OP Sequence

[flv:Sora_no_Otoshimono_Forte_OP.mp4 512 288]

OP: 「Ring My Bell」 by 保志総一朗 (Hoshi Souichirou)

Sora no Otoshimono returns with a Tomoki version of the original opening!

「キミも脱げ!帰ってきた全裸王(ユウシャ)」 (Kimi mo Nuge! Kaettekita Zenra Out (Yuusha))
“You Strip Too! The Return of the Naked King (Hero)”

Even with the episode title, the parody opening for this premiere had more naked Tomoki than I was prepared for. Seeing as it defiled Ikaros’ angelic entrance, it could very well be seen as sacrilegious too. At the same time, it was utterly awesome since I love how this series isn’t shy about poking fun at itself. The super-deformed group shot was unbelievably cute, especially with the underwear everyone was wearing on their head. For those wondering, this is not the real opening sequence for the series. We should see a new sequence with “Heart no Kakuritsu” by blue drops next episode.


Who says big things don’t come in small packages? Just ask Nymph about Tomoki’s morning wood.

He asked Ikaros for an all-out attack to his crotch and is actually smiling about it. For the love of…

There are much more “effective” ways of getting rid of morning wood, but Tomoki apparently likes it rough. Saying that it takes some balls to ask the angeloid with the Uranus System to fire missiles at your crotch and smile happily during the onslaught would be one hell of an understatement, but Tomoki’s “way of the pervert” allows him to overcome the worst pain ever. He’s like a shaolin monk, except without all the purity, discipline, self-restraint, and just about everything else that would qualify him as one. All he’s got are the testicles of steel.


Tatoos and Sarashi! Now Mikako’s the spitting image of a yakuza girl. It’s kinda hot…

720p 720p 720p! If only the entire first season was in high def and looked this good.

Who wants to step through this vortex and take a trip into Tomoki’s dreams? Anyone?

So apparently people on the Synapse used to love playing something called the Dive Game. The sound of that had me picturing a skydiving game of chicken since they have wings, but it turns out it’s a much different kind of thrill where you go into someone’s dreams. On paper, it seemed like a good idea to figure out what all of Tomoki’s dreams have been about, but in practice? Ohhh man. I honestly thought that diving into the mind of a pervert would have scarred everyone for life, but when Nymph messes up and everyone starts going into Eishirou, Mikako, and Sohara’s, it’s even worse. You think you know some people, but…


The ultimate fake-out. It looks like Tomoki’s dream but it’s Eishirou’s new world discovery obsession. “Crystal GETTO!” …or so Tomoki thought.

“Oh you thought you were going to die? My bad.” -Nymph

Delving into the criminal mind. Why am I not surprised Mikako dreams about killing people?

It’s so bad that she doesn’t even care who’s friend or foe.

The REAL reason why you don’t want people snooping around in your dreams. Welcome to the sexual fantasies of Mitsuki Sohara.

I’m leaning towards the idea that Mikako’s opinion of Sohara actually went up.

Sohara, Sohara, Sohara… and to think that you had us believing that you were the victim all this time when you secretly enjoy BDSM. On screen, she kept trying to cast off her dreams of Tomoki making her cleavage his second home, but all I could think about was how someone in one her shoes would probably be contemplating suicide. “Do I kill myself now? Oh, definitely now. There’s no way to explain that one.”


Thanks to the abusive Sohara, Tomoki winds up with the near-death experience and is reminded of his grandfather again.


There’s something not right about Nymph’s unwavering confidence after she screwed up three times.

After Nymph exhausted the list of candidates, one would hope that she’d get it right on her fourth try. The relevant bit of interest is that someone’s placed a protection mechanism on Tomoki’s dreams though. Whoever did that should seriously consider doing Sohara a favor and placing one on hers as well. I’m sure she would be extremely grateful for it.

The stone monument floating in the sky with leafless evergreen trees that they were taken too wasn’t Tomoki’s dream either, but the acorn Eishirou brought back seemed to suggest that it wasn’t a dream at all. It’s almost as if they were taken to some remote region of the Synapse.

For now, Ikaros is the only one who seems to know the meaning behind Tomoki’s dreams, but she either can’t talk about it due to the inherent protection placed on angeloids preventing them from talking about the Synapse, or simply doesn’t want to.


The arrival of Astraea! She’s out for Sakurai blood.

Sohara continues to dream the dream while Ikaros has taken a liking to Eishirou’s old globe, replacing her watermelon from season one.

As time dwindled down, I was starting to wonder if Astraea (Fukuhara Kaori) was going to be introduced in this first episode. The promotional videos had already shown her arrival and were pushing her as the “big thing” in this sequel, so it was nice to see them slip it in at the very end and get things rolling right away. Incidentally, there hasn’t been any real indication that she’s a lot dumber than her fighting ability would suggest. As such, I’m really looking forward to seeing how her and Tomoki “get along” when they finally meet. It’ll be like when two worlds collide, except the idiot version of it. Two wrongs make a right don’t they? Don’t they!?


ED Sequence

[flv:Sora_no_Otoshimono_Forte_ED.mp4 512 288]

ED: 「帰るから」 (Kaeru kara) by blue drops (吉田仁美&早見沙織) (Yoshida Hitomi & Hayami Saori)


OMG, get that episode title screen out of the way!


      1. Hmm, it’s a very interesting style. It’s a little bit vibrant though. As in the picture pop out and kinda distract, it’s kind of those, too many colors. Not only that, it’s hard to readjust back and forth. I don’t want to sound like I’m demanding it, but I would suggest that the captions that include have 3, 4, or 6 pictures stay at top while the main one defining ones you want to are included in the article. I think the multi-picture caption you’re doing are great, but it also probably one of the more distracting things of the film strip type articles.

        Keep up the good work though Divine! You can do it!

        Sora no Kaze
      2. Oh, and what I meant by too many colors, is that it stands out to the point that it may trip up readers. Especially on a white background. It’s kind of an art thing, like if you want to pull the viewers direction on to something else, you make the background light and the thing you want to be focused on with very defining colors. That’s the effect that’s happening… but since there so many of those pictures, you have to concentrate really hard to read. Again it’s a great style, but some of those multi-screen pics need to stay in one place, or maybe even take out some of the pictures. As said, it’s up to you how you want to work with it.

        If you’re a good visual person, the best way I can tell you want it looks like to a lot of us is: imagine a text book with some pictures. Now imagine a textbook with pictures every paragraph. You’re bound to look more at the pictures then the reading.

        Hope my advice helps >_>.

        Sora no Kaze
      3. It sounds like people have a problem flipping between images and text in their mind. They’d rather focus on one at a time so it’s easier to process.

        In the future, the format will have much less screenshots and be less distracting if that’s what bothers you. My plan was to have less images with this format all along. I only providing this many this time around because it’s the premiere episode.

  1. Wooo~ -ooo… I had to shake that one off, it was so good. Thanks for amazingly entertaining format!

    And thanks even more for clearing up my questions about the opening sequence. (lolol)

  2. Admittedly somehow this comedy just doesn’t seem like it works for me.. o_o; Still, can’t say I didn’t enjoy most of the first season so I’m still gonna see this one all the way through. I kinda forgot exactly how perverted Tomoki was though. lol

    Definitely like the new format. Nice work as usual~

  3. Hm, I’m not too fond of the filmstrip, but I’m sure I’ll come to love it eventually if Divine keeps using it…. if he drops it… I’ll reserve my thoughts for if it comes. It’s just much too narrow and mashed together for my tastes. *shrugs*
    Lol poor Divine, getting so much bad feedback on his idea. We’re sorrys… but still don’t like the filmstrip. XD

    Kit Kat
  4. The first ep was perfect in kicking off the new series. Sakurai would be always one of the most awesome & hilarious MC. I can’t wait to see where the story goes and how much I’m gonna be laughing along the way.

    Also, props on the format Divine. Really digging it. Should do more posts like this.

  5. Liked the opening, not so much the re-mix of the lyrics. Can’t wait for the real opening next episode. As for the new format not really sure yet. I always watch the show then come here. So basically before I used to just skip the screen shots and went for the review. In this format it took me longer to read. It does look nicer and better organized. Good work Divine

    Island Esper
    1. That OP was awesome. 🙂 New lyrics for that Tomoki version of the OP? I would love to know what those lyrics are about. Surely something perverted? 😀 Too bad that those Crunchy subs not only lack honorifics, but also lyrics for OP and ED.

  6. Yo Divine – Before anyone complains too much about the filmstrip, I noticed that there’s already padding around the column itself outside of the filmstrips, but there’s also whitespace in the image that really doesn’t need to be there. You could try taking that out (thereby moving the filmstrips away from one another), and making them both individually narrower – keeping the idea and main look, but giving a lot more room for the text so it doesn’t seem so squished. Just a suggestion.

    Anyway, this episode was fantastic. The OP in particular was hilarious, although I’m glad it won’t continue for the whole series. But as always, I’m most impressed with how this series manages to go from utterly ridiculous to serious/foreboding/fascinating and back without ever feeling disjointed.

    1. The padding for the column has no bearing on the image’s white space. I purposely made the column only as wide as the large images so that text didn’t stick out the sides like my Hayate no Gotoku posts.

      It’s interesting to note that most blogs don’t have content space as wide as RC (which was custom tweaked to allow for three columns), so it probably only looks squished because people are used to the “screen real estate” of the site. This may sound odd, but I actually wanted to make use of a narrower format.

      I could widen the actual space in the filmstrip, but it kind of defeats the purpose of narrowing it to begin with. I’ll give it some thought though.

      1. >”I could widen the actual space in the filmstrip”

        Sorry, that’s what I was actually trying to refer to. I’m bad at explaining things sometimes, haha. It was just a suggestion based on the complaints; I didn’t know you were actually aiming for it to be narrow. But now that I see it, you’re right, this does look a lot better than the post you linked, with its jutting text.

      2. I think the new layout looks pretty good. It will, of course, take some getting used to. With that said, I laughed very loudly at the opening. Props to the studio for using this! Also, way to kick right back into the season as if no time has passed at all.

  7. The Perv King is BACK! And he’s taken over the opening! I was like, holy balls, that was, well you can’t un-see it now! This episode was a really good re-introduction to the series I thought was the best comedy last season. And we have Astraea upping the ante! Mikako’s silhouette in her dream mirrors the one in the opening sequence of the 1st season. Coincidence? Eishirous dream was a good fake-out! I thought they were going to go through the various stages of hell for a moment.

    Poor Sohara, in her dream she had her and Tomoki with the most common perversions: the unwrapping kimono, the schoolgirl, the bunny outfit, the maid outfit and the S&M outfit, oh my! It’s weird that she (only her?) can sense the pain or whatever is making her feel sick when the group was near that obelisk. Might the obelisk language be Greek? And we finally get a little more of what happened during that night when Eishirou was supposed to meet Tomoki; that was very strange. Were everyone’s memories altered by someone? Eishirou seems to be the first one to notice that something’s amiss.

    Is it me or is Ikaros getting a lot closer to Tomoki when she watches him sleep? Maybe she listens to his heart in that position?! Nymph is getting goofier and I like that better than the bitch she was last season. Oh, I made sure that I have to forget the laws of physics (and the limits of pain!) when I watch this series, it makes it that much more enjoyable! Nice layout by the way, keep it going!

  8. And I was expecting they would be seeing tomoki’s version of sohara’s dream when they went in but they did it the other way around.
    It’s actually cool to see astrea looking very serious, considering …
    Show Spoiler ▼

  9. Why I’m I more disturbed by sohara dream than I really should be 0_0 If it was tomoki it would have been acceptable but sohara….She is just my least favorite character on the show.

    Anyways I can’t wait until for more comedy I’m so excited ^_^

  10. YES! YES! YESUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can grin and sigh everytime I see Ikaros face! I want to be that globe she holds in her hands! YES!!!!!!!!!
    oops….Sorry about that.
    Before all the previews of other anime series, I’ve been waiting for this fall for 2 main reasons and one of them is and always will be IKAROS! I mean Sora no Otoshimono! This episode was full of win from the opening with our HENTAI GOD aka Tomoki to Sohara’s perverted dreams and finally to Astraea’s arrival. Seeing all the familiar faces made me jump on my seat and smile like a weirdo but you know what? If it’s for THIS series alone, I won’t mind! Hahahaha!!!
    PS: I think the watermelon was nicer than the holed up globe. WTF, I’m getting jealous over some freaking GLOBE!!!!!!!

  11. Now I never watched the first season, but Hoshi Souichiro singing the OP is one word:


    He is a great voice actor, hes effing hilarious. Some of his best works fly under the radar (Ever17, a visual novel; he did an amazing job there). But I’ll give this a shot solely because he’s in it.


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