Purei Janakatta no ka?)
“It’s the Normal Kind of Shyness / Uniforms Half-Worn are the Rage / That Wasn’t Your Form of Exposition Play?”

While I’ve said that Kotomi is a dangerous hormone-pumping sex-crazed teenager verging on Shino and Aria’s levels, I’m now inclined to believe that she’s worse than those two. Being younger and infinitely dumber, she has me believing that every brain cell of hers that would’ve been capable of learning is already filled with dirty thoughts. She sure isn’t doing her image any favors by openly talking to her brother about it that’s for sure, leaving me wondering what kind of conversations she has with her own friends. If there’s one sensible person among them, I can just picture that poor soul being driven up a wall as much as Tsuda. In her brother’s case, at least Shino and Aria are incredibly smart and have the whole student council bit to help balance out that unusual side to their personalities.

In comparison, I can’t imagine what unsuspecting people make of Kotomi’s behavior, which is driven by her one track mind about sex even when it comes to guessing answers on her Ousai Gakuen entrance exam. How writing down “3P” (i.e. threesome) got her enough marks to pass is beyond me. At this point, it’s probably safe to say that Yokoshima fudged things up nicely after learning of the inexplicable workings of Kotomi’s mind that amaze even her. Evidently, there’s wrong and then there’s sweaty gym mats wrong. Clearly, Yokoshima must have been having a serious off-day, so much that Tsuda was just as shocked as Shino and Aria about her sex drive not reacting to the prospect of taking a stalk of green onion up the butt. Upon seeing that, I’m going to have to give credit to Kotomi for re-sparking her lustful desire and awakening that fiery home wrecker within her. It’s still amazing how Kotomi herself is right at home in the squeezing hands of Shino, which further reiterated that she’s a failure of a human being she at this moment. Future prospects don’t look good for her, as she’ll likely only have AV idol, AV idol, or AV idol to choose between. At least she’d be putting her money where her mouth is, or more correctly, her mouth where the money is. *diverts eyes*

Kotomi aside, the real treat this episode were the little interactions between the student council members themselves. The New Year’s shrine visit was one of them because of the wishes they made. Shino’s insistence that Tsuda wanted to get laid was a good one, but I’m actually curious as to what Suzu’s wish was. I would’ve figured it was growing taller, but that evil look on her face suggested she was out to kill every tall and voluptuous girl out there. Another plus was Shino’s orgasmic noises from Aria’s massage, which quite honestly isn’t the best that Hikasa Youko can do. Viewers of Seikon no Qwaser will know that she can make way more sexually arousing noises than that. On the other hand, the Valentine chocolates Shino made for Tsuda and cast off as some she received added a nice and flustered touch to the relationship tease, but Aria’s white chocolate-filled “semen” cookies were in a league of their own. I don’t think I’ll ever look at melted white chocolate the same way again.

Seeing as the school was completely devoid of males not too long ago, I can’t blame guys like Yanagimoto Kenji (Shiraishi Minoru) for expecting chocolates on Valentine’s Day. Incidentally, that made it an even bigger kick in the face when he found out that all the girls have abandoned the male species and found companionship among themselves. Aw, now isn’t that sweet? A school full of teenage lesbians. Anyway, with Kotomi “ninja-ing” her way into Ousai with her perverted jutsu, it’s a bit of a shame that the next episode is the last. I was just starting to picture all the antics that she and Yokoshima would’ve gotten into together while teaching one another new and interesting “things” too.




  1. Suzu is amazing. And her height is perfect.
    「聞きたい?」 (Do you wanna know?) was hilarious. I thought she said it since she was SO pissed at Tusda for asking it.
    I’m sad that this show is ending soon 🙁

    @Innerchihiro: I wish Shino would be more upfront with her feelings, but then I get the feeling her lude jokes would stop D:

  2. Forget wondering what kind of conversations Kotomi would have with her friends! What kind of conversations would have emerged if there wasn’t another teacher inside that room during her evaluation!! LMAO Yokoshima-sensei is the worst kind of woman there is. (a.k.a. best) X<

    I'm so glad there's another episode left because this show is always fun to watch for laughs. Every episode has something to offer that'll make you smile at least! xD The beginning almost had me in tears I was laughing so hard! The NO LAUGHING sign was awesome and that guy dressed up in the-(lol) –laughing again– The guy dress up in the schoolgirl uniform was h.i.l.a.r.i.o.u.s.!!! I totally broke when he went “Kkkmmp-” roflmao xDDD –still trying to catch my breath– Wooo… (lmao)

    1. For those who care, that beginning segment is actually from a annual comedy punishment game episode of “gaki no tsukai. The participants goes to become an employee of a staged workplace and they are to be bombarded with events that are suppose to make them laugh. Everytime they do, they get hit in the rear-end.

      1. LOL That’s awesome! It reminds me of a show I used to watch called Silent Library. Same concept. Group of guys go through a bunch of trials and they can’t make any noise no matter how funny and painful the task is. Incredibly entertaining show! Japanese think so different.

        LOL That reminds me of the comment of how Americans can never tell Asians apart. lmao

  3. On sport festival : Shino doesn’t want to show what was written in the paper of the command game.
    On culture festival : Shino asks Tsuda to go together for the dance
    Before Christmas : Shino is dere dere-ing when misunderstood that Tsuda praise her more beautiful.
    On Christmas : Shino wants Tsuda’s present, and reply it too. Also tells Tsuda something that she wants to do with him next year.
    On Valentine day : Shino cooks a home made chocolate for Tsuda.
    What conclusion can we draw from these facts? Shino “beep” Tsuda! LOL

    ay ya ya ya ya
      1. Totally agree with you. This kind of anime is easy to make us laugh without any explicit ecchi-ness.Working is also one of my favorite. I am glad that arakawa under the bridge is on the fall season list.

        ay ya ya ya ya
  4. Interestingly in the original manga,
    Show Spoiler ▼

    So I would say this is where Seitokai Yakuindomo starts in real sense. And therefore, the 2nd season has to be possible.

    U Doh
    1. Hmm.. so that’s what they did in the manga? Show Spoiler ▼

  5. Kotomi-chan kawaii. I’ll say that even if she becomes an AV star. In fact, I think I’ll say that even more if she does. lol

    This goes to show that for admission into a school or a company, depending on who the interviewer is, the interview would become more important than the aptitude test.

    Though how on earth is it possible for an MC paper to have the answers resemble the wording of “3P”? The only possibility I can think of is the person who devised the paper must be a closet pervert. And I just have a very serious hunch that >90% chance it’s Yokoshima-sensei. XD

    Yokoshima-sensei has finally met her match in Kotomi and regained her sex-drive. And to think a while ago, she seemed to have lost it completely, and not even the Student Council making lewd suggestions at her could turn her on. lol

    Kinny Riddle

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